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Tomboy sister and rough brothers

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When I was about 13 I had become a tomboy being around my 2 older brothers I had watched all types of sports and by far wrestling was my favorite and my brothers took notice one night I was only in spandex and a sports bra sitting in front of Ethan’s bed watching high school wrestling matches Ethan sat on his bed and jake came in he looked at the tv and asked if I wanted to wrestle.

It was a nice night with slight rain and we had 2 days with the house by ourselves and I was told to strip I did I was innocent j hadn’t been exposed to this stuff so I willingly stripped methane pants had a bug bulge he patted my hairless puffy private making me giggle and smack his hand jake rubbed my puffy boobs they both stripped there private were hard we went the basement it was matted and a gym I was laid on my back and jame held me down and humped me I was making weird noises and my puffy private was wet I fought back and ended up on top holding his arms.

I grinding when Ethan told me to he said it was how we’re supposed to they took turns doing all this in the end I was tired laid on my stomach my ass was up and Ethan’s fingers were stretching my pee hole while makes private was in my mouth I was told to suck and take it.

I only screamed and cried when I felt pain Ethan’s thing was forcing its way in my throat and privates were stuff all night for hours they took turns praying white stuff on me and forcing themselves in me.

When I woke up I was clean bruised and sore I had to stay in bed how sure I was but we did it a lot and I learned to love it

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  • Reply Jay ID:atjos18l

    Are u Dutch?

  • Reply Sus boy ID:11avls53xii

    Uuuuuuggggg guys why not just do legal shit come on

  • Reply Tomas ID:bo201mkfh

    I had sex with my sister but she was not yet in her teens but she was so willing to do whatever I wanted her to do. It was all a game and she said she would like to play with me all the time if I would give her some candy for her without Mom knowing. She was so tight and I would have to go really slow so she would get wet and loosen up her vagina so I could fit inside of her vagina. I will never forget how it felt being able to experience sex with her

  • Reply I love my sister ID:faf4gx5hm

    Great story would love to hear a part two

  • Reply T ID:fzq6lw20c

    @Lilth don’t be sorry ok @anonymous is just trying to bring you down l. Don’t listen to him.

  • Reply Someone ID:7ylg8entzm

    Not believable

  • Reply anonymous ID:5u1d7cg49b

    Poor grammar, needed to be proof read before posting, story made almost no sense

    • Who gives a shit ID:10zh1t9td9a

      How about you write your own fucking story. This kid might not even know english as his first language fucking cocksucker. You cant even put a period at the end of your sentence.

    • Lilith ID:21z3s54k0c

      I am very sorry my frist langauge is ducts verry sorry!