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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 1 (Fm, Teen (14y), Incest mom/son)

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Cindy Johnston’s perversions are unleashed in this fast paced incest story. Chapter 1 – Cindy gets closer to her son

Thirty-year-old single mom of two Cindy Johnston was cleaning her teenage son’s room when she pulled three hardcore porno mags from beneath her teenage son’s bed. She gasped as she saw that they were extremely hardcore mags from Europe featuring dirty sex the likes of which Cindy had never seen.

“Where the fuck did he get these from?” she wondered. Despite the surprising discovery, she felt her pussy juicing up as she flipped the pages, taking in the sight of cocks in cunts, cocks in asses, fisting, pissing and multiple penetration.

And cum shots. LOTS of cum shots.

Milky white semen splattered over faces, dribbled out of assholes and oozed from both hairy and shaven pussies. Some of the magazines were clearly illegal and showed very young girls and boys having sex. She shivered as she thought of her ten-year-old daughter Amanda’s vagina, which was of course naturally bald as she had not yet started puberty. She wondered if her horny son had ever thought of fucking either his sister or his mother.

Cindy was floored by her discovery and shivered as she realized that Ryan at fourteen was about the age when he should start to become interested in sex. She did have the “Birds and Bees” talk with him some time ago and now she wondered if he masturbated. That question was answered as she flipped another page and found it stuck to the one next to it, the pungent odour of dried teenage semen wafting into her nostrils. As dirty as it was, the thought of her growing boy masturbating sent a thrill through her. Her eyes widened with surprise as the thought of her son having sex with herself or her preteen daughter started to make her panties wet.

Cindy had always been horny and oversexed. At the tender age of six she first discovered how good playing with her vagina felt, and she spent countless hours alone in her bedroom when her parents were not around, frigging her bald little slot furiously. At age 13 she was shown a hardcore porn movie by her best friend, and she was hooked on sex from then on. She lost her virginity at age 14, and at age 16 she was involved in an extremely hardcore gangbang with eight older teenage boys. No condoms were used by anyone, and all eight boys blew their baby making loads up her super soaked fuck hole. From that day on she vowed to never use rubbers again.

Cindy found herself pregnant with Ryan not long after that gangbang, and to this day had no idea which sperm had won the race to her egg. She shivered again as she remembered the feeling of being a total bareback slut. She was completely hooked on risky sex and conceived Amanda in a very similar way four years later and didn’t know who’s sperm won that race either. Amanda, who everyone called Mandy was cute, with an inquisitive and playful nature, curly blonde hair and freckles on her cute face. She was currently staying with her grandparents for the week but was due back on the weekend.

Cindy shivered and felt her cunt juicing up as she thought of starting a family fuck fest with her kids. She had reluctantly slowed down her filthy ways after Mandy’s birth and her sex life had been sporadic, contributing to the fire she now felt in her loins. The old slutty ways had been rekindled!

Just then the front door slammed shut and she heard her son as he came upstairs approaching his bedroom. Still aroused by her find, she decided to confront him about the adult magazines. Ryan walked to his bedroom and froze when he saw his mother standing beside his bed with his dirty magazines in her hand. He felt the colour drain from his face and his hands get all clammy. Cindy looked at her pale son as he did a perfect imitation of a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Sit down, Ryan,” she said firmly but without anger. He sheepishly went over and sat down on the bed. Cindy sat down beside him.

“Tell me about these magazines, and tell me the truth,” she said to him. Ryan gulped and looked at his mother sheepishly.

“They’re… not mine…” he attempted weakly.

“Ryan Johnston! Don’t lie to your mother,” she said sharply. His head slumped down and he began to look pitiful. Cindy’s heart melted as she saw how upset her little boy was.

“Aw hey…It’s okay, sweetie. I’m not mad about these. Just don’t lie to me, okay? Remember what we promised each other when your dad died,” she reminded him gently.

“Yeah okay mom,” he mumbled.

“Now, why do you have these?” Cindy asked, even though she knew the answer perfectly well. Ryan’s face turned beet red. He remained quiet.

She opened the top magazine to a picture of a naked man and woman. The woman had her hand on the man’s hard cock. Cindy knew her little boy masturbated to the pictures in these magazines and looking at one now made her arousal grow.

“You like to look at the pictures, don’t you?”

Ryan, still red faced, nodded. She put her hand on his shoulder.

“Honey, its okay. Do you understand? I’m not angry with you,” she said softly. He nodded some more.

“Do these dirty books make your willy stiff? Do you play with yourself when you look at these?” Cindy asked her son. Ryan hesitated and then nodded again.

