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Jerri Sherrill, 41, and his wife Jennifer, 39, had two sons, Nicholas, who was born April 19, 1996, and Marcus, who was born June 16, 1998. Mrs. Sherrill marriage to Jerry had been happy initially but Jerry became jealous after Nicholas’s birth because Jerry “wasn’t the main attraction.” The relationship continued to deteriorate after Jerry’s mother became ill. Jerry became verbally abusive, calling her a “bitch” and saying she was “nasty.” Jerry poured water on her and falsely accused her of sending inappropriate photographs to people. He had been “very mean” during the time they lived in a rental house.
Their son Nicholas had “special needs,” which Mrs. Sherrill had known since he was in kindergarten. Nicholas “was mentally retarded” and had “ADHD” and dyslexia. Nicholas had graduated from high school and he was supposed to have a diploma. She attended “IEP” meetings at Nicholas’s school. The purpose of the meetings was to advise her about how Nicholas was progressing in school and about reading scores and stuff like that.
On June 3, 2014, Jerry and Nicholas had been watching a “dirty movie” in the living room. Jerry had wanted Nicholas to watch the movie with him. Jennifer did not agree with this but had “tried to keep the ‘mosity’ down” because she was concerned Jerry would “do something to” her. Jerry and Nicholas came into the bedroom, where Jennifer was, and Jerry said they were “going to make Nicholas turn into being a man.” Jerry reminded her wife of what had already happened a few months ago with Marcus, their youngest son. One day Mrs. Sherrill was lying in bed and her youngest son Marcus was lying on her left arm and Jerry on her right side. Jerry began playing with her breast and had Marcus get between her legs and Jerry helped show Marcus how to get an erection and told Marcus to put it in his mother. Marcus did go inside her but after some minutes she pushed him off and stated this isn’t right and went outside. But Jennifer later confessed to her husband that she was glad she taught her younger son how to have sex with a woman. Now it was Nicolas’s turn.
Jerry said to Nicholas to remove all his clothes. Nicholas undressed and lay on the bed and Jerry told Jennifer to get on top of Nicholas. Nicholas was aroused, his penis was erect. Jennifer was surprised at the size of Nicholas’s penis and undressed quickly. Jerry stood beside the bed. He instructed her that she better make Nicholas feel good and that Nicholas better enjoy it. Jerry whispered in her ear, asking if she enjoyed the sex and making comments about Nicholas being a larger size than Jerry. Nicholas’s large penis was in her vagina and she moved up and down. Jerry instructed Nicholas to fondle her breast “because that’s what a woman likes.” After about six minutes, Jennifer saw that Nicholas was about to ejaculate and she stopped. She dressed and went to the bathroom. After “things had kind of calmed down,” Jerry and Nicholas went into the living room, and she cooked dinner.
Two days later, on June 5, 2014, Mrs. Sherrill was preparing to take a bath when Jerry entered the bathroom and wanted her to have sex with Nicholas again. She said that the first sexual encounter had been an “experiment,” they had agreed on it, that it was just going to be one time. “You’re going to do it again.” Jerry stated he wanted to show Nicholas that “he is going to be a man,” that Nicholas “can be a man,” and that “this is the way that it is supposed to be for a man.” Jerry wanted this time Nicholas was on top, to dominate her mother, “fucking her with his huge penis!.
So Jennifer, Jerry, and Nicholas went into the bedroom and she and Nicholas had intercourse with Nicholas on top of her. Jerry instructed Nicholas regarding “how to move and to make it feel good for a woman.” Jerry was on the bed with her and Nicholas during the sexual encounter. Jennifer looked at the wall when her son was penetrating her hard. Nicholas ejaculated on her leg. While she and Nicholas had sex, Jerry was beside them filming their activities with a cell phone. Jerry told her he wanted to keep the recording and that “he said he wanted to keep it so he could remember what a special time this was because he said that he liked to watch stuff like that.”
After Nicholas left the room, Jerry said it was “his turn,” Jerry asked if she had enjoyed the encounter. She told Jerry, “no, not really” but that she had done what he told her to do. She and Jerry had sex, which she did not enjoy. Her husband’s penis was small compared to the Nicholas’one. Actually Jennifer knew she had enjoyed sex with her son and was looking forward to a third date…

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