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The Beginning

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At 13, I was 4’9”, cute, with a tiny butt, & b cups. Parents went out of town for a few days, but I stayed home, cuz I had volleyball practice & a game. They asked Brad & Britney, who have been around for the longest, if they could stay with me. So there we are, chillin on a Friday night, about to watch movies. Britney had a sucker, & me with a sweet tooth, told her I wanted one. So she gave both me & Brad one, as the movie started.
Halfway thru the boring ass flick, I kept thinking my body was getting warmer. There was even a tingling sensation, or so I thought, in different places. Eventually, Brad said “ screw this, I’ve got something better “& went & got a movie from their room. Cuing it up, he said I’d like the volleyball vibe. So it started with just that, girls playing volleyball. With him on my right, Britney on my left, I was too naive to know I was the meat in the sandwich, with these 30+ yr.olds as the bread. Soon the movie got to a part, where a very pretty girl, still in her volleyball garb was in a room with obviously 2 guys, although it wasn’t showing their faces yet. Just their hands… groping, rubbing, feeling every bit of this probably 14/15 yr. old girl. Slowly they worked her tight shorts down, as she looked down watching. Fingers rubbing her crotch, waiting for their invitation in. I could feel my body responding, wondering, almost wishing it was me. When her legs were spread, one guy’s face was visible, as he leaned i kissing her. It was then that Brad asked if i was alright? Did this bother me? No I said, not taking my eyes from the screen. Never realized when he had taken his dick out, but there it was,& he was slowly stroking it. Britney leaned over me, reaching for it & where her arm rubbed on my bra less breasts, it was like electricity. She pumped him, turning to me telling me “he’s so hard tonight”. On the screen, the other guy had his dick out, readying the teen to fuck him. My insides were like jelly, when the man moved so tjat I could now see it was Brad. Britney then took my hand, putting it on his cock, working it up & down. Looking up, he was watching my face…”you sure you’re alright?” All I could do was nod yes…. Looking back down at my hand on him… moving, pumping, looking so small unable to wrap around his girth. Didn’t even realize that my right leg was moved… exposing my panties. Britney telling him “she’s soaking wet, look”,him using his hand on my leg, upwards, cupping my pussy, seeing with his fingers, not eyes. You’re going to stain those,she said, & before I knew what happened, they both worked my panties off of me.
Britney kissing my neck, I was on fire. Then I felt his fingers on my clit….. rubbing, working it, as he leaned & kissed me. It was now I knew…. He’s going to fuck me…. I want him to fuck me. There was some moving around, my hand no longer on his dick, but on his hand to encourage him to keep fingering my little twat. And as he continued to dart his tongue in my mouth, I looked to she Britney guiding his big dick to my opening.Feeling her rub it all over my slit , seeing my juices coat the head, again hearing her say my pussy was pouring wetness. As his cock entered me, I thought I heard a whimper, then an intake of breath from someone, but it was me. I was that someone. Brit,still guiding & rubbing my snatch,rold him “she looks so tight “ & he told her I was…. That he couldn’t get it in. I watched his cock, seeing my stomach rising & falling from already breathing hard, feeling a tinge of pain & sensations, watching as I pushed my prime pussy on him…. Wanting this so badly… my insides were melting when he broke thru the wall… his force meeting mine… “pop” and his eyes widened, realizing what happened, exclaiming “oh fuck!!”, rhen slightly retreating. Britney watching his cock move in, out, in then out, saying “she was a virgin!”…. Brad telling her he knows, he felt it. Without knowing, my little body was pumping itself on his dick. Little by little he went deeper…. And I felt my teen cunt oozing. It wasn’t long…. With her rubbing her snatch, movie of him & friend taking turns on the girl on the TV, me trying to take him balls deep, he tensed… & I felt that big dick shoot his sperm in me…. Hot, powerful… deep. Then he pulled out, & she went to work sucking, licking, my cunt cum, his, & my cherry off his fat dick.
I’d never be the same. Boyfriends in the future all thought I was a good girl, saving myself for marriage…. But their dads knew better. At 15 now, & love being a slut for older men. My pussy & ass is too good to waste on boys.

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  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    I hope you write more stories. You got my 66 year old cock nice and hard with this one . I just love tight teen cunts on my old cock .

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2v9j

    Good girl!

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:1bfepuyz6ij

    Write more please and include your socials

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

    Great story Saylor do you have kik or SC or IG so I can chat with you?