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Having Sex Through Texting, A New Form Of Cheating

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I was never really into technology. I fought this texting thing as long as I could. But, my kids use it and they don’t seem to remember how to make phone calls so, texting is how they want to communicate. Drives me nuts but, whatever.

Anyway, I had something happen a few weeks ago that has me so turned on, I can’t stand it. I had an affair several years ago with a guy I still love and communicate with on and off. He would call me or I would call him just to keep in touch.

A few weeks ago I had a very sexual erotic dream about him. I called him and told him I was gonna text it to him if I could get up the courage to send it. He laughed and told me to send it. So, I did.

I got a text back from him and he said wow, he was at work when he read it and said he might have to go to the bathroom to take care of his growing dick.

I loved it. I loved he liked, what I wrote.
I told him to text me anytime and I would text dirty to him. So, we’ve been texting at night. I’m sure he’s jacking off while I tell him the things I would do to him. And, what I would like for him to do to me. It has been so exciting. It keeps me horny just wondering what he’s doing or gonna say.

We don’t see each other anymore like we used to because I stopped going to the bar where I met him.
I know he still loves me and me him but I’m married and he’s not. It’s just a whole thing of why we can’t be together.
We only had sex one time and I think that’s one of the things that keeps us so intrigued with each other. We feel like we never got enough of each other.

But, I love hearing from him through the texting thing. I guess it’s like phone sex. All I know is he loves hearing from me while he gets to relieve himself through our texting fantasies.

I tell him how I would love to have his dick in my mouth and how I would be sucking on it. And then when he’s getting close how I love it when he rams it down my throat and cums deep in me. I have no option except to swallow. He says when I talk like that he shoots his load of cum straight up in the air. I only wish I was there.

I ask him what he liked about my dream. He said he loved it when he touched my naked hairless pussy. And, how he pushed my head down and made me suck his dick. Then, how he cum in my throat.
That was his favorite. He tells me he would be rough with me and fuck me hard. He would pinch and roll my nipples until I cried out in pain. He would stick his fingers in my ass while he was fucking me.

He’d slap my tits and ass till they were red. He said he knows I would cum on his dick from the rough sex. I agreed, I would.

He’s been texting every night. He says his dick has been so hard since we’ve been doing this. He can’t wait till bedtime, so he can cum over my texts.

I’ve been using my trusty vibrator/dildo. It has brought me much pleasure.
My husband and I don’t sleep together at night because he snores so, I’m alone and free to text to my friend. And I delete them when were done, although I really wish I could keep them.

Modern technology is an amazing thing. I shouldn’t have fought it for so long. It’s bringing me great joy.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Mmm my kinda bitch hmu sexy 😉

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    Hey Vampire I’ll play mail me at [email protected]

  • Reply vampire ID:2vnjnny44

    its [email protected]

  • Reply vampire ID:2vnjnny44

    u can mail me if u dont want to share ur mail here

  • Reply vampire ID:2vnjnny44

    is there anyway to contact you ???

    • Loose Wife ID:1a912bhj

      I’m sorry, Vampire. I don’t contact people and I’m not on social sites either.

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    When he came out of the bedroom he told me to put them on and said I was going to do everything he told me to do if I didn’t want him to say anything about the picture he took when he opened the sliding glass door I put the panties on and he closed all the blinds around the kitchen and told me to walk around the living room so he could see my sexy little ass

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    My hardest task was to not cum right there but when he got behind me and started to touch my ass it felt so good he asked me if I would put on a pair of panties

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    Just when it got nice and warm down there I heard the sliding glass door open and it was my brother in law so he closed the door and turned around to see me trying to get off the couch but he said now that looks like fun I guess I was just trying to get myself together and he said that I looked sexy like that he asked me if he could take his clothes off and relax on the couch he poured me another drink and then he asked me could he look at my ass

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    After thinking about how easy it would be if I just took off my clothes and relaxed after a few minutes I got the couch ready with sheets and a blanket put the pillow against the armrest and when I looked at down at my package it was nice and hard I turned the volume down on the tv and got up on the pillow and started to rub my balls up and down

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    When I was on vacation and stayed at my sisters house my brother in law would come out of his bedroom and walk into the kitchen naked from the bedroom and even though I’ve never thought of a guy like that I have to say he was very nice to see after a couple of days my sister was going to stay with her girlfriends for the weekend and gave me the keys to her car she left for the night and told me that my brother in law was going to be late I started to relax and actually opened up a bottle of wine that was horrible so I found a bottle of whiskey in there line up and poured a nice glass

  • Reply Nigel ID:2wcnr0uoib

    If you like more fun how about we start chatting and sharing our fantasy

    • Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

      Sounds great

    • Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

      So nice to hear that I definitely enjoyed the hottest days in my life when my brother in law would txt me pictures of him naked when he asked me to take a picture of my cock and balls I was just so excited

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Is there a way I can contact you? I’d love to sext 😊

    • Loose Wife ID:1a912bhj

      Ohoo, that would be so nice. I’m apprehensive.

    • Loose Wife ID:1a912bhj

      What would you say to me, Andersc057?

    • [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Texting about what I’d do to you and we could even rp if you want 🙂