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Older cousin made me cum

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Funny how your young innocence can be gone in a heart beat. Thanks to an older cousin with a big dick.

Texas summers are so hot. I lived down a long dirt road. No neighbors for miles. Just a country boy.
I was just 10 when I was raped by an older cousin, Jerry. I think he was 14 or 15. We were playing in the creek close to my house, our parents were playing cards or dominos or something.
We were just wearing our tighty whities, splashing around in the water. All of a sudden, he was standing over me with his dick out. It was big for his age. He told me to put my hand around it. I didnt want to, but he grabbed my arm and forced me to touch it. I remember how silky smooth it was with a hairy set if balls below it. It started getting bigger.

Before this, I had played with my own dick a few times, making it get hard, but no cum. He asked me if I ever jacked off, I didnt know what that meant. So he started stroking it and it was as big around as my wrist. I was scared but couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. I moved closer and put my hand around it as he guided it back and forth. You want to taste my dick, he asked. I really dont remember answering, but the head was touching my bottom lip. Open up, its not going to hurt you. I took about half of it in my mouth while still stroking his meat. It tasted good to me.

He wanted to suck on my dick too. I stood up and at the same time he jerked my underwear down to my ankles. My dick was already getting hard from having his dick in my mouth. It was about half the size of his and was hairless. He took my cock and balls in his mouth in one gulp. His lips and tongue were so soft. He sucked me for a few minutes until I felt my legs getting  weak. He stopped and wanted me to do the same to him. As he layed down on top of our clothes, I eagerly went after his fully erect manhood. I remember thimking about seeing my dad’s dick a couple of times, they were about the same size. I started sucking and jacking his dick off. He kept pushing the back of my head down, I gagged and almost threw up. He said he was sorry so I continued. It wasn’t long before I began tasting something else in my mouth, it was his precum. I pulled my head up and kept jacking. He was breathing hard and told me he was cumming.  His sperm spewed out onto my hand and his belly. He took over pumping his dick until he was through. I was amazed, it was the first time I seen cum in my life. I licked a little off of my hand, not bad, not bad I said. He let out a little laugh.

Oh man, that felt great, now its your turn. I layed down and he took me in his mouth again. Sucking and slurping my dick, he was right, it felt great. After a few minutes, I started quivering and couldn’t catch my breath. He stuck his finger in my asshole and I started cumming, it wasn’t as thick or as much as his, but there it was on my belly. I layed my head back down on the ground to try and think about what had happened to me. I could feel his tongue swirl around the head of my dick and licking the sweet cum off of my belly.

We got back in the water and cleaned up. What do think he asked. I wasnt sure how to answer him. I was still trying to process everything. I said I liked it, but wished my dick was as big as his. He told me that if i keep jacking off every day it would be, he was right again.

I didnt see him again for a couple of months, then we were at a family reunion, I wanted to talk to him about it, but he was hanging with the older kids. We never spoke of it again.

About 2 years later, another cousin, Sammy, that was my age spent the weekend with me. That night he told me about Jerry sucking his dick when he was 9 or 10. That really blew my mind. I asked him if he sucked Jerry’s dick, he didnt want to admit it until I said that Jerry and I sucked each other off. His eyes got big, he said that Jerry wanted to put in his ass but it was too big. So he sucked it until he came.

There was a long silence, just sitting on the bed watching TV. I was thinking about Jerry, how many others were there? Then Sammy asked if I wanted to play with our dicks. I didn’t hesitate answering him, I sure do. Let’s walk down to the barn.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    Seems realistic, I remember my cousins fucking my asshole when I was about 10

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmkhq6opcb

    Great story. Good memories for me. And this is literally no bull shit. When I was 9 or 10 Me and to of my best friends sucked and fucked each other one summer. I must admit. I was the slut of the bunch. I totally enjoyed sucking there cocks together. And letting take turns fucking my ass. I’d like to write a story. I’m a sissy slut now. With a little sissy cock. Would anyone like to use my holes. Oh. Kimi can I lick some little boy cum out of your cunt.

  • Reply Anthony davila ID:n4ip9iql

    Hot story I love it ☺️

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ns8k

    Awesome story I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties.. text me 814 319 8624

  • Reply 7 inch sceptre ID:2qm7cj6i9

    I’m playing with my dick, cant hep but think back about my cousin and I, wish you suck my dick.

  • Reply Championcocksucker ID:fzq379fib

    What’s your number 🙂

    • Shagnasty ID:x90lbfv3

      What’s your number Champ

    • Kimi ID:5u1d7cdm9c

      Want mine?

    • Emily ID:x90lbfv3

      Hell yes Kimi, what’s ur #

  • Reply GG ID:41igtspi8r9


    • Kimi ID:5u1d7cdm9c

      Want mine

  • Reply Shagnasty ID:x90lbfv3

    This is just the first of a seven part story.
    Summer time is the name of the others.