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Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 3 (Conclusion)

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Clair’s squeals were exciting me because I knew how that big cock felt, and it thrilled me to see someone else experiencing it for the first time.

It’s 10am Sunday, and me (Amy), and Ethan and Emma, and Michael and Clair, are waking after having a bit of an orgy last night. I awoke first, naked beside Emma in Ethan’s bed. I got up quietly and went out into the hall to the bathroom. I did my business, and everyone was still asleep. I was curious, so I tried Michael’s door to see if it was unlocked, and it was. I peeked in, and Michael and Clair were still asleep. I crept into his room to the side of the bed Clair was on, and I sat down.

I felt under the covers, and Clair was naked too, and I began rubbing her tits. She woke up, and I said, are you staying the whole day? She said, I can. So, I leaned over, and I gave her a peck on the lips, and I said okay, and I got up and went back to Ethan’s room and I got dressed. Emma was up and dressing. We were hungry so we stirred everyone, and we went out to eat. When we returned, everyone eventually sat down in the living room, and Ethan put some music on.

I did not want to waste any time, so I just got undressed, and everyone was looking at me. I walked around the room sexy like, rubbing my tits and my soft pussy hair, and I said, y’all ready for round two? Everyone said, yes. I said, you boys want to see a lesbian threesome? And they said, hell yes. I walked over to Emma, pulled her off the couch, undressed her, led her over to Clair, and we undressed her. We spread the blanket out, and I laid Emma flat on her back with her head toward the chair where Michael was sitting. I made Clair straddle Emma’s face, but Clair’s back was toward Michael and she was facing Ethan on the couch.

I knelt between Emma’s sweet thighs, and my ass was sticking in the air toward the couch where Ethan was sitting. I went down on Emma’s smooth ebony pussy, and Emma was eating Clair’s white trimmed hairy pussy. Clair was rubbing Emma’s tits and her own. Emma is a good pussy eater, and I could tell Clair was getting excited, and she was thrusting her curvy hips on Emma’s mouth and lips and Emma’s arms were wrapped around Clair’s waist rubbing her ass. Now the guys had undressed themselves, and they were sitting and rubbing their dicks. Because of my meticulous placement of Clair and Emma, Clair could see Ethan, but Michael was behind her. Ethan was stroking his big black 12” cock and I watched to see if Clair was looking, and she was.

As this progressed, I stood and walked behind Clair and pushed her down so that Clair and Emma were in a 69. Clair started licking Emma’s sexy ebony pussy after I primed it for her. I went over and started sucking Ethan’s big black cock and licking his smooth balls. Clair and Emma kept eating each other, and after a bit; I stood facing Ethan, straddled his cock, slid my drenched cunt down on it, and started fucking his 12” big black cock with my wet white pussy. I love that big thick cock, and I rode the shit out of it grunting for about 10 minutes, and I heard Clair get off. I looked, and after Clair’s ecstasy settled, Clair went back to eating Emma’s pussy. I stopped fucking Ethan, and helped Clair get Emma off. I told them, y’all need to get me off now.

I sat on the edge of the couch next to Ethan and bending my knees I raised my legs in the air, and pointed my sexy red toenails straight out, and I looked at Emma and Clair and said, I’m ready. As Clair approached, I pulled her up into my breasts so that our tits were touching and she was resting against my leg closest to Ethan, and we kissed. This left my pussy and leg farthest from Ethan open, and Emma moved in and started eating my pussy. I had them in the position I wanted, so I let Clair go. Clair could not stay in that position, so she went back to her knees on the floor, and she kissed on my thigh and they began alternating eating my pussy, which was very wet. I lowered my legs with my feet on the floor, but I kept them spread wide. I reached over and I started stroking Ethan’s big cock. I was watching Clair, to see if she would look at Ethan’s cock and every now and then, Clair would look at Ethan’s dick. Michael was just watching his girlfriend’s back from his chair and jacking slow on his 9” dick, probably trying not to get off.

I really wanted to tease Clair with Ethan’s big cock, so when Emma started doing the primary eating on my pussy again, I put my hand on Emma’s head so she could not move away. Clair was kissing on my thigh, and she was staring at Ethan’s dick more as I rubbed his cock. I had Clair dialed in on Ethan’s big cock now, she had to notice that it was 3” longer and thicker than Michael’s dick. After about five minutes of Clair kissing my thigh and staring intently at Ethan’s big cock, I said, you sure have been looking at Ethan’s cock for a long time? Clair stopped kissing my thigh and looked back at Michael, then back at me, and she said, well, I have only seen cocks that big in porn. I looked at Michael and he was stroking a lot slower now.

Clair was still looking at Ethan’s cock, and I said, do you want to suck it? Clair stood up and turned to Michael and back at me, and she said, I don’t know? It was almost like she was looking for permission from Michael. I looked at Michael and said, how about it, Michael, can Clair suck Ethan’s cock? Now Michael’s 9” cock is above average, especially for white girls like me and Clair. But seeing that magnificent specimen of a 12” penis Ethan has, and his tall muscular frame, and handsome look, Michael was way outclassed. Emma was licking my pussy real slow now, and she was watching and listening to what was going on. I was squeezing and stroking Ethan’s cock and he was hard. We were all waiting to see what Michael was going to say or do.

