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A virgin in father’s van

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Kevin W, age 42, is an afro american school bus driver living in Chicago. On Sunday February 23, he had awakened before dawn

Kevin W, age 42, is an afro american school bus driver living in Chicago. On Sunday February 23, he had awakened before dawn, as was his custom, and prepared to go to Indiana to buy gas and cigarettes. He sat drinking coffee in the van while the engine warmed up. His family was inside the house sleeping. A station wagon pulled up and four young black men, named Dante H., Sammy L., Derrick H. and Erskine D., got out. Two came up on either side of the van. One pointed a handgun at him and ordered him out. After taking the money he had on his person, which only amounted to about $6 or $7, they ordered him to open the garage attached to his house, forced him into the house and followed him inside. All four men had their guns pointed at Kevin’s head as they followed him down the hallway where the bedrooms were located.
Kevin’s 74-year-old mother, Louise W., was asleep in her room with her twin 6-year-old grand-daughters. Kevin turned on the light and told his mother to wake up.
“Give me the money, give me the money.”, a man said to Louise.
“Who are you? Who are you? Get out of my house.”
Then Kevin said:
“Mom, give him what he wants.”
Dante H. held a gun to Kevin’s head and forced him to initially kneel and eventually lie down on the hallway floor, facing a corner and with his hands on his head. The offenders cursed at the twins, threatened to kill Kevin, and continually repeated gang slogans. While Dante H. held a gun to the back of Kevin’s head, Louise quieted the twins, who were crying, and gave Sammy L. the money in her purse, which amounted to about $12. Sammy took her into the hall and whispered to her not to tell the others that she had given him the money. Louise, however, said to the other men:
“I gave him the money. I gave him all I have.”
Then Dante H. and Erskine D. busted into the bedroom of Kevin’s 15-year-old daughter, Monica, a black girl with straight black hairs and a slim body.
Dante H. accused her of being on the phone, and Erskine D. snatched her off her bed and brought her to the hallway. Sammy L. grabbed her and took her into Kevin’s bedroom while Dante H. returned to the hallway and held his gun to the back of Kevin’s head.
Sammy L. took off Monica’s pajama shorts and underwear, leaving her wearing only a T-shirt. He then lowered his pants, exposed his cock and said to Monica:
“Suck my dick.”
Louise forced her way into the bedroom and said to Sammy L.:
“Leave my granddaughter alone.”
She tried to stop Sammy L. by pulling his hands and arms, but the man swung at Louise and threw her off him, causing her to hit the walls, door and furniture. Louise continued to struggle with Sammy, who struck her and knocked her down, fracturing her finger and bruising her shoulder.
Louise refused to stop fighting, so Sammy took Monica back to her own bedroom and asked her again to give him a blowjob. Louise followed them and continued to struggle with Sammy L. as he dragged her granddaughter to the kitchen. By now, Kevin was also in the kitchen area, near the garage door, and Dante H. continued to hold a gun to Kevin’s head.
Dante H. told Louise:
“I should kill your motherfucking son.”
Meanwhile, the two other men were taking items, like a television, from the house.
Sammy L. dragged Monica to the den, but he went back into the kitchen because Louise continued to pull him away from her granddaughter. Dante H. and the two other men were yelling to go, but Sammy said:
“We got to take the bitch with us.”
Sammy yanked the kitchen phone from the wall and told the family not to call the police. While Dante H. held his gun to Kevin’s head, the other two men left the house and Sammy L. went back into the den, grabbed Monica by her arm, and pulled her from the house while Louise held her granddaughter’s other arm and tried to pull her back. Kevin felt Dante H. remove his gun from against his head and then heard the door close and his mother yelling outside. While Sammy L. pulled Monica toward her father’s van, he struck Louise with his hand that was holding his gun, causing her to fall down in the snow.
By the time Sammy L. pulled Monica into the van, Dante H. and the two other men were already in the van. Sammy pushed Monica to the backseat of the van and the van doors closed.
As Dante H. drove off, Sammy went in the back of the van and made Monica lie down. The girl was nude from the waist down and she was keeping her legs together. Sammy lowered his pants, pulled out his cock and directed it to Monica’s lips:
“Suck it.”
“I can’t.” Monica answered.
“Why? Did you never give a blowjob?”
Monica shook his head.
“I don’t believe it. You are lying”, Sammy said.
