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Remote torture 2

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It had been two days since I I had thrown away my orgasmic butt plug. It was a pain to sit in school but I was also excited since I thought I had managed to be unseen and had reordered the toy. It would only be two and a half week before it would arrive (I ordered oversees) but the waiting would be worth it. I had a great day. School went easy we trolled our teachers, me and my friends and I also got an A in math. The sun was shining bride and nothing could kill my good mood. I stepped out of the bus on my way home from school and entered my house. It was silent. My parents weren’t at home nor my sister and I could feel my cock getting erected. Yeah that’s right. It was the perfect time to get myself off. I jumped in my bed pulled my dick out and was thinking about my hot math teacher, she was 35 blonde and very skinny, not much of boobs but hell the ass was thick. I started to rub myself when the door rang. God damn it, it Rang a second time, so I had to get up. Probably the postman or something. My stupid sister probably had ordered cloths or something. So I pull up my pants went downstairs and opened the door….no one there… I looked to the left and to the right. Must have been a prank or something. I was just on the bring to close the door when I saw a letter on the door step. So it was the postman right? Hell was I wrong. I took the letter from the ground and it had my name on it… Nothing elese only my name… Strange. I closed the door and went upstairs. I sat down in front of my desk an my pc. I was really wondering who would write me a letter? I opened it and nothing was inside except one USB stick. Now I was interested, what could it be? I had heard about stories were they found USB sticks with important finance data the last months, lot of tax fraudsters went to jail. Was this a secret hint and I was supposed to get it to the police? I pushed the USB stick in the PC… I let the virus protector scan it… There was nothing than a video… Omg what was it? Shall I play it?… Well of course I pushed the play button and was in shock what I had to see. The image was a little blurry but oh my GOD!!!!!! I new exactly what I saw. It was just 10 seconds long but there must be footage of at least 10 minutes of more I way thinking… I was sweating. That was so bad. How could someone film this… FILM ME!… Yes you may have already thought about it.. It was me on the video… Moaning loudly sitting next to the bush shaking and a complete wet jeans in the croach area…wtf! Omg why in all the things that could haven been on this USB stick, why was it me!??? I was panicking. I ran to the windows closing the sheeds. OK what does the person want from me?? Why did he gave me the stick… I was so embarrassed and scared. Will the person make it public? This was my end I would be the clown of school. I would never find a job. My parents, my sister, my whole family would abandon me! I was in tears….how could this happen?! Just minutes ago I had the best day and was jerking off and now I was the target from some sick voyeur! What does he want? I asked myself again… But then I realized I have to delete the video… I jumped to my pc and deleted the video. Then I went to the sex shop online and canceled the order for the new plug! This fucking thing!! It wax this shit that brought me into this situation. I needed to find out who had filmed me. But how??? Fuck I just had deleted the video! Maybe I could have found some traces. I needed to calm myself down. Think clearly…. So I rolled down my pants and jerked off three times. Masturbation always helped me to get relaxed. I had to wait for the next step5of my enemy. I gave one last secret glance through the sheed and then I went downstairs. The rest of the day nothing special happened and the next day started….school… I hated school… But probably every kid does. But this time I was releaved. My enemy couldn’t get me here right?… Right?!… I was so wrong… It was the last subject before the big break and it was sport. We just had finished and I went to my locker. I opened it and on top of all my stuff there was a picture… If I wouldn’t have been full of sweat, I surely would be now. I closed the locker again for a second before reopening. The pictures was ME!!!…GOOOD NOOO! Me on all fours, you could even see the squirrel. I was so scared, adrenaline rushed through my heart. I grabbed the picture before one could see it crumbled it in my hand run to the toilet and flushed it down. “hey Tim, you got diarrhea?” my friend asked, everyone laughed. “yeah I farted and I thought I shot myself but I’m fine” – everyone laughed again.. I actually was really on the bring to shit myself.. Why here? Why school??? I looked back into the toilet. The picture hadn’t flushed down so I pulled it back out in put it into my pocket. I changed and went with my friends to the schoolyard… I couldn’t concentrate the rest of the day…i was only thinking about what would happen next… Will there be a picture or even video of me be shown plublic… The thought made me shaking in fear. “hey Tim, there is the girl that I heared likes you” – I couldnt care less about any girls right now and besides, she was only 13 and way to young for me in that case. I ignored her and my stupid friends who Tried to push me to talk to her. And so the schoolday ended with me all in fear of the next encounter with myself on tape or Pic or what ever my nemesis had planned for me. I nearly run at home watching to my left and my right and closed the door at home as fast as I had never done before. BAM. Door shut. My sister was home earlier than me today and came up to me when she heard me smashing the door “are you OK brother? You look pale and scared?”