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You like this black dick, don’t you?

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Stephanie Roberts testified that, in April 2015, she was living in an apartment in Groveport, Ohio, with her fiancé, Gregory Eisnicher, and was then in her mid 20s. She said she was on her way back to her apartment sometime before 5 a.m. having just started her car to warm it up before leaving for work, when someone ran around the corner of the building, put a gun to her head, and pushed her inside her own apartment. She yelled for her fiancé as the assailant pushed her to the ground. When her fiancé responded, the attacker and three others, all identified as being “black,” punched Gregory, knocking him down and forcing him to lie beside her. According to Stephanie’s testimony, the invaders then ordered her to strip, to lie on the floor, and to “stick my fingers in my vagina.” She did as they ordered, and at their direction, she avoided looking at them, mostly keeping her eyes closed. While this was going on, she was groped sexually by an unknown number of persons.
After some time, the perpetrators told her to go upstairs and physically guided her upstairs. As she was made to walk upstairs, she peeked and saw they had made Gregory remove his clothing also. Upstairs they placed her on her bed and one assailant raped her vaginally while another forced her to fellate him. As they did, they made her say she “loved this sqad dick.” At one point, she realized some of the rapists were filming the rape with camera phones. Though she could not tell whether the rapists ejaculated, after a time, the rape stopped and the rapists made her wash herself off in the bathroom. Then they tied her up, and dumped nail polish on her including into her vagina. Finally they left, telling her to count to 160. Gregory and Stephanie escaped their bonds, Gregory found their landlord, and asked her to call the police. After it was all over, the couple discovered they had been robbed of several cell phones, two tablets, a .22 rifle, an Xbox One, a Blu-Ray player, a Nikon camera, a number of decorative swords and knives, Gregory’s wallet, and miscellaneous change.
Gregory’s account of events was similar. Gregory agreed that on April 30, 2015, he was living in a townhome apartment at 3968 Grand Bend Drive in Groveport with Stephanie He was upstairs when he heard her cry out his name. He ran downstairs to see what the matter was and was met with a fist to the face as he reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner. He testified he couldn’t see who hit him but there were four guys, identified as being “black,” and wearing hoodies. As he lay on the floor, the guys ordered Stephanie to take off her clothes. While the others were occupied with her, one of the invaders told him to strip and began to interrogate him about where their valuables were, kicking him in the face whenever the assailant believed Gregory to be lying. Gregory testified that at one point, he observed the other perpetrators groping Stephanie who was, at that point, fully naked.
Gregory said one individual held him downstairs while the others were upstairs with Stephanie After a time, the individual holding Gregory got thirsty, helped himself to a soda from the refrigerator, and offered one to the guys upstairs. When that robber went upstairs, Gregory tried to escape, but before he could get the door open, a guy came downstairs, put a pillow over his head, socked a gun up against it, and asked him if he really wanted to die today. The individual then told Gregory that the others were raping Stephanie upstairs and asked him how that made him feel. Later, someone took him upstairs to tie him up and he saw Stephanie naked, being violated from both ends by two different perpetrators. As they raped her, he heard one of them comment to the effect of “you like this black dick, don’t you?”
As he was being bound with electrical cord, he heard the rapists take Stephanie into the bathroom and tell her to clean her vagina, saying, “wash it good. You don’t want me to do it for you.” Then Gregory said they poured nail polish on Stephanie As they poured it into her vagina she complained about it burning her and one of the invaders said that such was the intent. When the perpetrators finally left, they told Gregory to count to 160, which he did before running to the landlord’s office to ask for help in notifying the police. In all, he testified the robbers stole cellular phones, his .22 rifle, a nice camera, his Xbox One, a collection of knives, and his wallet.
Wallace testified Caslin (whom he knew as “Vez” or “Vezzo”), Hand (who went by the nickname “Gunner”), and Harris (who went by “Lawson”) were all part of the East Haven Bloods and were hanging out in the early morning of April 30, 2015, talking about how to make some money.
The young gang members decided that a good way to make some easy money would be to rob someone. So they wandered through a wooded area near apartments scouting for a victim when they saw Stephanie Roberts go to her truck and then start to return to her apartment. The four followed her and forced their way in. Harris punched Gregory Eisnicher in the face to subdue him and Caslin held a gun on Gregory and Stephanie. Wallace said that once Stephanie was naked (he was not clear about how or why Stephanie became naked), the perpetrators started touching her, forcing her to play with herself, and that Caslin inserted the gun in her vagina. He said they teased her, making cracks about how much she liked it, making her say she loved his “sqad winky.” Wallace explained he did not know exactly what was meant by “sqad” but it was a gang thing that he and his friends always said. Id. After a time, he took her upstairs and raped her vaginally until he ejaculated while Hand grabbed her by the hair and forced his penis into her mouth. Wallace said Lawson recorded the rape but Caslin deleted the recording. He also said Caslin watched the rape and held a gun at his side as he did.
Wallace related that after the rape, he and Harris forced Stephanie to wash her vagina and Harris poured nail polish in her vagina and all over her body. According to Wallace, Caslin was the one who tied up the victims with phone cords. Then the three went downstairs to finish robbing the apartment and took tablets, phones, knives, swords, and a rifle. Wallace testified he was afraid of being recognized as a “snitch” and Caslin had threatened him, telling him to remain silent.
Hand also testified. He admitted that although he was 16 years old at the time of the offenses, he was involved in a string of serious offenses including multiple home invasions and a homicide. Like Wallace, he recounted he was hanging out with Harris, Wallace, and Caslin (whom he knew as “Vez”) and they all decided to commit a robbery. They saw Stephanie Roberts getting ready to go to work and when she reentered the house, they went in after her. Caslin had a gun and was pointing it at the victims while Harris was the one who punched Gregory in the face. Caslin and Harris were the ones who ordered the victims to strip. Once Stephanie was nude, they ordered her to dance provocatively while Harris took charge of Gregory As Wallace raped Stephanie vaginally, Hand forced her to perform fellatio. Caslin recorded the rape and made demands on Stephanie such as requiring her to say she “loved sqad dick.” Hand also said “sqad” did not really mean anything except that someone was part of the East Haven gang. When the rape ended, Caslin made Stephanie clean herself while Harris dumped nail polish on her. Hand was not sure who tied up Gregory but said Harris tied up Stephanie. Before leaving, they told the victims to count to 100, then stole a .22 rifle, an Xbox, swords, change, phones, and some tablets.

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