While Sammy was looking into Monica’s eyes, he began to grope her body, until his hand reached her pussy. When Sammy slipped his middle finger in Monica’s pussy, the girl gasped and closed her eyes.
“Hot damn, I think this bitch is a virgin!”
“You are going to pop up her cherry Sammy!”, Derrick said.
Sammy then removed his pants and underpants, began to stroke his cock until it was erect and pressed it on Monica’s lips.
“Open you mouth and began to lick my cock as it was a lollipop.”
After few minutes, Sammy got between Monica’s legs and began to lick her virgin cunt.
“Really have you never fucked before?”
Monica shook her head.
“Don’t be afraid. It will hurt you a little, but then you will enjoy it, trust me.”
Sammy then got on top of Monica and slowly slid the head of his cock into the young girl’s cunt, then pressed it up against her hymen. Monica bit her lip as Sammy punched his cock-head into her cherry. She yelped and her muscles tightened as he firmly pushed his cock through.
Monica’s eyes watered, and tears came.
Sammy pulled his cock out, then back in again, this time a bit deeper. Then back out, back in. Each time, he pushed a tiny bit more of his cock into Monica and soon his thrusts were coming more vigorous and deeper.
“Oh yeah. Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
Monica nodded.
In the meanwhile, Derrick H. took over driving the van and Erskine D. told Dante:
“Go back there and get you some.”
Dante and Erskine went to the back of the van and, as Sammy was fucking Monica in her pussy, Dante put his cock in her mouth. The girl began to suck Dante’s cock as Sammy’s thrust into her was more and more faster.
“Yeah, I want to cum in your sweet pussy” Sammy said and, after a last thrust, he pulled out his cock. Blood and cum dribbled out of Monica’s pussy.
Then Dante argued with Sammy because Dante wanted to get on top of Monica. Dante kept saying:
“I want some too.”
So Dante got on top of Monica and pushed his cock in her no more virgin pussy.
After two minutes, when Sammy came over and put his cock in Monica’s mouth, Dante screamed and moaned.
“I’m coming!”, he said, releasing his load of cum into Monica’s pussy and pulling out his dick out of the girl.
Dante then took over driving from Derrick, so that this one would also have an opportunity to fuck Monica. Derrick got in the back seat and made Monica get on all fours. He then pushed his cock into Monica from behind, as she was sucking Sammy’s cock at the same time.
After some minutes, Derrick withdrawn his cock and replaced Sammy in front of Monica. It was Erskine’s turn to fuck Monica doggy style, as she was sucking off Derrick, who soon began to cum into her mouth.
“I want you swallow.” he said and the girl complied.
In the meantime Erskin pulled out his cock from Monica’s cunt and slipped his middle finger down her asshole.
“No, please. You will hurt me so much. Please.”
But Erskine spat on her little hole and pressed his erect cock over it.
As Erskine pushed his cock into her asshole, Monica screamed.
“Stop screaming, you will enjoy it”, Erskine said, as he kept on pushing forwards until his cock was fully in his ass. At the same time Sammy got in front of Monica and put his dick into her mouth and Derrick got under her and began to lick and suck her nipples.
Erskine kept fucking Monica in her ass for few minutes, then he shot his cum into her. It was then Derrick’s turn to fuck the girl in the ass while she was still sucking Sammy’s cock.
Finally Sammy got behind the girl and pushed his large cock into her already hurted asshole.
When all the men had finished, Dante told Sammy to put Monica out of the van. When Sammy refused, Dante raised his weapon and threatened to shoot Monica and pointed his gun at her back. Then the men talked about smoking marijuana when they were done and kept saying to each other;
“Let’s take her to 69th and Green.”
The van stopped and the four men got out. Monica asked for her shirt back and Sammy gave it to
her. After a minute she tried to start the van, but she did not know how. She then lay back down in the back seat.
Erskine and Sammy got back in. Sammy again pulled out his cock and put it in Monica’s mouth. As the girl was sucking his cock, he asked her if she would be his girlfriend. Monica didn’t answer.
Then Erskine made her look him in the face and he told her that if she told anyone what had happened they would kill her family.
Finally Erskine gave Monica, who had never driven before, directions to the expressway.
Erskine and Sammy exited the van, and Monica drove home.

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    In some ways, Sammy is quite a caring boy. Monica could do worse for a boyfriend. Bet he’s got a lovely dick too!

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    A lovely story

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    that is why you need an alarm system installed on your property!

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      Why alarm system? let us men in any property that has girls