Cindy imagined him taking his teenage cock in his hand and jerking off to these magazines. She felt desire like she had never felt before. Her little boy, who was only sitting a foot away from her, was admitting he liked to masturbate. She felt a perverse desire spring to life in her. She wanted to see him.

“It’s perfectly okay to do that, honey. Did you know mommy masturbates, too?” she admitted with a thrill.

Ryan looked up at his mother in surprise. He shook his head no.

“Well, I do. I know what it’s like. You feel horny and you want to have that good feeling you get when you have an orgasm, don’t you?”

Ryan’s face started to return to a normal colour. It began to sink in that he wasn’t in trouble. His mother understood. He nodded more enthusiastically.

“I do too. It feels really good.”

Cindy opened the magazine up to another page and spread it out before her son. It showed a large picture of a very young girl, maybe 15 or 16 laying spread out on a bed. A much older man had just cum all over her shaven teenage pussy, thick white ropes of his semen splattered all over her mound and cunt lips as the final spurt oozed from the tip of the man’s penis. Ryan looked down at the picture and felt his cock twitching uncontrollably in his underwear.

“And pictures like this make you all horny. It’s nice to see naked girls and masturbate to them, isn’t it? ” Cindy murmured, lust building in her core.

“Uh huh.” Ryan said with a little smile, remembering the feeling of his last orgasm. He had shot semen for the first time, and it had felt like heaven.

Cindy knew what she wanted but hesitated. She decided to risk the straightforward approach.

“You’d like to see a real girl’s breasts wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” Ryan immediately piped up, not realizing that his mother was talking about her.

“Good.” Her hands went up to her blouse and she began to slowly unbutton it. She looked at his face while she unbuttoned, waiting to see his reaction.

When Ryan realized what his mother was doing, his mouth dropped open in surprise. His mother slowly proceeded to unbutton her blouse. Ryan got over his surprise and now looked on with great interest and anticipation. Seeing Ryan’s desire made Cindy’s nipples stand up at attention.

She felt her pussy start to get juicy. She finished unbuttoning and took off her blouse, revealing her bra-covered breasts. Ryan smiled. His cock quickly got hard. Cindy saw the small tent form in her son’s pants. She caressed her breasts through her bra while staring at the bulge in Ryan’s pants. He watched every tiny move she made as his desire grew.

“You’re horny now, aren’t you Ryan? Those dirty books made your willy hard, didn’t they honey?” He nodded.

“It’s okay to say it sweetheart. Go on. Say it.”

“I’m… I’m horny, Mom. My willy is hard.”

“Do you want to play with yourself?”

“Uh huh.”

“Then go ahead. Pull down your pants and take your penis out.”

Ryan hesitated, thinking it had to be a trap. Cindy saw his indecision and undid the clasp on the front of her bra. Her large, aroused breasts swung free before her son’s eyes. Ryan’s hands went to his pants. He unbuttoned them, unzipped them, and pulled them and his underwear down to his thighs. His young erect cock sprang free. Cindy caught a glimpse of it before her shy boy covered it with his hands.

“You’ve got a nice willy, honey. Don’t be embarrassed. Take your hands away. Mommy wants to see it.” At her words of encouragement, Ryan slowly revealed his hard on to his mother.

She started to fondle her breasts while looking at her son’s exposed sex. His eyes became riveted to his mom’s hands touching her naked breasts.

“That’s a good boy. Go ahead and play with yourself now.” Ryan hesitantly took his dick in his hand and began stroking it.

“That looks nice. Mommy likes to watch you masturbate.” Hearing that his mother liked to watch him masturbate sent a wave of lust through him. His cock erupted only seconds after he began jacking it. White cum shot from him, arced through the air, and splattered against his mother’s exposed breasts.

“Oh!” Cindy exclaimed in surprise as the cum squirted on her. Three jets of his cum splattered against her breasts before he aimed his spewing dick away from her.

“I’m sorry, Mom! I didn’t mean…”

“That’s alright, honey. I don’t mind. In fact, I liked it.” She looked down at her glistening breasts and then back at her son’s still hard dick. She slowly started to smear his cum onto her nipples as she resumed fondling them.

“Would you like to see me take the rest of my clothes off, Ryan?”

“Yes.” came the immediate reply.

“Then take off all your clothes for me.” As soon as the words had left her mouth, Ryan stripped as fast as he could. Shoes, socks, pants, underwear, and shirt went flying. Ryan laid down on the bed with his cock still standing at attention. Cindy stood up and slowly unzipped her long skirt.

