Sarah fucked, Carol raped

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Allyn R. is married to Sarah R. and they have a son who was six months old. On April 8, at approximately 2 a.m.

Allyn R. is married to Sarah R. and they have a son who was six months old. On April 8, at approximately 2 a.m. he left the London House, where he was working as a musician, and drove with Carol B. to her apartment. She had come to see the show in which he was working, and he and his family were staying in her apartment.
Sarah is a white woman in her twenties, with long black hair. She’s tall and round-ish.
Carol is 39, she has long brown hair, she is short and has a slim body.
He drove the car into the building’s garage, which he opened by inserting the special card into a slot. After they exited the car, as Allyn approached Carol, he yelled:
“Oh my God.”
She turned around and saw a tall man who was wearing dark clothing, a gold ski mask, and carrying a gun. Next to him was a shorter man who was wearing blue jeans and red tennis shoes. The tall man told them to get down, and keep their heads down and eyes closed. The two men then taped their hands behind their backs. The short man wrapped some tape around her head and neck, although he missed a portion of one eye and part of her mouth. Allyn’s head was also wrapped with tape. The tall man asked them for money, but she told him she didn’t have any. The short man took a gold ring and turquoise pendant she was wearing. He also took her purse. The tall man in the gold ski mask then asked her where she lived.
Because Allyn’s wife Sarah and their baby were staying in her apartment, she lied and said she lived in 1603. She heard the short man call over the tall man and whisper to him:
“Look, she lives in 2001.”
The tall man then returned, hit her, and, as she fell against the car, said:
“Okay, bitch, let’s try it again.”
She admitted that she lived in 2001. The man asked Allyn who was up there, and Allyn said that his wife and baby were in the apartment. After a few minutes, Carol heard the trunk of the car being opened and the tires she had in there being taken out. The men put her in the trunk of the car, bound her feet, and taped them to her hands. They placed Allyn in the trunk on top of her. The tall man told her that if nobody was in her apartment he would kill her, and that if they talked he would shoot them through the trunk.
Sarah R. was talking to a girl friend on the telephone when she heard the apartment door being opened. She thought it was Carol and her husband, but she then saw the two men approaching her. The taller man put a handgun to her head, pressed the button on the telephone, and told her that he had already killed somebody else that night so she had better not try anything. The phone rang, and she told him that it was the girl she had been talking to calling her back. He told her to make a good excuse or he would kill her. She told her friend that Carol and her husband needed some help downstairs, and she hung up the phone. The tall intruder said that he was going to go downstairs and get them and he left. The shorter one demanded that she go into the bedroom.
As soon as they entered the room, the man took his trousers and underpants off and said to Sarah:
“Get naked and lie on the bed.”
Sarah swallowed hard as she saw the man’s 9 inches-cock. Then she removed her pajamas and her black panties.
“You have a nice body. Get on the bed.”
As Sarah was lying on the bed, the tall man got on top of her and began to lick her breast and to suck her nipples. As he got down on her to lick her pussy, Sarah spread her legs apart and she began to moan.
The man licked Sarah’s cunt and drove his tongue deep inside her. Then he put his erect cock at the entrance of Sarah’s pussy and pushed it inside.
A moan escaped Sarah’s lips as the man began to thrust, pushing deeper with every stroke.
After a good fifteen minutes, the man pulled out his cock from Sarah’s cunt and put it in her mouth.
Sarah began to suck until she felt the first spurt of the man’s cum in her mouth. When the last shot had landed on her chin, she closed her mouth and swallowed the whole lot.
In the meanwhile the tall intruder opened the car’s trunk, took out Allyn and Carol and cut the bindings on their feet were. Carol’s feet were asleep and she couldn’t walk. The tall man said to her:
“What’s the matter with you, bitch, can’t you walk?” When she told him that she had just gotten out of the hospital and was very weak, he said:
“If you don’t walk straight I’m going to kill you.”
He took them up in the freight elevator to Carol’s apartment, tied a pillow case tightly around their neck, bound their feet again and made them lie down in the living room.
