She stinks

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On the evening of January 12, Roland P., age 55, answered the doorbell at his home in Philadelphia, and an intruder burst into the house with several other men. When one of the intruders smashed a flower pot over Mr. P.’s head, his wife, Diane, age 52, attempted to assist him, but was thrown to the floor. The men then ransacked the house.
Leslie, the P.’s seventeen year old daughter, was upstairs in her bedroom doing her homework when she heard the commotion. She attempted to call police on an upstairs phone, but found the line disconnected. One of the intruders accosted Leslie, demanded money and slapped her. At knifepoint, he forced her to go downstairs where her parents had been forced to lie on the living room floor.
One of the robbers took Leslie to the foyer and forced her to lie down and undress. The man tried to rape Leslie, then demanded more money and forced her to look throughout the house for it. He took her to a utility room, forced her to lie down again, told her to `grind,’ and then lay on top of her.
While Leslie was being assaulted, her parents were brutalized by the other men. Both were forced to lie on the floor. When Mrs. P. attempted to escape, she was thrown back on the floor, beaten and kicked in the head. Her hands were tied behind her back. Roland P. was kicked and beaten about the head. One of the vandals put a gun to his groin and told him:
“Fuck your wife.”
When Mr. P. refused, the man said:
“I’ll do it.”
One of the men began tearing Mrs. P.’s clothes off. As Mr. P. rose to protect her he was knocked unconscious. He lay helpless on the floor as defendant’s accomplices raped his wife who lay beside him.
One of the men held Diane P.’s legs apart as another raped her while a gun was held to her head. She was forced to turn over on her stomach and was stabbed in the upper thigh. She was raped and buggered repeatedly, while defendant sat on her unconscious husband. One man stuck his fingers into her vagina and anus and said:
“She stinks.”
The beatings inflicted by the robbers seriously injured both Diane and Roland P..
Roland P. was beaten so badly about the head and face that he was unable to wear glasses for a week. He sustained lacerations and bruises of the head, face and arm. In addition to the stab wound, Diane P. incurred a broken wrist, lacerations of the head, and extensive injuries of her genitals and anus.
The intruders also robbed the P. family, taking jewelry, money, a radio, a camera and other items. In addition, Leslie’s high school ring was pulled from her finger just as her mother’s wedding band was wrenched from her finger.
When her tormentors finally left, Mrs. P. ran out of the house wearing the only clothing the attackers had left on her body — her torn blouse.

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