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Snuff film series spin off

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(Spin-off of the snuff film series, hope you guys enjoy!)

It was another cold day outside when he went out for a smoke. It wasn’t frostbite worthy, but it was winter coat weather. As Grayson lit the match, he smiled as he thought of the women in his basement, and what he was going to do with them.

Grayson came back inside after a few minutes to find his two cats, Val and Dump, peacefully curled together on the couch. As he sat next to them, Val shifted a bit and without anymore space for her, got up ans left, leaving the shimmery black cat Dump with Grayson. He smiled a bit and removed his clothing, his eyes glinting with excitement. He took the cat and kissed it’s fur, then flipped it over and revealed Graysons cocksleeve. The cats pusay was originally only a few centimeters wide, but now after multiple rapings, Dumps vagina was four to six inches wide. When he got tired of fucking a dead corpse, he indulged in his cats. Slowly, he began slipping his hand up and down his manhood still warm from the cigar he held only seconds ago, which was now dying out in the ashtray.
The cat hissed a bit as his tongue pushed it’s way into the cat, but instinct told the cat it was useless. Once the predator has you, you’re done for. As he lapped up his feline treat, he moaned and sped up, feeling his precum run over his fingers and his heart race increase. The cat tasted like piss and skin, with a bit of sweetness from the amniotic fluid from her many pregnancies. To anyone else, it probably tastes like shit, but it was delicious to Grayson. He continued letting his tongue find and carress the lumps, the folds and the divets as he ate her out. As he felt his sperm start to leak, he jumped up fast and pressed deep into her vagina, flooding the cat with so much till she began vomiting it up. He grabbed her head and pulled her entirely back so her back was to his stomach, and began furiously slamming his soldiness into her cum filled pussy. Dump was howling, and cum vomit was flowing from her mouth, as Grayson used her as a petty fleshlight. He felt her gape wider as he continued puahing past her normal limits, pushing deeper and deeper until he felt his testicles kiss her walls, where he threw his heqd back and let his piss pour out. He had clogged her tiny hole so much that it couldn’t even escape, that it started pouring out her mouth and pussy. Grayson laughed and stood and let go, letting the cat hang on his dick as he took them both down stairs. Quickly, he found a anal plug and shoved it up inside it, clogging her ass too, while he tied a gag to her mouth, blocking all escape ways of his golden liquid, and making the ca howl in pain. He left her like that for a few hours, plugged each way, as he pissed in her occasionally and watched television. When he thought she had about enough, he pulled out the plug and chuckled as his piss splashed onto the floor.Th cat howled behind the gag, and pushed out more, while he placed the cat on the bed and began fucking it once more. Supressed squelches and squirts erupted from her soggy pussy, but he only came more as the cat lifted ups and pws and waved them around in surrender. He moaned louder, and pushed far and deep into Dump, filling her stomach to the brim with his sperm. When he finally pulled out, his dick was covered in thick, sticky cum, and smaller white liquid, followed by a cord wrapped around him. He turned his head in confusion, then continued pulling on the cord until a clump of wet flesh hit his hand. When he saw it, he grinned and raised open the newborn kittens mouth as Dump groaned. “Oh, I didn’t know you delivery date was today,”, he said as he rubbed his head along the inside of her mouth, squirting a bit more cum into the kittens (Which he named Imp,) throat. After he forced it to swallow, he began playing with Dumps asshole, rubbing and pushing his wet finger into it. He smiled and pushed three fingers in, then lined up his manhood with it. “Time for round two, kitty.”

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  • Reply Love itt ID:645g3wns8m

    I might kinda like violence but this neally made me cry. Cats are so inocent and adorable!! How could an asshole like you do this?! 😿

    • Hellish ID:3057hetqra

      I didnt actually do this lol. And some cats. Some cats are innocent and adorable. Some are bitches

  • Reply lol ID:f6awwl0jdf

    Science left the chat

    • Hellish ID:3057hetqra


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    Please define “SNUFF” film stories 12/03/23

    • Hellish ID:3057hetqra

      If you look at my other books with snuff in title, you’ll see how they are interconnected. I’m creating another installment to that.