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A black gift for Christmas

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On Christmas morning, at about 11:30 a.m., Robert M., a doorman at the J.H.Building in Chicago, was on duty. He noticed a black man enter the lobby and approach the “marquee.” The man wore a black “Zorro” hat, a black three-quarter length coat, a black vest, dark pants, black boots and wire rimmed glasses. He had a “fine” moustache and facial hair in the area of his chin.
The man examined the building directory for about 15 minutes, then dialed a number on one of the
building phones. When Robert M. approached him, he requested entry to deliver a telegram to
apartment 6808. Robert M., called the occupant of that apartment and was told not to admit the man unless he produced a telegram. The man fumbled through a small black book, but could not find the telegram, stating that he had apparently left it outside in the car. The doorman watched the man as he left the lobby and walked west on Delaware to Michigan, south on Michigan to Chestnut and then east toward Seneca. McPheterain testified that he knew this man was not the regular messenger for this building.
Later, at about 1 that afternoon, Leo S.,56, and his wife Agnes,44, returned from Holy Name Cathedral to 860 N.D.W., Chicago. They took the elevator to their apartment on the 19th floor.
As they reached their apartment they were accosted by a black man carrying a black leather coat
over his arm and wearing a large black hat. He put a gun to the back of Leo’s head, and said:
“If you make any noise I’m going to kill you both.”
He then forced them into their apartment and closed the door, attached the chain, and removed his hat and glasses.
At gunpoint, he ordered them into the bedroom where he closed the door and pulled the shade.
“Take off all your clothes”.
“Please leave us alone, sir”, Agnes pleaded the man.
“Make your wife shut up or I would blow your head off and put the brains in front of her”, the man said to Leo. He then hit her husband over the left eye.
Then Leo began to undress and his wife did the same. She removed her shoes, blouse and shirt.
“Go on, ma’am!”
Agnes unzipped her skirt and let it dropped to the floor, then she removed her pantyhose and stopped.
“All your clothes, ma’am. Go on”.
The woman closed her eyes and removed her bra and panties.
Then, the black man ordered Leo to lie on the floor on his stomach, and he tied his legs and his hands behind his back. As he was doing so, Agnes attempted to grab the gun which had been placed on the bed. They struggled, but the assailant gained control of the weapon. He ordered her to lie down and he tied her hands together.
The man knelt before the naked body of Agnes and began to grope her breasts.
“Please don’t do it, please” Agnes begged him.
But the man began to suck her nipples and moved his fingers down to Agnes’ pussy.
Then he got on top of Agnes, forced her legs apart and put his hard cock in her cunt, as she lay a few feet away from her husband.
As he was thrusting into Agnes’ cunt with long and deep strokes, he said to Leo:
“How do you feel somebody doing this to your wife, doesn’t it make you sick?”
Leo didn’t answer.
“Doesn’t this make you want to fight?”, the man asked Leo again.
Leo closed his eyes as he was hearing his wife’s moaning.
After a last stroke, the man emptied his full load of cum into Agnes’ cunt.
Then he tied her feet together. He then ordered her and her husband to crawl to opposite sides of the bedroom. Then he replaced the bullet clip on his gun with a larger one and threatened to kill a lot of people if they were disturbed. Agnes continued to plead for their lives, but stopped when the man told her husband to keep her quiet. He struck her husband with his fist in the mouth and in the groin area.
The assailant asked Leo his name and occupation. When he told him he was in the real estate business, the man asked why white people lived in high rise buildings and poor black people
had to live in areas like C.G.. When he discovered that Agnes was German, he said that the only good thing Hitler did was to kill all the Jews. Then, the phone rang and he cut the telephone wires. He continued to beat them and pretended to stab Leo in the head with a letter opener, but hit him in the chest instead with his fist and the handle.
He left and returned to the room several times. On one occasion he returned with roast beef from
the kitchen. He ate several pieces of the meat which he cut off with a long knife, saying at the same
time how he enjoyed it along with the jello he had found. Later, he came back with a bottle of
Scotch. After drinking from the bottle he poured some over the victims. Then, he attempted to
suffocate Agnes with pillows, but was not successful. He drew swastikas on the bedroom mirror and circles on the door with lipstick and went through the pockets of their clothing, boasting that he had more money than they.
At about dusk, after he had been in the apartment for about four hours, he forced his dick into the
woman’s mouth. He held her head tightly on each side as he shoved his cock into her mouth over and over again. As the man began to cum, Agnes started choking. Then he pulled his dick out of her mouth and stand up.
Later, he punched Agnes in the nose when he heard her talking, and stuffed a gag into her mouth. He tightened the bindings on her hands so that they cut into her flesh. He then rebound her husband’s hands with a lamp cord. After putting on rubber gloves, the assailant wiped off various things in the apartment that he had touched. He also took a knife, grabbed her husband’s penis and “massaged” it a little. Suddenly, he grabbed the gun and left the room.
He chased Agnes, who had freed the ties from her feet and run out of the bedroom to the front door. She was unable to detach the chain, however, because her hands were so securely bound.
The assailant was unable to pull her back to the bedroom because her husband had shut and locked
the bedroom door, broken the window and called for help. The assailant told her he would kill her
for this. She pleaded with him, but he shot her in the head behind the left ear. Although she was
wounded and bleeding, she crawled to the bedroom, calling her husband and scratching on the
bedroom door. He pulled her in, locked the door and cut the ties from her wrists.
At about 4:30 p.m. traffic patrolman R.H heard someone screaming for help. He saw a window shade flapping in a building on the northwest corner of D.W. and C.. He ran to the building, and with the doorman went to apartment 1902 where they gained entry by using the doorman’s pass key. A black hat lay on the floor near the bedroom door. Leo was calling for help from the bedroom, but he would not open the door until he recognized the doorman’s voice. When the door was opened they found Agnes and Leo naked on the floor.

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