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Muslim girl brutally raped by her professor

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This story based on true event that taken place on a medical College where a poor muslim girl got her fate

The story of Muslim girl Hiba moideen by her name and her college professor Rakesh
Hiba born to a middle class Muslim family ,her family has 3 siblings along with her ,she was the elder one among them
Hiba was fair ,short girl with complete adulthood structure but she never exposed her body parts to anyone since she was a muslim girl always she wear burka that her face alone is exposed rest of them are covered but everyone taught is need to fuck a girl like Hiba when she on burka dress because she belongs to muslim ,it’s everyone dream to fuck a Muslim girl in their life, isn’t it?
Hiba dream was to be a Doctor ,her father dream also
but their family are middle class they are not affordable for private medical College ,Hiba was only girl in their family studying in private school ,rest of her siblings are studying in govt school,her father was driver by occupation so their family was in below poverty
Hiba studied hard and secured good marks in medical entrance exam .she got a place in govt medical ,her college fees was very low compared to her school fees ,her dream of doctor has just begin.
Hiba stayed in college hostel and started her medical carrier she was just 18 year old , studying 1st year medical student and it was eager to say Hiba fate have begin ,being a Muslim girl she going to suffer a lot
Now we see about her college professor (Rakesh)
Rakesh was 40 year old professor ,he belongs to hindu religion ,he was tall and muscular body with dark skin tone ,his wife was Sangeeta 38 year old women ,dusky in colour
Everynight Rakesh have sex with his wife Sangeeta
everyday he pictured his student in his mind and do sex with his wife as he fucking that student ,this thing become more addicted to him ,sometimes he tied his wife in bed and made her scream and cry ,also fuck Sangeeta like slut as hard and so roughly ,Rakesh fucked her in all position so far sometime he beat her for more erection ,this is fate of Sangeeta
But so far Rakesh didnt to do anything to his college girls as a professor he will dream of fucking her student but he didn’t done in real life so far he think of college girl and done with his wife
But it changed when Rakesh saw Hiba in class ,Hiba always wear burka she cover every body of it except her pretty and innocent face ,she wears a power glass to her eyes and covered her hair with burka dress
Everyday Rakesh see Hiba and image the things inside her burka dress .He can only see hiba’s spectacle face,her little hands with cute fingers and her cute little milky feet in slipper everything to Hiba is little since she was short cute muslim girl
Rakesh dream to fuck a fair women in his life that too if it is Muslim he become very mad
He need Hiba ,he want to fuck hiba in burka dress this was his mind for longtime ,he finding a way to have her ,since Hiba was good discipline and excellent in studies also and staying in hostel she can’t go anywhere outside the campus only if parents permission to her warden she can go outside
Rakesh has authority to fail student even though they’re topper and he can also pass the student if they’re too weak in studies ,Hiba has good respect over his professor ,she always clarify her doubts to professor and make it clear notes on its studies
One day Rakesh was in his room after a lecture ,that time Hiba came with her study notes to clarify her doubts to Rakesh ,only Rakesh and Hiba was there in that room it was about evening ,the college left over so everyone left except these both ,Rakesh made Hiba to seat infront of his chair made to ask her doubts ,by conversation going on Rakesh stood up on gone nearby to Hiba ,he asked her about native and family information ,accordingly she answered her situation about the family and poverty all things to him ,this information made him to do dirty activites towards Hiba ,he gently move and lock the room door ,and placed his hand over the Hiba shoulder and he massaged gently as she was sitting in chair silently ,she aware that something strange happening to her .
Rakesh asked her why are always wearing burka ,this was so boring to see everyday on this dress by asking this he moved his hand to her waist ,suddenly Hiba stood up from chair,without saying anything to him she left his room ,she also saw Rakesh face show something strange and his hands on her make uncomfortable .Rakesh has bulge on his pant he masterbate in his room for what he had done to his college girl today but Hiba on hostel cried on her bed she feared that what happen to her today but she make it secret and didn’t tell this thing to anyone ,This made Rakesh more stronger and now he can approach bravely
Two months are left over for University exam ,hiba also going to finish her first year academics but only threading for her now is professor Rakesh ,her record notes are should be corrected by him only
Hiba fear on her mind entered into Rakesh cabin for record note correction ,Rakesh told her to come today evening after all left the college then only Ill sign your record like he told to her ,Rakesh know this is the right time to fuck her ,he know that she is the first to be doctor in her family that too poor family background she can’t anything more over she is Muslim girl ,she should be punished ,the evil mind grown on Rakesh head