…. I had a mental breakdown. Should I tell her what was going on? I mean she is my sister, she is family shouldn’t I be able to tell her?… “I I am..” I stumbled ” I have to go to the toilet!” and then I run away. I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t tell anyone. It was to embarrassing. How would I explain that I bought a buttplug that made me come in our garden and then was filmed while orgasming… No there had to be an other way. I left to my room. Get into my bed and thought to myself, I have to find the maker of this horror. I pushed my hand in my pocket to grab my phone when I realized I still had the picture. It had dryed already. The picture was thanks to the flushing nearly impossible to recognize. But I did. The Pic had burned into my mind. I watched it a while longer… *bing*…!!!! I had an idea. The angle!!! How was the video made… I was quite good in spatial thinking and so I went to the window and tried to imagine were and who they or them could have made the movie. It must have been done5fron at lest the second floor I thought… From the other side of the street… More on the left… There it was!!!!… Oh my gosh… It must have been the angry old geezer! I remembered him quite good, his wife died years ago and since then he was a very angry person. he always gave me a run when I was delivering newspapers. I had quit because of him! I was so scared to go there. But why would he pick on me in that way?! This old fucking Pedo pervert! Ha! I would get him with that. Even though my doing was embarrassing to the end if I would threatening him to go to the police he would surely delete the tape….or go to jail! Hahaha! I was so happy. And angry. I would end this misery now and forever! I was incouraged to end this and took my shoes on and started to walk over….but when I got closer, I wasn’t so sure if this was an good idea anymore… I remembered him screaming at me when I was younger and I just reached the door when I thought… Fuck this was stupid, I have to go back home… And then the door opened!!! Adrenalin shot into my brain… I couldn’t move.. Fuck fuck fuck, this confrontation is going to happen I started to sweat massive in fear…but then I did not expect who would open the door. It was the tiny girl that my friends always made the fuzz about that I should talk to her….ähhh what… The old geezer who taped me on film had a daughter??!!! God knows what this monster had done to her! All my thoughts went so fast, she just had opened the door “ohh you” she said and blushed. I knew she liked me but like I said I wasn’t interested in her… Even though she had actually grown some nice small titis and an good thick ass… “ähhhhm is Mr. Garden your father… Äh! I mean is he hear??!” I stumbled it took me just by surprise seeing her in this house lifting that I couldn’t stop myself asking her about it instead of what I actually wanted. “hihi yeah he is my father but he is not here, he works all day so I’m mostly alone hihi, do you want to come in?”… I wanted to decline.. But still surprised about the situation she just grabbed my arm harshly and pulled me in without my consens. “get in! I will get you something to drink we have a lot to talk about!! I’m so glad you are here!” she blushed again. I was so taken by surprise that I just went with the flow and got into the living room. It was quite nice here. Surely he knew how to decorate a house. Just amazing if you would haven seen it. And than again it’s people like him who are rotten deep inside. Who would watch small boys Cumming in their garden and film it! The girl was still talking about school and how she watched me playing football blabla and so I had to interrupt her at some point “am excuses me… But who are you again?”, I never had talked to her before and she knew do much about me but I didn’t even know her name. She went silent and came in the living room. Giving me a Glas of water and sat down.. The whole atmosphere went from scared but also released that he was not there to cold and awkward. She looked at me sort of sad and angry “you don’t even know my name?” – “I, well… Have” – she interrupted me ” My name is geneviève but you can call me Gene… You won’t forget my name anymore from now on hihhi” here giggling was scary she looked sweet with her brunette long hair falling in her face while laughing but the laugh itself gave me the creep! ” I think I should leave now, I have to do my homework!” – ” oh so soon already?” she sounded sad but then she looked at me with a sort of fuck face that had something on mind “but you wouldn’t go without this right? Hihihi”… I went pale.. What was she referring to?! She pulled out a box…. I started to sweat and then she opened it… I was nearly collapsing… It was the Buttplug I had thrown away! “how, how… I stumbled… I mean what do you mean?!!!” – “ihihihi I fished it out of the trash bin and ckea8it for you… Here take it”…. What the fuck was going on? Did she filmed me??? Or saw me, did she watched ne with her father together???? This can’t be happening I thought. “can you wear it for me again? Ihihhihi” – “äh what… Do you want?!” – ” I want you to wear it… NOW!” – ” I…. I can’t! Are you crazy why would I do that?!”… – “well you looked like you enjoyed it and beside you don’t want anyone than me seeing you kneeling in agony in your garden right? Ihihuhi – pull your pants down, you will wear it now”…. Guys trust me, even if she would have been the hottest girl on earth, this was just scary, humiliating and embarrassing – its the same feeling you have before the big Bully in school pushs you into the toilet cabin grabs your head and you know you will drink toilet water – not that this ever happened to me but this must be the same feeling…i Hadn’t said anything in a minute, still helpless in fear hoping this is a bad dream “Tim my love, stop messing around push it in already or I will upload the video on the school server” – ” you wouldn’t dare!” I immediately screamed – uhhh don’t scream at me” she looked feared but then she smiled again “do you want to test me, wasnt the USB and picture enough? BTW I want the USB back hihi”…. I had no choice… Had nothing to threat her. She was not the old geezer. I was forced to do what she said. I was on the bring to cry so I took the box and wanted to go to the toilet when she said “NOOO, do it here, I want to watch you” she looked aroused and I had no choice but to do it. So even in fear of her I pulled down my panties lyed down on the ground and probed it on my Anus… I was sure it wouldn’t get in since it was just an accident the first time but my Anus had adapted. She walked arround me when I Said “I can’t fit it, it’s too big! I also don’t have lube!”
