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“He makes me feel so good daddy”

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We don’t live in a mansion, we don’t have expensive things in our back garden and we definitely don’t flex Gucci and rolexes so we never expected our little suburban house to be broken into but that’s exactly what happened.

It was just past 1 in the morning and I was sleeping soundly in my bed wearing nothing but my pink underwear and white pj shirt that had a unicorn on it. I was usually a heavy sleeper and slept till around 12 in the afternoon but for some reason I woke up, my mouth was dry so I decided I’d get up for a glass of water as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear a lot of noise coming from downstairs. I froze for a little bit questioning what my parents were doing down there. I (against my best judgement) went down slowly and creeped towards the kitchen were I saw my mum and dad on there knees with there hands tied behind their back. My heart started to beat so fast and I wanted to run over and help but when my dad saw me he mouthed “phone” and i knew i had to call the police before i was noticed. I turned around but before I got a change to go anywhere I jumped out my skin and froze again. There was a 6ft, long haired man standing there. He towerd over me. I went to scream but he lifted me up and threw me on the kitchen floor, my mother screamed and cried and the long haired man said to the other burglar that was looking through the kitchen to see if there was anything of value
“I found this little bitch in the hall” he turned to look at me his bloodshot blue eyes were the first thing I noticed about him as I lay on the ground afraid to move he walked over and kneeled down beside me and placed his hand on my hair stroking it
“finally something off value in this house” as he said this my mother fell to the ground and cried more. The long haired man walked over and picked her up by her hair and slapped her arm this point my dad shouts
“please leave us alone, don’t hurt us” the blue eyed man pulls out his knife and waves it in front off my face
“where does your daddy keep his valuables sweetheart”
“I dont know!” I cry
“Please we dont have anything to offer you!” My dad shouts
“Are you sure?” He asks with a smirk
“Fine then” he continued as he holds his knife up before cutting off my PJ top. I cry as I try to cover my self. My mum cries louder begging him to leave me alone as my dad just stares into the ground
“Please….we wont tell anyone you were here just please leave” the long haired man lifts my dads head and forces him to watch as the blue eyed man cuts off my panties as and pushes me to the ground I cry and beg him to leave me alone but he puts his mouth to my ear and whispers “your dady owes us so much money sweetheart so this is his fault” I am shocked to hear that but before I can say anything I hear his zipper. The long haired man forces them both to keep there head up and watch as he rubs his cock up and down my ass I try to pull away but he grabs me
“Dont make this difficult now” he says in a sturn tone and he shoves his thick dry cock into my asshole. I scream in pain again trying to pull away he uses one hand to grab my neck and pull me up making me stare at my dad as he rapes me
“Tell your daddy how good I make you feel”… I refuse but he chokes me and demands I do as I’m told
“Tell him!”
“He makes me feel so good daddy” I say through tears
“Tell him how much you enjoy your asshole being raped”
“Having my asshole raped feels amazing daddy”
“Yeah good girl” he says thrusting deeper into me
“I bet you enjoy watching this, don’t you” he says to my dad. He pulls out and brings my face close to his
“We might just keep you, you seem like a good little slut” he licks my tears and opens my mouth before spitting in it. Without being told I swallow his spit.
“Well trained slut” he then sticks his tongue in my mouth and French kisses me I start to enjoy it, I close my eyes and moan softly before he pulls away
“I think… I think daddy should be involved” I gasp
“What!” My dad shouts
“Well I mean this is your fault” he walks over and forces him to strip my dad cries
“Wait please… I’ll get the money I promise” he begs
“Aw You cant ruin the fun now” he grabs him by the neck and forces him to kneel behind me
“Fuck your little girl in the ass or we’ll do the same to your wife” he gets down to his ear and whispers
“except we’ll kill her” and licks his ear and laughs
My dad realizing he needs to do this puts his dick inside me and tells me how sorry he is as he cries
“Dont act like that now you you caused this” the blue eyed man says
With every thrust my dad does I cry.
The blue eyed man kneels down in front off me
“Tell daddy you love his tiny cock”
I shake my head
“Mhm I thought we got over saying no to me” he punches me in the stomach and yells
“Do as you’re told!”
“I’m sorry” I cry
“I love your tiny cock daddy”
“See it’s good doing as your told” he pulls his dick out and sticks it in front off my face. I lick the head as my dads still fucking my ass. The blue eyed man slaps my face with his cock, I yelp as he laughs and shoves his dick forcefully down my throat. My eyes filled with tears I gag . My dad starts to fuck me faster I feel he is close to cuming. My mum just crys at the side as my dad cums deep into my ass and falls to the floor.
The blue haired man laughs again and puts his cock away…disappointed he didn’t cum I look up to him
“Yeah” he grabs my face
“Untill you get us our money back…” he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder
“We’re keeping her” I get carried off and thrown in a van…..

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    Your the one that wrote the made up shit kimfslut.what people get off on these days is so fucking unreal.made up from a movie and the sex was added.made up shit.

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      I didn’t write this one but I like it

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      You’re on a site that has tags like zooiphila and when you right a story it says you can talk about minors fucking each other….. if you don’t want to read shit like this go on fucking wattpad and read some soft story’s

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    Now that’s a good storie

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      Thank you ??

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