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She loves sqad dick

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In April 2015, Sandra was living in an apartment in Groveport, Ohio, with her fiancé, Gary, and was then in her mid 20s. She was on her way back to her apartment sometime before 5 a.m. having just started her car to warm it up before leaving for work, when someone ran around the corner of the building, put a gun to her head, and pushed her inside her own apartment. She yelled for her fiancé as the assailant pushed her to the ground. When her fiancé responded, the attacker and three others, all identified as being black,”punched Gary, knocking him down and forcing him to lie beside her.
“Take off your clothes, baby.”
Sandra tried to protest, but then began to undress, for fear that they could kill her.
When she was wearing only her bra and panties, she stopped.
“Come on baby, I said you must revove all your clothes. We want to see you dancing in the nude.”
Sandra removed bra and panties and then she looked at the men.
“Don’t look at us. We want you keep your eyes closed. Now, dance for us, baby.”
Sandra began to move and turn on herself.
“No baby, you can do it better. Bend over and roll your ass.”
Sandra complied with the man’s order.
“Now, lie down on the floor and spread your legs apart.”
Sandra sat down on the floor and spread her legs, as his fiancé was two meters away from her.
“We want you play with yourself for us. Stick your fingers in your pussy, baby.”
As Sandra moved heer right hand near her pussy, three of the invaders knelt down near her.
“Keep your eyes closed and put your finger in your pussy, come on!”.
Sandra moved her middle finger into her cunt.
“Come on, we want to hear you moan.”
As Sandra was masturbating herself, one man caressed her black hair and another one touched her c-cup breasts.
Then Sandra groaned as she was groped simultaneously by three men, who touched her boobs, licked her nipples and put their fingers in her cunt and her ass. One man put his gun into Sandra’s pussy, moving it in and out.
While the others were occupied with Sandra, one of the invaders told Gary to strip and began to interrogate him about where their valuables were, kicking him in the face whenever the assailant believed Gary to be lying.
Then the invaders told Sandra to go upstairs and physically guided her there, as one of them held Gary downstairs.
Upstairs they placed Sandra on her bed and ordered her to get on her hands and knees.
The three men undressed from the waist down and got on the bed. One guy knelt behind Sandra and began to open her pussy lips, fingering her and licking her cunt. Another one was in front of her, grabbed her hair and put his dick into Sandra’s mouth. The third one was groping Sandra’s boobs and ass.
In the meanwhile, the individual holding Gary got thirsty, helped himself to a soda from the refrigerator, and offered one to the guys upstairs. When that robber went upstairs, Gary tried to escape, but before he could get the door open, a guy came downstairs, put a pillow over his head, socked a gun up against it, and asked him if he really wanted to die today. The individual then told Gary that the others were fucking Sandra doggy style and asked him how that made him feel.
Gary looked at him angrily and did not answer.
Upstairs the first man really had put his nine-inch dick at the entrance of Sandra’s pussy and had slowly pushed in. Then he grabbed her hips and began pumping her with hard strokes.
Sandra began to rock back and forth and moaning.
“You like this black dick, don’t you?” the third guy said to Sandra, as she began sucking the dick ot the man in front of her.
Then the man who was downstairs with Gary, took him upstairs to tie him up. He was forced to watch as Sandra was fucked from both ends by two different men and he saw one of them who was filming the scene with a camera phone.
“Oh yeah”, Sandra moaned.
“This slut is loving this. My dick is slipping easily into her cunt. You love black dicks, right?”
“Oh yes, I love them” Sandra answered after she dropped from her mouth the cock who she was sucking.
“Say aloud: I love black dicks, I love sqad winky”
Sandra repeated the man’s words, then she took the other man’s cock back into her mouth, sucking and licking it.
Then the first man began thrusting harder and faster, finally cumming inside Sandra’s cunt. At the same time the other man shot his load on her face.
“Ok baby, now you have to wash herself, let’s go the bath”
The men tied her up, and dumped nail polish on her including into her pussy.
“Wash it good. You don’t want me to do it for you.”
As they poured it into her pussy Sandra complained about it burning her and one of the invaders laughly said that such was the intent.
Finally they left, telling Sandra and Gary to count to 160.

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