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The Mafia man

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Pattie P was 14 years old when a man accosted her and Karen O. in Oak Park and forced them into his car at the threat of being shot. While driving through Chicago, the man told them that although he did not want to pick them up, it was his job to do so. He told them he worked for the Mafia. He said there was a car following them, and that if they were to try to escape they would be picked up by the other men who would not be as patient as him. He said that he had been a policeman but had been expelled from the force for failing to give a ticket to someone he knew. He also said he had stolen some money and had been in jail.
After stopping at a gas station in Evanston, he drove them to a motel in South Holland. There he informed them that he had found a microphone in the motel room. He also said he had made contact with his superiors and that he had orders to rape both girls. When Pattie became upset, he said:
“Calm down, we will pretend.”
He told them to take off their clothes and spread them around the room because other men would come in to make sure the orders were being carried out. If they didn’t find everything just right, the man said that they would work the girls over, and things would be a lot worse. The girls took off their clothes and got into the double bed while the man was in the washroom.
When the man came out, he said that one of the girls had to act asleep and the other had to pretend to be enjoying herself in sexual activity. Neither girl wanted to be the one to pretend, so the man said he would flip a coin. Karen called the toss, and Pattie lost. The man came around to her side of the bed, took off his pants, and got into bed on her left. Karen was on her right. He reiterated his intent to “fake it.” But then he said that they would have to do it, because the microphone could pick up their motions, and the people listening would be able to tell if the act were faked. He told Pattie to spread her legs. Then he got on top of her and said he had to do it. He put his penis in her vagina. When she asked him to stop, he said that the microphone would know and he asked whether she would rather be found dead in a ditch or a field.
When he finished, the man expressed a desire to see Pattie again, but she refused. He then went into the washroom, and the two girls dressed. When the man left the washroom, the girls went in. When they came out, he had gone. They went to a nearby gas station and asked to use the phone. Pattie called her home. All she was able to say was, “Mom.” Karen had to continue the conversation.

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    That could’ve been such a better story

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    BORNING !!!!