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Me And Five Men Stuck In A Car In A Snow Storm In Michigan (True Story)

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I believe it was 1974 in Michigan on Eight Mile Road ,where this little incident happened. It was my husband, me, my father-in-law, and my husbands 2 uncles on our way home from a bowling tournament. It started snowing before the tournament was over so I was concerned about us trying to get home.

We were on Eight Mile Road in a Cadillac. It was so cold and it was snowing thick heavy wet snow. The Cadillac was having trouble getting through the snow. My husband was driving. The snow was so deep the bottom of the car was scrapping it. You could hear it. So, they put me in the back because of the difference between my weight and a big mans weight.

Well it didn’t really help because we got stuck anyway. We had to get out and push. I fell several times and got my pants wet to the point I was freezing. I got a pair of pants out of my suit case to change into. But we couldn’t get the car to go any further. It was dragging on the snow so much we were stuck. There was no cars around nothing we could see to help us. It was hard to see, it was snowing so bad.

I had a blanket wrapped around me trying to get warm. I had my pants to put on scrunched up next to me to get them warm. But, I had to take off my wet pants. Even my underwear was wet. They felt like they were freezing on me.
The heater in the car wasn’t putting out very warm heat for some reason. So, I’m sitting in the back between my husband’s uncles. I had a blanket on me and I took off my pants and panties. I was shivering so bad his uncles were rubbing my arms and legs trying to warm me up. Then I felt a hand down touching my pussy. Then another hand from the other side rubbing my leg headed for my pussy. I couldn’t say anything. I had no idea what we would do if I said get your hands off my pussy. So, I did nothing. Uncle on the right pulled my leg toward him to be able to get his fingers in my pussy. When he did that uncle on the left knew what he was doing and he pulled my leg his way. I’m setting there with my legs spread eagle. Then both their hands were fighting over my pussy.

I’m not moving. Uncle on the right got his fingers in me first and was fingering me good. I felt so naughty it was exciting. It was making me horny. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The blanket was spread across all three of us in the back. Uncle on the left took my hand and put it on his dick, he had taken out of his pants. He wanted me to jack it off, or at least play with it.

Uncle on the right was now rubbing my clit. Oh my gosh, please don’t make me cum. Then uncle on the right takes his hand away to unzip his pants and pull his dick out for me to play with. So, then uncle on the left gets my pussy and he sticks his fingers in me. His fingers are bigger. I’ve got a dick in each hand and my pussy is being tended to. I just wish we were alone so they could fuck me, I was getting extremely horny.

We didn’t know what we were gonna do. We had been there for hours. We were running low on gas. Finally, we saw a tow truck coming toward us. We were so thankful. He just happened by because he knew the road well. He towed us to a hotel and we got the last two rooms in the hotel. The uncles had a room with single beds and my husband and my room had two double beds so we told my father-in-law he should stay in our room.

We were exhausted. Our rooms were on different floors. After we got to our rooms I jumped in the shower to get warm and I just put on a robe. My husband and his dad was so tired I knew the would be taking a nap if not asleep for the night. They were laying on the beds when I got out of the shower. His dad was snoring already. I told my husband I was gonna go check on his uncles. He didn’t even open his eyes.He said okay. I knew I wouldn’t be getting any sex with his Dad in the room so that’s why I went to his uncles.

Now I was 19 and we had only been married about a year and I was used to having sex everyday, many times, more than once a day. His uncles had to be in their 50’s but still very attractive.
I got to their room and knocked on the door. When uncle on the right answered he was surprised to see me. He had a towel wrapped around him and uncle on the left walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. They said they had just got a shower. I said, I see that. They said where’s the men. I said they both were on the bed asleep. Uncle on the right said well come over here and let me finish what I started. He took his towel and pulled it off his dick which was standing up and uncle on the left dropped his towel too and came up to me.

I said, “Well, I just needed a little sex because with his dad in the room I knew we wouldn’t be doing anything and I’m used to fucking at night.” They both grabbed me and undid my robe. I was naked under it. Uncle on the right had me sit down on his dick with my back to his chest and the uncle on the left walked up for me to suck his dick. I was in heaven .Two dicks. I wanted both of them to fuck me. They had some pretty big dicks. Nice and fat as well as at least 8 inches. All I know is it felt good in my pussy.

Uncle on left held my head and fucked my mouth. He moaned and said, “We thought our chance had passed us by when the tow truck came.” Uncle on the right was playing with my clit. It was feeling good.

Uncle on the right was fucking me so hard, it was ramming uncle on the left’s dick down deep in my throat. It felt good. Then they said, let’s switch. I said “Okay.” And they switched places. I didn’t care at all.
I wished I could stay all night with these two. They were good.
Finally uncle on the right said he was gonna cum in my mouth unless I didn’t want to. I said, ” You go ahead and cum in my mouth.” He immediately shot his load in me. He moaned and said, “Fuck , do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had my dick sucked, not to mention a girl sucking the cum in her mouth?” Uncle on the left is fucking me hard and fast then said, “Fuck that was so hot it’s making me cum and he squirted his load in my pussy.

