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White trash didn’t need their clothes on

At 3:30 a.m. on February 24, Mrs. Lane left her place of employment and drove to her home in Inglewood. A few blocks before she reached her residence she noticed a light colored car... #

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The vicar’s daughter

At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Wolcowitz and her boyfriend, Denis, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of ‘Dallas’ at the Wolcowitz’s vicarage... # #

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My Teacher

I got into the action with Mrs. Smith pretty early on. I lived right down the street from her, and she taught me English in the 6 th grade at FK White middle school in Lake Charles.... # #

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Sexual education with mom

My name is Alan and I live with my mother Angela and three younger siblings. My mother divorced my father some years ago. Other than the times that I was angry at her for spanking me,... # #

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“What did you do!?”

Ivelisse T., (born in 1973), is the mother of three children: Wesley R. (date of birth, January 4, 1993), Marcos S. (date of birth, December 18, 1998), and Rosaly S. (date of birth,... # #

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Wrestling with nude mom

In 1998, 12-year-old Jonathan moved with his mother Lori, 35, and his older sister April, 16, to live with Michael A., his new stepfather. One day in late December 1999, a few days... #

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Her son’s huge penis

Tom Sherrill, 41, and his wife Lisa, 39, had two sons, Nicholas, who was born April 19, 1996, and Michael, who was born June 16, 1998. Mrs. Sherrill marriage to Henry had been happy... #

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In August, Marie Louise J., 39, her husband Mark, 40, and their two children, Tenisha and Mark jr, both of whom were young adults, resided Ceres. The family owned two businesses, one... #

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Family stripped

On September 18 around 10.30 p.m., Ann M., a 48-year-old white woman, was sitting on the porch of her home at 8136 W. Drive in Indianapolis, when she felt the barrel of a gun held to... # #

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Home invasion

On June 29, at S.Muskego Ave., in the City of Milwaukee, Beth G.-T., 23, and her husband Hector S.C., 25, were watching a movie with their 4-year old son. The movie had just started... # #

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Call me “daddy”

My name is Carissa M. and I’m a white woman with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not very tall and my hips are a little curvy but I’m not fat. I want... # #

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Oh, yes, I’m a Christian

Mary, the complainant was a married woman, 24 years of age, who lived in the Rock Island area about 6 years. She lived with her husband and 21-month-old daughter. She has a Bachelor... # #

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Fucked in the ass in front of her parents

On September 28, Maria Ines was at the Jorge Ramon’s residence located in the Sabilar street urbanization, since he was her postgraduate thesis advisor. When it was approximately... #

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The teacher

My name is Daniela T., I am 44 years old and I am a beautiful woman with long light brown hair, medium breasts and a round ass. Writing about me is not that difficult. I am a simple... # #

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Honeymoon in Malindi

In the night of 24th October, about 10.30 p.m., Mr. Lighting and his wife Claire, an english newlywed couple who were visiting Malindi during their honey-moon, were returning to their... # # #

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Your wife gives good head

On June 12, Mitchell B., who had a drug problem, agreed with two young men to rob a family, who were renting a home from Mitchell’s parents. Mitchell had the keys to the home, which... # #

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The intruder and the vibrator

On April 4, 25-year-old Kate went to sleep in her Bloomington apartment around 12:30 a.m. Sometime after she went to sleep, she awoke to find an intruder standing in her doorway, shining... #

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It was snowing that night

It was snowing on the night of December 14, when 25-year-old schoolteacher H.G. slid behind the wheel of her red Toyota Paseo. Her dear schnauzer, Nikki, sat beside her on the passenger... # #

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Isn’t it big?

About 9:30 p.m. on December 15, May and Scott returned to their Whittier home from the house of Scott’s parents. Scott pulled the car onto the driveway, exited the car, and manually... # #

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On March 26, P.D.O, 25, also known as “Showtime” and “Wild Thing,” pointed a handgun at C.M. outside his apartment in north Harris County and ordered him back... # #

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The pilot’s wife

On June 22, 2000 a man, armed with a handgun, entered a grocery store in the town of Reed in Desha County and demanded money from the owner, George Barnes sr. At gunpoint, the man took... #

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Korean Store Robbery

On April 3, around 5.00 p.m., two black men armed with a semiautomatic pistol and a knife entered the Family Store in Minneapolis. The store was owned by Dong Sung Kim, a Korean immigrant.... # #

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The County Deputy Sheriff

Kelly was a Cook County Deputy Sheriff. In the early morning hours of May 27, she was dressed in uniform and leaving her home to go to work at the Criminal Courts Building. She did... #

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I want to fuck this bitch

Lisa P. and Dwight B. had been friends for several years. Around 11:30 p.m. on February 13, Lisa drove to Dwight’s parent’s home, where Dwight lived, to borrow a movie.... # #

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You are going to give us head

In the early morning hours of August 5, Carl and his girlfriend Maxine Jackson had just arrived at Carl’s house when they were approached on the sidewalk by six men, all of whom... # #

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Christmas vacation

On the morning of December 29, John, Stuart and Larry proceeded north on Walnut Street Road in Springfield, intending to commit one or more burglaries. As they approached the residence... # # #

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I bet she started to enjoy it

On July 18, Lorie S., 36, and her four children, ages three months to fourteen years, went to look at a house that they were interested in purchasing. Lorie and her husband were looking... # #

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