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Girl Scout Cookie

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Steve loved girl scout cookies and got a special surprise in the bargain.

Penny Smith was 15 years old and was in the girl scouts. She loved spending time with her friends doing the trips and other things that they did. She always looked forward to their cookie drive that happened once a year. There was always a competition to see who could sell the most boxes. Penny would always fall about middle ways in the end results but this year she was determined to be the top seller and claim the first place prize of a trip to Walt Disney.

Penny had developed early and had a body that men drooled over although she always wore clothes that somewhat hid it. She had a pair of tits that were about the size of a large cantaloupe. She had an ass that was the stuff of dreams. She wasn’t a virgin in the sense as she secretly enjoyed her small toy and fucked her pussy almost every night. She had never had a real cock yet but she had watched a lot of porn and knew what it was all about.

Instead of sitting up tables and selling them her group would go out into large subdivisions and sell door to door. Penny sold them in her subdivision where she lived. She knew a lot of the people in her subdivision as she had grown up in the area. She had a plan for selling a lot of cookies and she was willing to do whatever it took to win. She put on her uniform which consisted of a button up shirt and a skirt. She decided to go without panties and a bra.

That way she could be presentable to any woman that answered the door and she could adjust it for any men who answered the door. She was willing to give a little incentive to the men who would purchase as many boxes as possible. She would go around and take the orders and collect the money and then deliver the cookies when they came in.

Penny started out walking around her neighborhood and knocking on doors. She would politely ask each person if they would be interested in purchasing cookies. If it was a woman who answered the door she would be the perfect good girl. But if a man answered the door then she would put on a little show like bending over so that her cleavage could show or pretend to drop her pen and then bend over so that her skirt could ride up exposing her ass a little.

She would flirt with the men and bite her bottom lip or lick her lips. Several men instantly purchased several boxes from her. Most of them never went any further than just looking as they were married. But when she had gotten to David Krings house, she had bent over and flashed her ass at him and he wanted more. He invited her into his house. He lived alone and had a very lucrative career so he had plenty of money.

Penny stepped into his house and he asked her if she wanted to sell a lot of cookies. She of course said she did.

“What are you willing to do to sell the most boxes?” David asked as he walked around Penny eyeing her body.

She bit her bottom lip and replied “That all depends on how many boxes you are willing to buy. The more you buy the more I am willing to do!”

As she said this she reached out and ran her fingers along the bulge in David’s pants. She had noticed how it had swelled as he walked around her.

David reached down and grabbed her tit with one hand and squeezed slightly feeling how firm they were and said “I can be a very generous man when I am so inclined! Is there a certain amount of boxes for certain things?”

Penny looked up at David with a wicked smile and said “How about 100 boxes for my mouth, 200 boxes for my pussy and 300 boxes for my asshole?”

David looked down at Penny and said “How do I know that you are in the level and just not out to blackmail me? How do I know that you are worth that many boxes?”

Penny turned around and bent over completely and pulled her skirt up over her ass and reached back with both hands and gripped her cheeks and spread them open wide.

“These have never had a real cock in them and neither has my mouth. I know what sex is all about and I’m on the pill.” She said as she stood up and unbuttoned her shirt and flashed her tits.

“I came here to sell the most boxes of cookies I can so I can win a trip. I have no intention of blackmailing anyone.” She quipped as she grabbed his hard cock through his pants.

David groaned as he felt her hand squeeze his cock. He figured that it would cost him around $3000 at $5 a box. Looking at Penny and seeing the fuck me expression on her beautiful face was all the convincing he needed.

“Let’s start with your mouth and go from there. Depending on how well you can suck my cock will decide what happens next!” He said as he pushed her down onto her knees.

Penny immediately began to unzip his pants and pulled out his 7 inch cock. She stroked his cock slowly as she felt a real live cock for the first time. She had practiced with her toy sucking on it but this was different and better. She took the head into her mouth and sucked hard on it as she swirled her tongue around the head. She repeated everything she had seen in the porn videos.

David groaned as he grabbed her head holding her in place. She wrapped one hand around the base stroking and massaged his large balls in the other as she slid her mouth up and down the shaft. David pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and she gagged as he hit her throat.