I was still horny, I wanted to fuck more. I said, I can’t say long boys so do you think you can fuck me again. They both started jacking off their dicks. They said, “Stand up here and let me suck your tits, that’ll get me hard. So, they said, “We’d like to keep you for a week or so.” “We’d fuck you in every way possible.” “You would be full of cum.”
Then they switched again. I was getting fucked by uncle on the left when he said, ” Have you ever tried to put two dicks in your pussy?” I said , “No.” He said, “Let’s try.”
They had me bend over and they tried to get both in my pussy but they’re too big. It really was stretching my pussy. So it’s back to the fucking and sucking. Uncle on the right started hitting my pussy and I was gonna cum. It felt good. He stuck a finger in my ass and uncle on the left was playing with my titties rolling my nipples and squeezing them. I said, “I’m gonna cum, so he was pounding my pussy and my clit. I cum and it was running down his hand and on his dick.

Uncle on the left grabbed my head and pushed his dick I’m my mouth and cum.

Uncle on the right’s dick swelled up and exploded in my pussy. I didn’t want to leave but thought I should.
I was so satisfied. I told the guys, “I better run and I was gonna be thinking about their dicks and what they did to me tonight.” He said, ” They would be talking about me tonight too. I was full of cum. I put my robe on and went back to my room. They were still asleep. I could have stayed longer. Oh well. I went in the bathroom and washed my pussy.

I got in the bed and my husband woke up and scooted next to me with a hard on. His dad was snoring so he said, “I’m gonna fuck you while he’s asleep. I said, “You know you can put that dick of yours in me anytime you want.” He said, “That makes my dick hard when you talk and act like a slut.” I said, “I know, that’s why I do it, I love a hard dick.” He slid his dick in me and said, ” Wow, you’re wet, who you been fucking.” I said, “Oh, when I went to check on your uncles, I fucked them while I was there.” His dick got hard and he said, “Oh, I wish you had, that would be so hot.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Fuck yes.” I said, “Well, I did.” I said, “I fucked both of them twice and sucked their dicks too.” He said, ” Did you like it? ” I said, “Yes, they have nice dicks, and that’s why my pussy’s wet, it’s their cum.” He’s about to explode. He said, “Did they make you cum?” I said, “I cum all over their dicks.” He said, “Good.” He said, “How’d you do it?” I said, “I sat on one uncles dick and the other stood up and stuck his dick in my mouth.”

He said, “I’d love to sit in a chair and watch you getting fucked by two guys, what a fucking turn on.” I said, “Anytime you want me to do that, let me know. He started fucking me fast and exploded his load in my quite used pussy. I’m thinking, what a night.

My husband woke me up later in the night fucking me, I said, “Are you okay?” He said, “I was thinking about what you said about fucking my uncles and my dick got so hard, it wouldn’t go down so I’m fucking you again.” I said, “Anytime, baby, anytime.”

We were there for two days my husband was so turned on by my story even though it was true, he thought I made it up. I said, “Hey do you want me to go to their room and see if they hit on me?” He said, “You would do that?” I said, “I would do it for you.” He said, “I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything like that.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yeah.” Part of me wanted to go anyway. But, I didn’t. We were able to fuck even with his dad in the room so, I was okay. But, he kept talking about the story I told him, fantasizing about me getting fucked by his two uncles. I think I’ll tell him about how it started in the car, how they both fingered me and how they had me playing with their dicks and see what he thinks about it.

We were stuck at that hotel for two days. The hotel was right off the freeway. The freeway had so much snow on it people were stopped in their tracks, like we were. People were abandoning their cars to keep from freezing to death. It was on the news. When we were checking in you could see people walking from the freeway to the hotel. They had no more rooms but, they had some rollaway beds they brought out and others slept in the halls and lobby. They didn’t turn anyone away. We were told the hotel was running out of food. But they got the freeway open on the third day and we headed home. It was quite an experience.

I ask for the blanket on the way home cause it was still cold in the back seat. I got to play with the uncles dicks. They had their pants unzipped until we got about an hour into Ohio. Then we could take the blanket off. They couldn’t do anything to me but I liked having their dicks in my hands. They leaked cum a couple times. I could feel it on my hands.

I had almost forgot about that trip. But, it sure was exciting, especially when I realized we weren’t gonna freeze to death.

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    Just a shame your father in law didn’t fuck you as well

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    Such a hot story. I’d love to hear more.

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    • Lydia ID:1a912bhj

      Sorry baby, that was a long time ago when that happened.

    • Joshhung ID:l7y9km2

      They was lucky