– “here I will give you lube”… She had prepared everything and she gave me a big shot of lube on the ass. I couldn’t see her anymore she was standing behind me while I pressed it insided and then it just flushed in… Bumb… And it was in place.. Ufff… I moaned and then I stood up immediately pulling my jeans back up “what now? Do I get the tape now please? Or can you delete the movie? I had done what you wanted!” I had tears on my eyes “ohhh of course I will delete the tape! I love you but not now, there is so much fun we will have hihihi”… L-o-V-e – Y-o-U… Creepy monster, I thought to myself I knew exactly why I was never interested in you bitch… I was so angry and embarrassed I was actually thinking about punching her. Of I would give her a beating, maybe she would give in!… YES That would be the answer… It would probably the worst thing I had ever done but this might work. So I made a fist and said “OK Gene here it is, you will delete the video now or I will beat you up!” and then I made a step forward… But she didn’t looked impressed. She actually smiled! “Well let’s see if this can keep you in control ahahaha!!!” and then I felt it… Uhhaaaaggghh!!!!… The vibration! She had the remote control!!! Nnnghh!! I moaned and fell on my knees. Crumbling my dick went rock solid and a first big wave of orgasm rushed through my body ending up with an tingling sensation on my head. “Ahahaha omg that actually works!!! Ahahaha you are my slave from now on!” – “ugh nghaaaa!!! Please stop!” I was begging. But she was just laughing at me “ahahaha NO! You didn’t even know my name, that’s your punishment! You will orgasm in front of my hihihi and there is nothing you can do about it!” then she pushed the vibrating button a second time. “hiiiaaaaa!!!!! NOO!!” I screamed in agony and joy. The waves of orgasm were to intense every wave started on my Anus and flow up to my head were it was completely paralyzed me….ugh nghhh hiaaaa… I was overcome by pleasure but I couldn’t cum! It was the same problem as before I would need the kinetic ball to finish it but did I really wanted this to happen? My body was screaming YES! But my mind was screaming NO! I wasnt done yet. “what’s wrong honey… You want me to finish you? Hihi… If you beg me to I might give in”… That was it I wouldn’t let her humility me anymore! I got myself together one last time and jumped on her! I grabbed her arm!… But I missed… She was too fast and laughed “ahahaha what was that? You are a bad dog, take this!” she pushed the vibration one more time…. My dick started to pulsate again… That was it… I was completely lost in orgasm. I crumbled back to the ground holding my hips up a d my face on the ground” ahhhhh huhuhu hiaaa!!!! Pleeeeease fihihihinish meeeee! ” I had totally lost it… Every slow throbbing from my dick was followed by a massive tension of orgasm and I couldn’t stop it. I was way over the edge and begging for cum. And then there was it my hard prostate was pushed and hit spot on by the kinetic ball – “here you go but only because I’m generous today!” she said – I didn’t even mind her I was concentrating on the forced orgasms. Filling my pants with cum. But I know there was still the final flash coming up. It was releaving with every shot but since it was forced it was followed by another wave of orgasm. “please hit the button one more time!!!” – “ahahaha OK my sweetheart but you own me something for that” – and she Pressed even Twice!.. .. There it was my dick stopped pumping even though the ball was spot on hitting but my prostate went to stone the waves of Orgasm made place for something bigger. It felt like electricity running through my body… Electricity of pleasure that was constantly increasing… Ohhhhhh ahnnhhaaaaa! My prostate was steel again! Just one more second!!! The electric tension was stroking me again! “Cum for me” – she whispered in my ear… And yes I did.. Holy shit finally!!! My dick was exploding and finally pumping by itself.. I was gasping for air when she finally pushed the off button. I was breathing heavily. My thoughts?.. I wasn’t thinking except thank God it’s over… But how could I be so stupid, the torture had just began.. “And tomorrow you will wear this in school gnihihi, doesn’t sound that appealing to you?”… I was still gasping for air… What did she just said???!!… This was going to be a nightmare…a nightmare full of pleasure…

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    When is the third part coming?

    • Nanami, wanna snap ? ID:o6m8j2ld3

      Wanna snap ? My snap is varunsodh2

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    Please make the 3rd part

    • Tim ID:8bw2xrpzrj

      It will happen

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    You went through hell

    • Tim ID:8bw2xrpzrj

      It’s not over yet, I just have not the time to write the whole story… This girl was a pure evil demon. And my body betrayed me. It will get more messy later on