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She offered herself for her husband’s life

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At approximately 9 p.m. on June 27, Florence F., age 57, and her husband Samuel F., age 66, had just parked their car in the garage of their apartment

At approximately 9 p.m. on June 27, Florence F., age 57, and her husband Samuel F., age 66, had just parked their car in the garage of their apartment building in Montgomery Township. Before they reached the garage stairway, they were surrounded by three young black men, named Joseph T. and Norman and Michael G.
Joseph and Michael held guns to the temples of Samuel F., while Norman trained a gun on Mrs. F.
After taking Samuel’s money and watch, and Florence’s pocketbook, Norman and his companions forced the couple into the back seat of their car. Joseph and Michael then drove the couple’s car out of the garage while Norman followed in a backup car. The two vehicles proceeded in tandem to the CH Country Club, where Samuel was removed from the vehicle, as Joseph ordered:
“Let’s place him in the trunk.”
At these words, Florence pleaded with the young men:
“Please don’t do this. My husband suffers from a heart condition and emphysema.”
In response to this request, the three young men forced Samuel to lie flat on the front seat of his car with his head down.
Joseph then took Florence into the rear seat.
“Maybe it’s better your husband don’t watch what you’re about to do.”, Joseph said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock.
Florence gasped.
“Suck it”, Joseph said, putting the gun to Florence’s head.
Mrs F. closed her eyes and moved her head towards Joseph’s cock. She began to kiss the young man’s dick, as she was stroking it with her right hand.
“Go on, take it in your mouth.”, Joseph said, pushing his cock toward Florence’s lips.
Then Mrs F. opened her mouth and started sucking.
As Florence was blowing Joseph, Mr.F.’s labored breathing indicated a serious deterioration in his physical condition. Noting this, Florence stopped her action and said to the young men:
“My husband is suffering, please let him go. If you do, I will do anything you wish.”
The young men looked at each other and smiled. Joseph, stil with his erect cock exposed, unbottoned Florence’s blouse and began to grope her breasts.
“Everything?” asked Joseph.
“Everything.” answered Florence swallowing hard.
“Ok, let’s push this human wreck out of the car.”
Michael stopped the car and Samuel was pushed out, letting him falling to the ground.
Then Joseph got behind the wheel of the car and drove off.
Michael entered the back seat where Florence was and removed all of his clothing.
Staring at the young man’s large cock, Florence removed hes blouse, shirt, shoes, pants and pantyhose.
“Go on, I’m sure you are still pretty in the nude.”
Florence then removed her bra and panties.
“You are still nice looking. Do you still have sex with your husband?”, Michael asked.
As Michael pulled the back seat down, Florence lied down. The young man began to kiss her, he made her spread her legs apart and began to lick her pussy. Then he moved his cock at the entrance of Florence’s cunt and pushed it slowly in.
Florence moaned as Michael began to thrust into her.
After some minutes, Joseph stopped the car and switched his position with Michael, who got behind the wheel. As the car moved again, Joseph lied down and moved Florence’ass on top of his head. He then began to lick her pussy as she got down to suck his cock. When Joseph’s cock was hardened, he directed Florence on all fours and started fucking her cunt from behind. As the young man was thrusting deeply into her, Florence moaned again in pleasure.
The young men arrived finally in a isolated area and Norman, who had continued to drive the backup vehicle, entered the rear seat as Joseph was still fucking Florence from behind. Norman then got in front oth the woman and pulled out his cock from his pants. Without orders, Florence put it in her mouth and began to suck it. Florence was penetrated by the two young men at the same time for a good 10 minutes, until Joseph shot his cumload into her cunt. Norman then replaced Joseph behind Mrs F. and pushed his cock into her pussy. At the same time, Michael moved in front of Florence to have his dick sucked. As Florence was pumped from behind by Norman, she licked and sucked deeply Michael’s cock until she felt the first spurt of the young man’s cum in her mouth. When the last shot landed on her chin, Michael said:
“I want you swallow it.”
Florence shook her head, but Michael remembered her she promised to do everything they wished, so she closed her mouth and swallowed the whole lot.
In the meanwhile Norman has pulled out his cock from Florence’s pussy and was grabbing the woman’s ass.
When Florence felt Norman’s middle finger moving into her asshole, she pleaded him.
“Please, don’t do that. I never had anal sex, you will hurt me.”
“You said ‘everything’, do you? It’s a good thing to try everything at least once in you life.”
Norman then spat on Florence’s asshole and began to lick it. Florence began to tremble in fear.
Norman moved his cock at the entrance of Mrs F. virgin asshole and pushed its head into it.
As Florence was trying to relax, Norman pushed all his cock into her.
Florence had a muffled scream, then she began to moan.
Norman pumped Florence’s ass for some minutes and finally released his cum into her asshole.
Then the three young men began to put on his clothes. Michael helped Florence to dress and to go out from the car.
The three men gave a kiss to Florence and gave her $20 for a taxicab home, then they drove off.
As a result of the events that occurred to Mrs F. on that night, her marriage to Mr. F. had been destroyed and they remained together out of compassion, but not love. Their relationship is now as one of “sister and brother” rather than wife and husband.

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    Sounds like to me she was somewhat willing and liked the cock she got put to her that night. If this was the first time she swallowed, at least she found out what she had been missing. My guess is she is still get fucked in the cunt and mouth and will for a long time. She did not say if she came off but I would be surprised if she did not. No doubt she plays with her cunt dreaming about what happened to her.