Michael looked at Clair and said, are you wanting to suck his cock? Clair did not know what to say, so she responded I don’t know, maybe? Michael got clever at this point and caught me off guard, I guess he was tired of losing pussy to Ethan, so Michael said to Clair, how about I fuck you while you do it? Clair said, okay. I said wait, betting is still open since you raised. I looked at Michael and I said, what if Clair sucks your dick and Ethan fucks Clair? Michael went, oh no, she said she wanted to suck, and I could fuck. I said, well now she has another choice, and I looked at Clair and said, how about it Clair, which cock do you suck and which cock do you want to fuck? Clair was thinking and did not want to answer, and Michael looked at Ethan and said what the fuck man, does all this make sense to you?

I said, Michael don’t turn this into an argument we are just having fun. Ethan said, I don’t know, I was just enjoying the sex, but if this is going to be a problem, I am happy with what I already have, I am not looking for anymore girlfriends. Emma had stopped eating me altogether, and my little game was bringing the sexual mood down. So, I got up, I walked over to Michael, and his dick wasn’t totally hard, so I grabbed it and started jacking on it. Michael said, what are you doing? I said, you can’t fuck my pussy with a limp dick. He said, why would I fuck you? I said, well, I don’t want you to feel left out. Michael’s dick started getting hard (probably thinking about fucking me again) and I said, you’re getting hard, you must want to fuck me. He did not say anything. I kept jacking his cock and he got hard, and I turned my back to him and straddled his lap, and I grabbed his 9” cock and stuck it in my pussy. I was facing everyone else, and I said, here, now you are not left out Michael.

I told Clair, go ahead suck Ethan’s dick. Clair looked at Emma, and Emma said, go ahead. Clair got down in front of Ethan and started sucking his cock. I moved off Michael’s lap, and laid on my back on the blanket on the floor, and I said, come down here Michael and fuck me. He came down and stuck his dick in my pussy, and I grabbed his ass with one hand and pulled his back down so his chest was on my breasts with the other, and I started moving my hips and talking. I said, faster, come on, fuck me hard and make my pussy feel it Michael. I tilted my head back and looked at Emma, and I said, bring your pussy over here, I want to lick that sweet thing. Emma straddled my head facing Michael and I started licking the shit out of her pussy while Michael fucked me. This lasted all of 5 minutes and Michael got off. Clair was still sucking Ethan’s cock and I went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower and pushed out as much of Michael’s cum as I could, washed my business area and douched and came back. I was gone about 5 minutes.

Now Michael was out of the equation for a while. I sat back on the couch beside Ethan and asked Emma if she would finish eating me, and she started eating my pussy again. I began to rub Ethan’s cock while Clair was sucking it. I stared over at Michael, and I think it just dawned on him that I gave him a pity fuck, but that it opened the door for me to do whatever I wanted with Clair. As Emma was eating my pussy, I asked Clair, do you want to fuck that big cock? She said, yes. I looked at Ethan and said, let Clair sit there. Clair sat beside me, and Ethan got on his knees in front of her. I was rubbing Clair’s pussy hair and Ethan started putting his cock in. Clair was wet, and it slid about 8 inches into her pussy and she let out a squeal and said oh god that’s big.

Ethan started thrusting his 12” inch cock into Clair steadily. She was moaning, and squealing, and going oh fuck, shit that’s big, and I looked, and Ethan still had about 3 inches to go yet. I said, lay back Clair, take it all. Now I am rubbing the top of Clair’s pussy and I am getting very excited from Emma eating my pussy. I stopped rubbing Clair and started rubbing myself. Clair’s squeals were exciting me because I knew how that big cock felt, and it thrilled me to see someone else experiencing it for the first time. I was finger banging myself hard, and Emma picked up the pace licking my pussy, and I said, fuck her Ethan, push it in deep, and Clair started screaming in rhythm with his thrust. I got off, and I grabbed Emma’s head with both hands and locked my legs around her and shook like crazy, especially my thighs.

I pulled Emma up so that we were breast to breast, and we watched Ethan and Clair as she continued to squeal and gulp breaths of air every time he pushed inward into her pussy. They went for about another 10 minutes, and Ethan got off. I said, leave it in all the way Ethan, and I leaned over and started licking Clair’s tits until she caught her breath, and then I kissed her. I said, did that feel good? Clair said, it was amazing. Emma was rubbing my back as I laid on Clair until Ethan’s erection subsided. Ethan got up and went to the bathroom.

Telling my husband all those dirty stories and getting critique by him in order to enhance his fantasies taught me something. Lying to my husband about all my affairs taught me something else. So, I whispered in Clair’s ear and said, go over to Michael and kiss him like you love the shit out of him, and tell him you are having a wonderful time, touch him sweetly. Clair went over and sat on Michael’s lap and kissed him and spoke sweetly to him. While she was over there, I went and sat on the arm of the chair and hugged both of them and rubbed my naked body all up against Michel as I kissed Clair. My reasons were selfish, I wanted to keep coming here and fucking Ethan and Emma, and I wanted Clair to remain Michael’s girlfriend so I would not have to worry about anyone else finding out I am cheating on my husband.

It was about 5pm and I needed to go home. I asked Clair if she wanted to shower with me, and she said, yes. When we were in there I asked if she was going to come back and she said, I hope so. I said, I believe Michael will be alright, just don’t act like you want to dump him, and she said, I don’t. She said I want to date him, this is just an added bonus if he is alright with it. Basically, I wanted to feel Clair out and see what she was going to do, and it was good. So, we got out of the shower and I got dressed. Emma was staying there another night, and I got Clair’s phone number. I went over and kissed Emma and Ethan and said I’ll text, and I left.

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