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I fucked my 14 year old daughter

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Gang bang, bdsm, rape, lust, free use, sex slave

My daughter is 14 years old. Her name is Elissa. She’s got a beautiful size pair of boobs, she’s got a sexy slim thick body with a sexy ass. I saw her in her Nike pro shorts and bra. I decided to bring some of my friends over, we came to my house and we snatched my daughter up and tied her inside the basement laying on the bed while her mom was at work till tomorrow night. It was 5 of us guys, I’m not mentioning names. We took her clothes off and we made her our fuck toy all day long. We fucked her in ever position tied up, we cummed inside all her holes and made her swallow all of our cum, we even left her on a sex machine for 5 hrs while we was chilling upstairs, she was tied in the basement getting railed In her pussy and mouth by 2 sex machines going on a fast limit. When we seen her we fucked her in the ass for good few more hours and let her get fucked over night all night. She had 39 orgasms. We made her suck dick the next morning before her mom came home from work. She made all 5 of us cum in her mouth twice each of us. She’s really our lil cum slut. She’s 23 right now and I still use her for my sexual needs and she still gets gangbanged by multiple guys being tied up while she’s getting pounded. My daughter Elissa really makes me proud and I’ll use her body every day all day, comment your story of how you fucked a girl.

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  • Reply Anu ID:1eduh9r0s322

    I m bitch
    Fuck me

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it, my husband takes care of my two little girls, love Emma from Australia.

    • Snap nathan 0 9 2 1 90 ID:1edf47ck4gec

      Wow what an amazing wife. Im 30 and i really hope i find one as great as u 1 day

    • Anon ID:1dsxpoa97uk7

      How old are they?

    • Abdullah ID:g4sfmfufq

      Think he his dreaming

  • Reply Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

    If you need any help on coming let me know
    I’ll show up and swallow no questions asked
    [email protected]

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Congratulations. Hopefully you and your daughter have enjoyed it. It sounds like a very enjoyable time.