Accordingly Hiba came with her record on that evening to Rakesh cabin ,First he explained that he is only authority to make her pass or fail and even he can make a student to fail repeatedly even though a topper student
And Rakesh told her “if you want to pass this year should spend this Saturday and Sunday to me and from Friday evening after college left over you should come and stay in my house for two days and bring your record note in your hand in my home I’ll sign it ,if you done this to me you will get pass and i won’t tell to anyone ,if you tell to this anyone no one can believe you and you will get permanent suspend from college then you will go back to your poor family your dream will be vanished” after hearing that Hiba cried suddenly and bend down to Rakesh feet to beg him but Rakesh told her that you have two days time make decision and he left off the place
Hiba become nearly shocked she cried for whole night she become sick on next day ,Rakesh making her home free by sending his wife and children to his native for this weekend ,Rakesh prepared everything in his home to fuck Hiba for weekend ,he was happy as much high even he brought some rope to tie Hiba on his bed
Hiba has no choice she has agreed to Rakesh words she lied her parents that she going to stay on her classmate home for weekend leave her parents also believed on her and gave permission to her
On Friday evening Rakesh picked up Hiba on his car heading to his home ,Hiba was on burka dress she was so very anxious and fear ,on other hand Rakesh was very happy and full sexual desire mind
By 7pm they went to his home, Rakesh closed everydoor of his house and told Hiba to go bedroom .Hiba by crying she went inside the room ,Rakesh came inside the room wearing only his boxers inside his dick got bulged and locked the door ,by entering Hiba got so feared and cried much she begged once again but Rakesh already in other mood he will not let her go anywhere
he came near to Hiba she was so short to him just upto the level of hip of him but her skin tone burka dress make him so erection on her. He made her sit on bed he removed her specs and cap of dress over head .Hiba face become very red by crying so on removed her burka dress by tearing like gift parcel finaly he saw Hiba inner beauty now Hiba only her bra and panties she exposed her thighs navel hip armpits to him ,Rakesh was the first men to see Hiba inner body
Then Rakesh hugged her tightly kiss over body like dogs do ,he was so hurry in kissing he made Hiba to lie on bed he lied on her by pressing her boobs on bra he liplocked her for 20 mins ,soon Rakesh going to destroy her ,he removed her bra saw her fresh muslim milky breasts he sucked it by pressing another one Rakesh become very mad on doing this ,Hiba was on great fear that it will was her last breathe of her life ,Rakesh was so big to her she can’t hold his weight on ,he took Hiba panties to see her pussy ,a clean shaved pussy ,pink in colour ,it was so tiny ,by seeing this he told to her ,he going to tear her pussy right now ,Hiba was can’t do anything except crying she was totally locked under his weight even she can’t move ,Rakesh undressing his boxer,his bulged out dick become fully erected penis ,it was about 9 inch cucumber like thickness ,a hard black rod,sure hiba can’t handle this but she there is no way she came and lied in his bed now ,she need to spread her legs for him
shh muslim slut I’m your husband now ,I’m going to make you pregnant Rakesh said by lifting up both the legs of Hiba on his shoulder he forcefully inserting his cock on hiba’s fresh pussy not even head of cock going in so much little to his dick,Hiba screaming loudly but it won’t bather him
by after some time continuous effort he entered her pussy and break her hymen made to bleed her ,only 2 inch of his penis gone inside to her
Hiba feet on his shoulder shaking on his each move, she was holding his forearm by both the hand and screaming like hell ,Rakesh on seeing Hiba face reaction and her screaming pain he striking her pussy in and out
Rakesh feels more pleasure her pussy also bleeding make him more pleasure he increased his speed about half of his cock gone inside now
Rakesh can’t hold anymore he want to cum on her ,Hiba screaming like she was about to die ,he vigorously fucking her like toy ,Hiba whole body become red in colour her pussy was bleeding heavy ,her screaming sound are hear all over house ,finally Rakesh seed his sperm inside on Hiba’s pussy ,the one hour horrible fuck came to an end ,Rakesh finally fucked a Muslim slut
Hiba no virgin anymore ,after 10 mins only Rakesh pulled out his cock ,a mixure of blood and sperm pouring out on her vagina ,Rakesh reply ” shh Hiba muslim slut your my slave now I’ll rape you whenever i want ,a girl like you must be raped like this ” .Hiba can’t able to move her legs she was in paralyzed state ,she was crying silently on bed for two days realising that she going to be raped for two more days this was the first fuck as she know he won’t show any mercy to her ,she praying for her survive and save from this animal
No one going to save Hiba she was continuously raped for two days without food ,Rakesh tied her and torture Hiba as he likes” muslim girl should get raped ”
rest of the rape scene of Hiba I’ll tell you in second part if you like the part 1

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