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Happy Father’s Day

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On June 21, Gill Armstrong and his wife Jane were traveling with their infant daughter from Virginia to their home in Florida. They stopped at a hotel off I-95 in St. George about 11:00 p.m.
After checking in, Armstrong went to a nearby restaurant to get some food. When he returned, he
noticed three men standing in the breezeway near his room. Assuming they were hotel guests, he
proceeded back to his room. After putting the food in the room, Armstrong went back outside to the
vending machines for drinks.
At the vending machine, a man placed a gun to his head and demanded money. Two other men were with him. Armstrong recognized the three as the same men he had seen in the breezeway minutes earlier. The
three assailants demanded that Armstrong take them to his room.
As the men entered the room, Jane was getting out of the shower clad only in a towel. Their daughter was asleep on the bed. A man asked where the money and jewelry was. While the intruder was digging in a duffel bag, another one turned off the lights.
After the men did not find anything, an intruder pointed the gun at Armstrong’s daughter who was still asleep and said:
“If you try anything, she’s gone.”
The men became extremely angry when they discovered the couple had only $14. At this point, Armstrong was taken into the bathroom and was placed on his knees, bending over into the bathtub, with the gun pointed at him.
Two of the men then removed Jane’s towel leaving her completely nude. They then began to grope her breasts and to insert their fingers in her pussy. Jane was then ordered to stand on her knees and to perform a blowjob on all of the men. She complied.
Next one of the intruders took Jane into the bathroom, bent her over the toilet, and fucked her while forcing Armstrong to watch. Then, the men asked for Armstrong’s car keys.
As they left, one of the mane told Armstrong:
“Happy Father’s Day.”
The men then took the couple’s car and burned it.The car was found a few days later near St. George.

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    Did she get pregnant

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    Wow the first story ever.