While she began to undress, she looked at her son’s naked body. He still looked a lot like a little boy, she thought. Except for his man-sized dick and small puffs of hair around his balls and under his arms. She slowly slid her skirt down her long sexy legs.

Ryan took hold of his prick and began jacking it again. Cindy smiled at him to let him know she liked what she saw. Her skirt piled up at her feet revealing her long stockings and bright red panties. She put one foot on the bed and slowly rolled her right stocking off. Cindy felt totally aroused. Her pussy was soaked with juice.

Ryan stared at his mother’s panty covered crotch and watched as a wet spot grew on them. Cindy rolled off her other stocking and stood before her son clad only in wet panties. She took hold of her panties and started to slide them down very slowly.

Ryan stared as his mother’s panties lowered and her pubic hair came into view. He started to jack off furiously to the sexy sight before him.

Cindy’s panties cleared her dripping cunt and she let them fall to the floor leaving herself completely naked before her son. Ryan’s eyes looked at his mother’s exposed wet pussy. The brown hair around its lips was soaked. With a little groan, Ryan came again. He shot cum all along his stomach.

“That’s a good boy… a good boy…” Cindy said quietly as she watched her son cum on himself. She smiled. When Ryan was finished and his dick began to deflate, Cindy sat down beside him.

“Would you like to touch my breasts, sweetie?”

“Uh huh.”

“Go ahead. Just be gentle.” Ryan took a breast in each hand. They felt so nice and warm and soft. He began to caress them and play with them. He looked up at her face with a questioning expression as if to ask if he was doing it right. Cindy smiled and nodded.

“That feels good, honey.” She spread her legs and sat on the bed facing her son so he could see her pussy.

“Would you like to watch mommy play with herself?”


“Say it then. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to see you play with yourself.” She put her fingers on her pussy and started to caress the outside. As Ryan watched his mother begin to masturbate, his dick started to grow hard again. Cindy saw her son’s dick start to rise again and slipped a finger inside.

“Oh…” she said as she entered herself. She thought, “I’m masturbating for my own son!” Her finger fucked her dripping snatch. She put another finger in. Ryan was fully hard again and he started to jerk off.

“Would you like me to do that for you, honey?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Yes, mommy.” He took his hand off and she put her hand on. His dick was hot and pulsing. She loved the spongy hardness of it. She loved the way her fingers easily slid up and down his cum lubricated dick. She was jacking off her own son! She fingered herself faster, growing hotter.

“Would you like me to put it in my mouth? Do you want me to suck it?”


“Say it baby!” she moaned. “I need to hear what you want!”

“I want you to put it in your mouth and suck it, mommy!”

“Oh baby, mommy would be happy to suck you.” She leaned over and opened her mouth. Ryan watched intently as his mother’s mouth descended over his cock and her lips closed about it. Cindy’s head started to bob up and down as she sucked on her boy’s penis.

Ryan was in heaven. The feeling of his mother’s lips sliding along his dick was better than he could ever have imagined. Cindy loved the feel of his hard cock in her mouth. The taste of his jism covered dick was better to her than the finest wine. She started to cum.

“OHH, mommy’s cuming baby!” she put her mouth back and sucked him frantically as her fingers flew in and out of her hole.

“MMMM… MMMM!!!” she groaned with her full mouth. Ryan looked down where his orgasming mother was sucking him, and his own orgasm started. Cindy felt her son tense beneath her. She sucked eagerly as his cum started to shoot in her mouth. It felt so wonderful and tasted so good! She swallowed as he continued to pump more into her mouth. His cock jumped and jerked as he emptied his load into his mother’s sucking mouth. Cindy enjoyed every second. Feeling her orgasm washing through her as she swallowed his spunk was indescribable. Her own orgasm subsided, and she sucked out the last few drops of her son’s cum. Her boy collapsed back on the bed, gasping, and utterly spent.

Cindy crawled on the bed beside her son and put her arms around him.

“Oh honey, that was fantastic! Did you like that?”

“Yes, mommy.”

“Good. I love you so much. I like doing things like this with you. Do you like doing sex things with mommy?”

“I do. I really, really like doing sexy things with you.” Cindy felt a shiver of delight run through her as she heard his words.

“I’m glad, baby. Now the next time you’re horny, you just tell mommy and I’ll take good care of you.”

“I love you, mommy.” He put his arms around her naked body and snuggled his head against her breast.

“Mommy loves you too, baby.” She felt such love and satisfaction. It was delightful laying with her naked son, feeling his cum drying on her body and knowing it was in her stomach. They just held each other for a time.

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