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Full Honeymoon

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On the night of June 12, David T. and and his eighteen-year-old female companion Merya M. were traveling through the State of Mississippi in a southerly direction on Interstate Highway 55. They were residents of the State of Wisconsin, and were on their way to Biloxi, Mississippi, to visit Miss M.’s sisters.
The day’s motorcycle trip was to terminate in a camping area at Enid Dam Park in Yalobusha County. At about 9:15-9:30 p.m., the couple stopped at a rest area off of Interstate Highway 55 to examine a map. While there, a car containing four black males passed through the area.
Satisfied with their directions, the couple proceeded to the park, only to find that motorcycles were not permitted. David pulled his motorcycle alongside the road to permit a car behind him to pass when a second car appeared, a door swung open, the motorcycle fell and David tumbled down an embankment.
The occupants of the automobile directed the two motorcyclists into its back seat at gunpoint where they were forced to keep their heads down while the car was driven an unspecified distance before turning onto a gravel road where it was stopped.
Next the car occupants ordered the couple out of the car and robbed them. The Merya was taken a short distance from the car and David was again forced to its back seat. Then the car was moved forward a short distance, and David was able to turn around and view his companion standing nude from the waist down with one man kneeling beside her. He was then put into the trunk of the car, but heard her cries and male voices for about twenty minutes. In the meantime, in fact, two of the men had walked Merya down the road and removed her pants and panties. She was then carried to a field while pleading with them that they could obtain another girl and that she was on her honeymoon. Her pitiful pleading went unheeded, and a men knelt beside her and began to lick her vagina, as another one was groping her breasts.
Next the first man ordered her to get on her hands and knees, he removed his pants and pushed his penis into her vagina. They had vaginal sex for about ten minutes and finally he ejaculated in Merya’s vagina. Next the second man pulled out his penis from his pants and ordered Merya to suck it. He then had vaginal sex with the girl and ejaculated into her. Next the other two black guys followed, having sex with Merya.
Finally the girl was penetrated by each of the four occupants of the automobile and her vagina was full of sperm.
Afterward Merya was permitted to dress and was returned to the vicinity of David where they were required to lie face down on the ground as the automobile departed. Immediately afterward they walked some distance
to a dwelling where law enforcement officers were called. Meanwhile, the abandoned motorcycle had drawn official attention. Around 11:00 p.m. Henry G. of the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call and met the park officials at the motorcycle’s location. Shortly thereafter a park ranger radioed that the missing owners were at a nearby cabin. After conversing, Officer G., David and the Merya drove around and located the scene of the crime.
Afterward she was taken to the county hospital where Dr. Harold S. performed a pelvic examination at about 2:15 on the morning of June 13. He found male spermatozoa, some dirt and a few abrasions on her hips and buttocks.

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