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Alice being a good girl let her daddies use all her holes to satisfy their sexual lust.

Father John gleefully lick his lips and said “I need her little mouth now. My dick need her pretty little mouth! I’ve been rock hard since Wednesday, that was the last time l fucked her good, and I can’t wait to unload 2 days thick cum inside her!”

I can see the neighbour Ian Bennet is looking at Alice, who is sitting on the sofa licking her lips tasting Mike’s cream in lust. “Gentlemen, since we all had experienced the luscious slut except Ian, l think we should watch him sample her, and join in after Ian shoot his first load into her, how about it?” Everyone agreed and lan walked over to the sofa.

“Mmmmm, little Alice. Daddy Henry told me all about you. I’m so glad he did because l have been watching you since you were 5, as you grow l have filthy fantasies of using you. When you begun to grow titties and going through puberty, l watched you and wandered what it would be like to rape you hard…..oh little loli girl…”. He lift Alice off the sofa, and made her kneel on the rug, tilt her head so she looks up to him “Undo my pants, that’s it little slut, this cock need your mouth.” Alice undo Ian’s pants while looking at him adoringly, took down the pants and boxer, and Ian’s 7 inches thick veiny cock popped out. Ian slap Alice’s young sweet face with his cock, and trace her lips with his swollen cock head, then he force her mouth open, put his hands on the back of her head, and put it deep in her mouth, all the way to the back.

“Oh yesss…..mmmmm….good girl….good girl…..ughhhh….fuuuuckkkkkk!!! You are a natural at this….that’s it, use your tongue, such a good little cock hungry slut…..deeper, TAKE MORE BITCH!!! Yesssss!!! Oh man! You are not wrong about her oral skill…”

lan is holding Alice head tightly as he urgently, brutally, forcefully fuck her little tight wet mouth pussy, ignoring her gagging. His sole aim is to experience a little 12 year old preteen girl willingly accepting his cock, being deep throated, spit and precum dripping out of her mouth as he pull in and out of her whore mouth. Pouty sweet tight mouth used as a pussy, her little hands holding onto his thighs knowing her place, being a pedo slut. “FUCK! …l am close…YES! …..you are a loli whore…..imagine if your real daddy is here now, watching his little girl sucking grown men’s cock and getting juicy…..Oh yes…Oh God!!!!…l am cumming….swallow it….all of it….mmmm….” Ian grunted, tensed and pumped into Alice’s mouth as he shudder and empty his hot cream cum in her throat which she swallowed willingly.

All of us watching are desperate to feed our cocks into her various holes. As Ian pull out of Alice, Father John takes his place, ready to shove his raging hard cock into her mouth as he wait for Mike to pull Alice onto her hands and knees, then kneel behind her and push his cock into her pussy. This elicit a deep long moan from Alice, who by this point, is so horny and need to be filled with cocks. She look at Mike with her pleading desperate eyes “Yes, PLEASE Daddy Mike, please fuck me! I need your cock, l NEED IT. You are all going to be my daddies……mmmmm….Ohhhhh, this is so good…..harder……that’s it…..harder….fuck my sweet pussy, use me! I need to be ruin by all of you…..”.

Father John muffled the little whore’s moaning by stuffing her mouth with his angry hard shaft and begin feeding her his pedo priest cock, full of potent fertile cream this horny preteen slut crave. Ian having empty his first load into her mouth is now standing stroking his 7 inches super thick cock wanting to have another go, watching our little Alice being spit roasted and used like a street whore, except she is a little preteen cocksleeve doll who is addicted to cum, cocks, and being shared by grown men. Mike and Father John are both using her rough and hard, no mercy for her tight sweet body, as they piston their cocks into her slut holes, telling each other to fuck/gag her deeper and harder, calling her nasty filthy names as they enjoy the underage loli body.

‘Hey buddy, you haven’t had a chance to sample her pussy, have you?” Mike said to Ian. “Let me use her ass and you can experience her super tight cunt.” Mike pulls out and lay on the rug, pull Alice on top of him and lower her tight ass onto his cock, and spread her legs wide so Ian can aim his massive cock head at her juicy swollen slits and gently push it into her quivering pussy.
“Oh shit! You are so tight baby girl! Your daddy is right, your cunt is perfect for fucking and breeding. Damn bitch! You are gripping my cock…”. Ian is now deep inside our little slut hitting her sweet spot making her moan loudly as Mike fuck her ass equally as deep. Her moaning becomes muffled as Father John feed his cock back into her mouth face fucking her. What a filthy dirty scene – a little 11 year old fucktoy is being used in all her three holes thoroughly by three grown men, all of them have only one goal in mind which is to get as much sexual pleasure from her and to deposit their virile heavy cock cream in all her holes.

I am of course absolutely rock hard, but l know l will have plenty of chance later to fuck this hungry slut. Right now I am filming the 4P fuck session with my camcorder, making sure l capture the close up of cock pounding each slut hole, the moaning, filthy name calling, her face in lust as she submit to the sensory pleasure of cocks in her holes, knowing her unprotected pussy will be full of cum and she may get pregnant.

“Yes…..fucking slut…..take all of it…..nothing but a cum whore for us….yes….Yes….YESSSSSS, ARGHHHH!!!” Father John is the first to spill his dick juice in her pretty hungry mouth, deep in her throat as she hungrily swallow the thick cream. This triggered Ian to empty his load in her pussy.
“Good girl, you are made for this! Daddy have lots of cum for you!” Finally Mike shoot his cum deep in her anal pussy, the hot cum in all her holes send Alice into delirium and she cum hard, shaking and gushing her slut juice all over Ian and Mike’s cocks.

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