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No Not Again

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I never thought this would happen to me. I’m home relaxing and my doorbell rings. I look and it’s Stelton. WTF I guess he just doesn’t get it that it’s over. I ask him what does he want. He says Carol all I want to do is talk to you.

I ask him how did you find me? Stelton says I followed you home the other day. He says please open the door. I open the door the door and he asks may I come in. I say yes and Stelton says you’ve got a nice pace here.

We go into the living room and we both sit on the couch. Shelton immediately apologizes over and over again. I ask him so what do you want. He says Carol I really miss you. I tell him I miss him also.

Stelton puts his arm around me and kisses me. I have on my white terry cloth robe. Steel ton is grabbing my tits and he unties my robe. He says Carol I really miss fucking you. Shelton pulls his sweat pants down and his humongous black cock is laying across his thigh.

We’re now in the sixty nine position. It’s so hard to suck his cock in this position because he’s huge. Stelton is licking, sucking and fingering my pussy. I cum all over his fingers and his face.

Stelton now gets in between my spread open legs. He says so what do you want me to do to you. I tell him in his ear fuck the shit out of me. Stelton pushes his huge black cock inside of me. I tell him that I missed his big black cock fucking me.

I tell Stelton no cumming in me. He says why can’t I cum in you. I tell him because you made me pregnant. I just want him to fuck me. I should’ve told him to wear a condom but that wasn’t going to happen.

I’m on the pill now but I still don’t want to chance it. I wrap my legs around him and dig my fingers in his ass cheeks. He has every inch inside me and he stops. He asks so how does all my cock feel in you. I tell him great leave it in me.

Shelton pulls his cock almost completely out of me and then slams it into my pussy. OMG I’m going to cum. Fuck me baby fuck me I scream as every inch of his cock is inside me. Stelton says he’s going to cum. I feel a big load of cum inside me.

I get so mad and say to him WTF did I tell you no cumming in me. Stelton says I want you pregnant again. I tell him no thanks. Shelton says Carol suck my cock get me hard I want to fuck you again. I suck his cock and he’s ready to fuck me again.

Shelton has no problem putting his cock inside me. I can feel his cum running down my ass crack. Stelton asks so Carol did you miss my cock. I tell him yes now fuck me. We both cum and again he cums inside me.

Stelton asks can I spend the night. I tell him yes. We go upstairs to my bedroom and fall asleep. We’re both fucked out. The next morning Selton has his huge cock inside me. Oh yes Stelton fuck me, fuck me hard.

I tell Stelton give me your baby. He says really Carol. I tell him yes I want your black baby now fuck me. Shelton is slamming my pussy. I can’t believe I’m saying this to him. Stelton says I’m cumming here comes a baby. YES YES YES give me a black baby.

Shelton is playing with my tits and jerking himself off. He says Carol get on all fours I want to fuck your ass. I rollover spread my ass cheeks and tell him to fuck my ass. He puts his cock in my ass and slaps my ass hard.

Oh Stelton smack my ass again. He slaps it hard again and his whole huge black cock is in my ass. OMG I love it don’t stop.Stelton cums in my ass and I cum so hard. We fuck a couple of more times and I tell him he should leave.

Shelton says I can’t spend a couple of days with you. I tell him no I have things to do. He says but I thought you missed my cock. I said I did but I let you fuck me and cum in me. He says are you going to move back in. I tell him no we are just fuck buddies now.

Stelton says so all you want to do is fuck me. I tell him yes I’m staying right here. He says so what if you’re pregnant. I tell him I’ll deal with it. Shelton gets dressed and as he’s leaving he asks can we fuck again. I tell him you have my number use it.

I never told him I’m on the pill. After all the fucking and cum that’s inside me I hope it works. I’ll be looking forward for some more of Stelton’s big blac cock.


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  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    You can see by my pics Stelton’s cock is really black and humongous. I love the feeling of my pussy stuffed with his cock. I don’t want a serious relationship with him, I just want him to fuck me.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunt Carol your a nympho for big black cock like me so just let him in and you will be happy with all the fucking you can do with him . I wish that you will listen to me but you are one stubborn bitch aunt Carol ! I’m sorry that I have to talk to my older aunt that way ! please forgive me auntie ! your caring black cumdump niece ! I love ya auntie , Britney

    • Carol ID:2px1mem3g8z

      I am a nympho. I loved sex my whole life. I don’t care what color a cock is as long as he satisfies me. My preference now is a humongous black cock. The blacker the bigger the better.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You’re just a whore for black cock. Enjoy and don’t let that tasty black asshole go to waste either!

  • Reply Wendy ID:1ek2qenzra

    Carol hi I’m Wendy. I’ve been reading your stories but I’ve never commented on them. My husband did the same thing to me. We would watch interracial porn and all my toys had to be black. I finally had my first black cock and let me tell you I loved every minute of it. I fuck him every chance I get. I, like you love to look at my white cum all over his black cock.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I’m sorry auntie Carol but this is your fault ! and you know I always stick up for you ! but you let Shelton in your house then you basically jumped on top of him and told him to fuck you and you allowed him to cum into your pussy ! Oh ! never believe a guy that tells you he won’t cum in you ! that’s the biggest lie there is and you auntie Carol who is much older and has more experience with men should have known ! My advice is and your not going to like it !! is just get back together with him and stop playing head games with him! and just enjoy his huge black dick ! with love your bitchy (Queen Of Spades) black cock loving cumdump BRITNEY luv ya

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      No I just want him as a fuck buddy. I don’t want to leave my home like I did last time. I needed him to fuck me because I’m always horny and wet. I know I shouldn’t have trusted him but he fucks me so good it’s like I’m hypnotized to his cock. This has been this way ever since the first time he fucked me. I’m talking to you about this and I’m getting ready to call him to see if he wants to come over and fuck me. I posted the pics of how big his cock is and the cum flowing out of my pussy. I just can’t help myself. Love Carol