“My throat is not part of the deal for 100 boxes so if you want that it’s going to be extra!” She said as her drool mixed with his pre cum dripped off his cock and down her chin.

He guided his cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her face. She knew what he wanted and she was determined to take whatever he had in mind. Suddenly she felt his hands grip the back of her head as he thrust into her throat. Soon he was buried to his balls in her mouth as she struggled to breathe around the shaft. He ground into her throat her nose was pressed against his stomach. He pulled out and she gasped loudly sucking in fresh air only to have him shove into her mouth again.

Soon his balls were slapping her chin as he fucked her face. He definitely knew that she was worth the money that it was going to cost him. He grunted as he felt his cum flooding into her throat as she swallowed around the shaft. When he finished dumping his first load he pulled out and looked down at Penny. Her face was streaked with her tears mixed with her drool and his pre cum.

Her tits were wet from it dripping down as well. He told her to strip off her clothes and took her hand and pulled her into the living room. He sat down on the couch and had her straddle him with her pussy in his face. David buried his face between her legs and began to devour her pussy getting it ready for his cock.

Penny moaned, whimpered and gasped loudly as she experienced her first mouth on her bare lips. She grabbed the back of his head and held on as he expertly kissed licked nibbled and sucked on every sweet delicious inch of her gorgeous little pink pussy. Shoving his tongue deep inside her hot wet pussy. Sliding his tongue across her tight little asshole.

She tasted divine and fresh. He knew that she had never had a real cock. She screamed out as she orgasmed from a real man. David slid forward a little a pulled Penny down onto his lap. He reached down and grabbed his hard throbbing cock and placed it against her tight opening.

“Impale your pussy completely onto my cock like a good little slut!” He commanded.

Penny immediately dropped down driving his cock into her tight little pussy. She screamed out again as she felt his cock stretch her open more than she had ever experienced with her toy. David leaned over and took a nipple into his mouth as he sucked and chewed on it as she began to bounce up and down on his cock.

David grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto his cock driving deeper and harder into her soaking wet pussy. She again orgasmed as she felt his cock slamming against her cervix. He furiously fucked her pussy for over 20 minutes.

He stood her up and growled deeply “Get head down ass up on the couch and brace yourself against the armrest!”

She scrambled to get into the position he requested. She had seen this in one of the movies and knew what was coming next. She felt his hand scoop out some of her cream and she felt his fingers slide into her tight little asshole. She relaxed as much as possible but she was definitely apprehensive about getting fucked in her ass.

“Please go slowly until I can get used to your cock! I have only had a finger inside!” She moaned as she felt his cock press against her rosebud.

David grabbed her hips and pushed against her tight asshole until the head popped in. She grunted as she tried to accommodate his massive cock. She gripped the couch tightly as she felt his cock stretch her open even more as he continued to push deeper. She felt every ridge, every vein, every pulse of his cock as it sliced into her virgin asshole.

“OHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” She exclaimed as his balls came to rest against her battered pussy.

David slapped her ass cheeks as he let her get used to the size. She began to fuck herself on his cock until he was pounding her ass with everything he had. She was in a constant scream as their bodies slapped together. He watched mesmerized by her perfect ass jiggling from the pounding. She was pinned up in the corner of the couch and completely at his mercy. He intended on getting his money’s worth.

He was able to use her asshole for another 20 minutes before he felt the familiar tingle of his impending orgasm.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE I AM GOING TO CUM!” He exclaimed as he drove his throbbing cock as deep as possible and started pumping stream after stream deep into her bowels. She felt every spurt spash her insides.

David pulled his shrinking cock from her ass with a pop and collapsed on the couch gasping for air.

Penny unfolded herself and stood up with cum running down the insides of her legs. She was a mess and she asked if she could take a shower before she left. David said sure and pointed her in the right direction. After she finished she got dressed and handed him the order sheet to make his selection.

“How about you just order whatever you want and I will pay you for them. When you get them just deliver them to me and I might have a generous tip if you are interested!” He said as he reached down and ran his hand over her swollen pussy.

She smiled wickedly and said “OH I am definitely interested!”

David handed her a check for 700 boxes. He figured that he would give most of them away but he definitely was going to keep his special cookie too himself.

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