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Author: Carol

Back To The Beach

I’m home alone once again. When I want to do something, I usually get into trouble. Today I want to be around people so I won’t be by our pool. I know what I’m doing today. I’m... # # # #

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Not Shelton

I’m home waiting for Rocky to get home. My cell rings and it’s Rocky. He says Carol I’m on my way home. I really need to be fucked so I’ll surprise him by opening the door naked.... # #

1433 words | 7 |5.00

The Casino

It’s a Saturday night and Rocky is going out with the boys. I don’t want to stay home, so I think I’ll go to the casino. Rocky doesn’t like to gamble so I go myself. I’m taking... # #

1658 words | 1 |5.00

Wali Is Back

I just woke up and I’m going to take a shower and go to the nude beach. A woman who goes alone has to be careful. There are a lot of men who when they see a woman by herself, they... #

1418 words | 6 |4.50

Please Master No

It’s a hot and beautiful day here in Florida. Rocky is away again and I’m home alone. I think I’ll nude sunbathe by the pool today. I had my coffee and I showered so outside I... # #

1187 words | 3 |4.20

Master’s Apartment

It’s raining here and I think I’ll go shopping for some new bras and thongs. We have a Victoria Secret not to far from our home. I’m getting dressed when my cell rings. I answer... # # #

1891 words | 1 |5.00

My Tommy

My husband Rocky had a party for the boys who worked for him. The boys and I had a lot of fun. We had a great time. Ibn and older young man forced me to have sex with him. Then ibn... # # #

2723 words | 2 |4.43

Ms Claus

Well I’ve done everything my bus and Rocky has asked me to do. This had led to a very active sec life with many men. I’ve had sec with men of all sizes and races. Most of my stories... # #

404 words | 5 |3.83

Getting Me Ready

This story starts off with Rocky and I having great sex. We had sex everywhere. He has a cock that fills my pussy and it’s fat as my wrist. We still have sex multiple times a week.... # #

817 words | 1 |4.33


This happened years ago. I worked at my sisters go go bar. Every year on my birthday the bar would celebrate my birthday. I would wear a very sexy Victoria Secrets outfit. I was usually... # # #

1017 words | 4 |3.80

Good Neighbor Sam

This story takes place at our condo by the beach. I didn’t know it but Rocky had a friendship with his older neighbor Sam. He’s a much older man who was an executive at AT&T.... # #

1838 words | 0 |3.33

Nudist Resort

It’s a gorgeous day outside. Rocky went to get my car washed and I’m expecting him home at any minute. I hear him pull in the driveway. I’m in our bedroom putting on my robe because... # # # #

2446 words | 9 |4.40

Master Is Calling

Hubby and I went to a nude beach and had a blast. Rocky tells me not to back alone. Well he’s not here so I went. I get to the beach put down my blanket. I take off my sundress being... # # # #

1775 words | 14 |4.00

Nude Beach

When I met my husband he owned a beachfront condo. He would call me and tell me to meet him there. The sex was great even on the balcony. There was this one day when we took a walk... # # # #

4063 words | 6 |4.67


A few weeks ago I went to a beach and had sex with a very young black man. The sex was great, but when I took him home his grandpa was sitting in a recliner. Eli, the young man pulled... # # # #

1472 words | 4 |3.85

Breed Me

I’m a forty something married woman living here in Florida. We have a beautiful home, a big Olympic sized pool. Our home is very private as it sits back from the road. I love to sunbathe... # # # #

1518 words | 8 |4.57

I Was A Masseuse

I wasn’t married at the time so I had to work to support myself. I was a bartender, but when the bar closed I had to do something else. I was taking massage courses to have something... #

2129 words | 3 |4.29

My Young Peeping TOM

It’s a hot summers day here in Florida. Rocky is away on business so I’m all alone. I think I’ll have my coffee, take a shower and do some nude sunbathing. I’m drying my body... # # #

1157 words | 10 |3.95

Motel Theme Rooms

This started awhile ago. I was working in a go go bar and the dancers told me about this motel that had theme rooms. When I started dating Rocky, about a month into the relationship,... #

711 words | 2 |4.00

Date Night

Our date nights aren’t like the usual ones. My hubby, Rocky will tell me to wear something very sexy and I do. Tonight we’re going to this bar and I’m getting ready. I’m going... #

876 words | 4 |3.67

Pool Boy

We live in Florida on a huge piece of property . Our pool is very secluded so I do a lot of nude sunbathing back there.. Hubby takes care of the pool and I’m really toe only one who... # #

1837 words | 10 |4.67


It’s time to get a physical here in Florida. I don’t have a primary doctor so I have to find one. I Google doctors here and I decide on one. I call and make an appointment for tomorrow... #

1002 words | 3 |4.00

Glory Hole Whore

It’s raining here in Florida, Rocky is away on business and I’m bored out of my mind. I posted my picture on an adult site so I’ll check to see if there were any comments. Wow... #

1450 words | 16 |4.73

Black To The Movies

Hubby and I have two movie nights. There is on for a regular movies and then there is the other. When it rains on a Saturday night, my hubby, Rocky would say pit your raincoat on. I... #

703 words | 1 |2.75

The Bar

I too like Lacy worked as a bartender in a go go bar. It was a neighborhood bar and my brother in law and sister owned it. My sister was dying for me to work there because of my 34... # #

1336 words | 5 |3.00

Jamaican Cock

My story starts about the first time we went to Jamaica. My hubby, Rocky couldn’t wait to go. I was also very excited because of all the stories I heard. My girlfriend Becky went... # #

1778 words | 4 |3.57


I’m a big fan of vampire movies, especially ones that star Christopher Lee. I’ve fantasized about him many of times. I have one that plays in my head. I just got out the shower... # #

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My hubby Rocky tells me he wants to get the inside of our house painted. Ok I agree with him and so we start getting estimates. We’re looking for a one man operation. I called a few... # #

1274 words | 2 |4.60

Young Breder

What a gorgeous day here in Florida. This happened to me not to long ago.. My hubby, Rocky is gone again on business. I think today I’ll go to the beach. I had my coffee and now it’s... #

1612 words | 9 |4.67

What A Surprise

It was a very hot July day. We still lived up north and Rocky came home and said Carol let’s do something crazy today. Now mind you Rocky is a perv, but he has a ten inch cock and... #

1496 words | 3 |4.67

I Was A Lucky Girl

My husband bought home this beautiful all white pit bull. He told me he found him in an abandoned building. I was petrified of him, as he looked like a killer dog. How very wrong I... #

667 words | 25 |4.48


This happened many years ago on Christmas Eve. I told Rocky, my then boyfriend that I was going to bring him some food. I put on a Santa halter and a Santa thong. I grabbed my red pumps,... #

1142 words | 2 |4.00

Our Old Handyman Conrad

My husband, Rocky has this old guy named Conrad to do all his work on his properties. Well we need a few things done here and Rocky tells me tomorrow Conrad is coming here and go get... #

874 words | 9 |3.36


I’m a forty year old woman named Carol. My husband is Rocky and he’s away in business a lot. Rocky rescued this big, beautiful white pit bull and we named him Lucky. Rocky informs... #

987 words | 15 |4.69