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You are going to give us head

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In the early morning hours of August 5, Christopher Moore and his girlfriend Maxine Jackson had just arrived at Christopher’s house when they were approached on the sidewalk by six men, all of whom carried firearms. One man pressed a shotgun against the back of Christopher’s head and demanded money and guns. Christopher replied that he did not have any. One of the men asked Maxine if she had any jewelry. She held up her hands to show that she had nothing. The men instructed Christopher to open the front door to his house and led the two victims inside.
Once inside, the men ordered Christopher to lie face-down on the floor. When he was lying on the ground, one of the attackers draped a towel over Christopher’s head and pressed a gun against it, saying, “Don‟t move or I‟ll blow your brains out”.
Meanwhile, one of the men grabbed Maxine by the hair and pulled her toward the stairs. Holding a gun to her back, the men prodded Maxine up to the second floor and into the center bedroom . The house was undergoing renovation, so there was no furniture in the room; there was debris and plaster scattered all over the floor. Five men surrounded Ms Jackson and forced her to her knees.
The three men in front of Maxine unzipped their pants and told her that she was “going to give them all head”. With his gun pointed at Ms Jackson’s head, one man forced his penis into Maxine’s mouth and told her, “If you hurt me, I‟ll blow you away”. Maxine performed oral sex on the first man until he ejaculated in her mouth. When he was finished, he pushed Maxine over to the second man, who also forced Ms Jackson to perform oral sex . Then the third man took a turn. As the men rotated, Maxine Jackson begged for her life. The first man went downstairs to relieve his partner, who had stayed on the first floor to guard Christopher, and the sixth man went upstairs to join the others.
After Ms Jackson had been forced to perform oral sex on three men, a fourth man stepped in and shoved his penis into Maxine’s mouth . At the same time, someone behind Maxine pressed her down onto all fours and pulled her pants down. The man tried to penetrate her vaginally, but was unsuccessful. One of the other attackers pulled her back onto her knees, and a fifth man forced her to perform oral sex on him.
When the fifth man was finished, Maxine Jackson tried to pull her pants back up. But the men took hold of her, tore off all of her clothes, and threw her back down onto her hands and knees. One of the men took a position behind her and penetrated her vaginally. The man had sexual intercourse with Ms Jackson until he ejaculated; then he stood up and all five men left the room . As the six intruders left the house, someone took the car keys from Christopher Moore’s hand. Additionally, one of them stole a VCR, which belonged to Christopher’s ex-girlfriend.

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