He had only intended to commit a burglary

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You wanted this, whore, you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging to be raped…

Gwen arrived home from work on August 2, shortly after 10 p.m. She parked her car in the driveway, locked the doors, and then went inside the house. Shortly after entering her house, Gwen walked into the bedroom, turned on the television at the head of the bed, and lay down. When she first went to bed, Gwen was wearing a T-shirt, bra, and underwear. She later took off the shirt and bra and fell asleep while watching television. No other lights were on in the room. Gwen woke up when she heard a noise, and she then saw a man standing in the bedroom. He was holding a “long thin club” in his right hand.
Gwen asked the intruder what he was doing in her house, and he told her to “shut up” or he would kill her. Gwen asked him to leave, and he repeatedly told her to “shut up.” The intruder then walked to the doorway of a bathroom which was connected to her bedroom. Gwen again asked him to leave, and he again told her to “shut up” or he would kill her. The intruder walked over to the television set and spent a few minutes attempting to turn it off. Gwen was able to see the intruder’s reflection in the mirrors located near the television set.
After he successfully turned off the television, the intruder hollered at Gwen to come to the edge of the bed and put his penis in her mouth. The intruder held the club at the back of Gwen’s head and told her that if she bit him he would kill her. After Gwen complied, the intruder hollered at her to move over. He then lay down in the bed and told her to again put his penis in her mouth. The intruder continued to hold the club at the back of her head. Gwen complied for a second time. The intruder then told her to take off her underwear, and he proceeded to have vaginal intercourse with her.
The intruder got up and told Gwen that he wanted the keys to her car, and he followed her downstairs to retrieve them. After Gwen gave the intruder the car keys, he went to the front door and told her that if she called the police he would come back and kill her. The intruder left, and Gwen closed and locked the door.
After Gwen heard the intruder start her car, she put on some clothes, ran over to a neighbor’s house, and asked the neighbor to call the police. A police officer arrived at the neighbor’s house and talked with Gwen. The officer went with Gwen back to her house, at which time Gwen noticed that a pair of jeans and some jewelry had been moved from the bedroom to the basement. She also discovered that some money, a watch, and a ring were missing. An ambulance then took her to the Glendale Heights Community Hospital, where she submitted to an examination.

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