Fucked in the ass in front of her parents

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On September 28, Maria Ines was at the Jorge Ramon’s residence located in the Sabilar street urbanization, since he was her postgraduate thesis advisor. When it was approximately 6.30 In the afternoon, as it was getting dark, the professor prepared to take her to the outside of the house so that she could take a taxi service there.
When the electric gate of her house was opeining, four subjects entered. Carrying firearms and under threat of death, they ordered Jorge Ramon to stay still because it was a robbery. Thery ordered him to close the gate, to give them the car keys and to open the house.
At those moments his wife Soris Josefina hears that he was knocking on the door, and he could see that it was an unknown subject, then another man tells her to open the door.
Silvia Mercedes hears the strong tone of his mother’s voice, so she goes to the door and together with her mother they manage to observe the subjects. It was then when they heard the voice of a subject who told them that they had kidnapped the professor, which is why they chose to open the door. At these moments the four subjects took advantage to enter the interior of the house, subdue them and force them to enter one of the rooms of the residence. They began to search the entire house and stated that they would give them all the money, the gun and the clothes.
Jorge Ramon answered that they had no money and they turned him on, they gave him a slap on the head. They kept insisting that they give them the money, the gun and clothing, and they also continued to search the house.
Soris Josefina gave them some cash and a red mantica containing two gold rings inside, eight pairs of ear studs and three gold plates, while Silvia Mercedes tells the subjects that she had some clothes. So a guy went with her to the fourth site east, where she gives him some clothes and money, while the other subjects kept watch over Jorge Ramon, Soris Josefina and Maria Ines.
Then another man enters the room and the first one told him to stand at the entrance to the room and keep his back to him. Next Silvia Mercedes takes him to the room where her mother and father were and they began to press them again to give them the gun and the money.
“Since you say you don’t have any more money, the four of us are going to fuck your daughter in the ass.”
Silvia Mercedes was 27 years old, she was a beautiful girl a little fat and with black bob hair.
Then the first man rips off her shirt, he take off her bra and yell at her to take off her pants. Crying, Silvia Mercedes takes off her pants and her panties, then the man told her to get down, he lower her pants and ordered her to give him a blowjob. Completely naked, Silvia Mercedes started sucking the man’s penis.
Nest Silvia Merceds was taken to the hall where her parents were and the man forces her to give another blowjob in front of her parents. The intruder asked again where the money is and he said to them:
“Did you see how I raped your daughter, do you have money?”
Her mother implored her to be released, but the man tells Silvia Mercedes to lie on the floor penetrating her several times without a condom.
Silvia Mercedes begged them not to do it, that they had no more money and the subject told them:
“You are going to see that I am going to fuck you from behind.”
Then he tells her to get on all fours, he lifted her up and put her in position. As the man’s buttocks did not allow him to penetrate her well through the anus, he put his fingers in and penetrated her anus, then he laid her down again onto the floor and put his penis in Silvia’s rectum.
The man yelled at Silvia’s fatherto see how he raped his daughter because they did not want to say where the money was. In the meantime he had already materialized his threat, forcing Silvia to give him another blowjob, choking her with his penis in her mouth. Finally he said to the other guy:
“Take her to the bathroom to wash herself.”
The other man opened the shower and went under the water saying:
“Soap yourself well.”
While Silvia Mercedes was crying, the man began to touch her tits and her pussy
“You are hot and juicy. Kneel down and give me a blowjob.”
Then the man made her give another blowjob. Next he made her lie on the floor and penetrated her a few times.
Next they went to the room where Sillvia’s parents were, there they strip Maria Ines of her wallet containing her cell phone and personal documents, then they tied up and fled. After they managed to untie themselves, they realized that they took the Toyota vehicle with them, two desktop computers, a 22 rifle, a box of bullets, a 12 caliber cut-off shotgun, a 32-inch liquid crystal television, a reader, CD, gold and silver garments and about a thousand in cash.

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