Meantime in the bedroom. the shorter intruder bounded Sarah’s hands and legs with nylon hose, put a pillow case over her head, took her to the living room where she was made to lie on the floor next to her husband, whose voice she recognized when he spoke to her.
The intruders asked Carol for money, and she said she didn’t have any. They took her into the bedroom, freed her hands and feet and took the pillowcase off her head. They asked again for money and she told them that neither she nor the R. had any.
The tall man said:
“Your little girlfriend is beginning to look pretty good to me.”
When she said that she would do anything to protect her friend but that she didn’t have any money, he said:
“If you don’t give me your money, I’m going to kill you, bitch, I have killed before.”
She said that she had a color T.V. and maybe some jewelry, but didn’t have any money. The short man then bound her hands behind her back and took her to the bathroom. He told her to sit on the toilet, which she did. He started removing the tape from her hands and head, and in doing so yanked out some of her hair. It was very painful, and she fell over.
The short man tied Carol’s hair on her head and pulled off her sweater, bra and panties.
When Carol was completely naked, the man pushed her on the floor, but when she hit her head on the bathtub he yanked her back and said:
“Can’t you lie down?”
She said she could not because her neck was bandaged after some surgery. The man placed something under her head and said:
“If you don’t make it good I’m going to kill you, bitch.”
He then got on top of her, spread her legs apart and pushed his erect 8-inch cock into her pussy.
Carol was silent as the short man was fucking her.
“What’s the matter with you, are you dead?”
Then Carol blacked out and very soon the man shot his load of cum in her cunt.
When Carol woke up, the tall man and short man were talking together. They talked in the bathroom, and then went into her bedroom, where they opened and closed drawers.
Then the two men began to pack things in the apartment.
After some 20 or 30 minutes the taller man came in, took Carol back into the bedroom, cut her bindings and made her lie down on the bed. He then got on top of her and began to lick her pussy.
Carol said nothing but when the tall man pushed his big cock into her cunt, she moaned in pain.
When the tall man released his cum into her pussy, he then tied her up again as she had been tied before. After about 20 minutes Carol heard the front door open and close and when she didn’t hear anything else, she thought the two men had gone. She started to get up, but the short man appeared, said:
“Where do you think you are going, bitch?” and yanked her into the hall.
He told her to lie down, and said:
“Here is something for you.Try to make it good this time.”
He then got again on top of Carol and fucked her.
During the act, the front door opened and he stopped. The man called his friend name and asked:
“Is that you?”
After he received no answer, he called out again and said:
“It’s me, it’s me, it’s Bobby.”
She heard the tall man yell, “Shut up.”
The short man continued to fuck Carol for some few minutes, then he withdrawn his cock and he shot his cum on Carol’s belly.
He then went to the tall man and asked him what time it was. The tall man said it was five after five. They gathered things in a suitcase and then the short man went back to the bedroom and tied Carol’s hands and legs with nylons. The tall man said:
“We are going to load the car. I’ll come back and get this bitch and kill that bitch.”
The two men left the apartment.
Carol listened until she was sure they were gone, then managed to free herself and called the police. She was hysterical, and because she was afraid they wouldn’t come if she said it was a rape, she said that a burglary was in progress, and gave her name and address. A few minutes later she heard a knock on the door, and a man’s voice said:
“This is the police.”
After he showed her his badge through the peephole, she opened the door, grabbed him, and said: “Thank God, you are here, and they are still here in the building.”
Other police officers arrived who untied or cut loose the bindings on Allyn and Sarah R.
Carol was later taken to the hospital, where she told the doctor that she had been raped twice. After taking some vaginal smears, he gave her something in case she was pregnant, and also gave her some shots.

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    Why they only fuck Carol so much. Did she at least get a baby out of it. Should of fucked a baby in the wife and made Carol suck off Allyn in front of his wife.