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Mother and daughter

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On October 28, Adrian, Trae, Alexander, Michael, and Demetre were at an apartment in Indianapolis where they drank liquor and smoked marijuana. The five men drove to a liquor store in a vehicle Michael had borrowed from another person, purchased vodka, and shared the bottle in the vehicle. The men drove to a neighborhood, obtained powder cocaine, and everyone used cocaine. The men also smoked marijuana dipped in embalming fluid and took some pills. The group eventually went to a house where there were a number of people, and Isaiah joined the group.
The six men left in the car and stopped at a house on 79th Street in Indianapolis and observed the garage door was up and there were two vehicles parked in the driveway and two vehicles parked in the garage. Carl and Eileen were married, and they and one of their daughters, Alli, who was about twenty-four years old, lived at the house. Carl and Eileen were sleeping in the upstairs master bedroom, and Alli slept in her bedroom next to the master bedroom. Carl’s leg braces and cane, which he uses to walk, were located at the foot of the bed.
Adrian and the other five men exited their vehicle and entered the garage. Adrian and Demetre carried loaded.38 revolvers. Trae put on gloves he had brought with him, and the other five men put on gloves they found in the garage. All six men entered the house and immediately went up the stairs. At around 5:15 a.m. on October 29, Adrian entered the master bedroom with his gun, and Eileen and Carl awoke to the lights coming on in the room, seeing two men standing in the bedroom brandishing weapons, and hearing multiple male voices loudly telling them:
“Get up. Come on, come on. Where’s the cash?”
The men continually told Eileen to keep her head down and that they would kill her if she looked at them.
Alli walked out of her room, and someone told Trae to take her back into her room. Trae told Alli to lay down on the bed in her room, which she did, and Trae and Demetre began ransacking everything in Alli’s room looking for things of value, including her computer, television, jewelry, and phone. Alli’s legs were exposed, and the men made comments about her body:
“You have a nice butt”
One of the men placed his hand on Alli’s leg and was rubbing up her leg and up to her vagina area.
The men shouted at Carl and Eileen:
“Stay down, don’t look at us.”
“Where’s the money, where’s the phones, where’s the keys?”
They shouted several times:
“If you don’t, we’re gonna pop you.”
At some point, one of the men asked Carl to stand up, and he said he would have to get his braces on, and the man said:
“Just lay down.”
Carl was ordered to turn onto his stomach, to keep his head covered, and to keep his hands exposed, and he cooperated. The men demanded for cash, phones, and guns.
The six men ransacked the entire house, communicating with each other about what they had found, and electronics and jewelry were loaded into vehicles belonging to Carl, Eileen, and Alli.
At one point, one of the men loudly demanded the keys to one of the vehicles in the garage from Carl, and Carl attempted to reply. However, Carl either did not reply loudly enough or fast enough, and the man took one of the drawers from the nightstand and just beat over Carl’s head three or four times, telling him:
“When I ask you a question I expect an answer and I expect it now.”
Carl blocked the drawer from hitting him in the head using his forearms.
Later, a man entered Carl’s room and ordered him out of bed, Carl attempted to do so but struggled, and the man said:
“What’s the matter, can’t you walk? Lay your ass back down in the bed.”
At some point, Eileen ran toward another room, Adrian immediately shot her in her lower hip area or leg, and she collapsed. One of the men pulled Eileen back into the hallway, Trae asked him why he had shot Eileen, and Adrian replied:
“Shut up little Bro. It’s what you gotta do.”
A couple of the men took Eileen downstairs to the kitchen, and the men were going through keys and discussing taking Eileen to an ATM. Every once in a while, Eileen would start to look up a little bit, and somebody would shove her head down and remind her that they would kill her if she looked at them. Eileen was on her hands and knees, the men would hold keys under her face while she was looking down, and Eileen eventually identified the keys to a vehicle in the driveway.
Upstairs, Alli was asked if she had any money in the bank, she stated that she had $9,000 in the bank, causing excitement and discussion among the men, and Trae took Alli downstairs.
At some point, Eileen noticed that Alli had been moved from the upstairs to the downstairs and believed Alli was in the bathroom. Eileen heard voices, noise, and things being thrown around a lot all throughout the house. Eileen was led outside and attempted to run toward the next door neighbors’ house. Someone quickly tackled Eileen as she tripped and fell, she was dragged back into the kitchen, and Adrian shot her in the foot. Another man asked Adrian why he did that, and Adrian stated Eileen had tried to run. Eileen was on the floor, one of the men kicked her hard on her left temple, and she saw blue and saw stars.
Adrian took Eileen to her vehicle, Eileen and Adrian sat in the backseat, and one of the other men drove toward a bank as Eileen gave directions. Adrian showed Eileen a debit card, Eileen stated that the card belonged to Alli and that she did not know Alli’s pin code, and the man driving turned the vehicle around back toward the house.
On the way back, Adrian pulled Eileen’s sweat pants down, pulled his pants down, and attempted to penetrate her ass with his dick. Adrian was unable to achieve full penetration and penetrated her just a little bit, and his hands were all over her breasts and up and down her body.
Adrian said:
“This isn’t working. Let’s try it a different way”
Then Adrian turned Eileen around and, placing his hand on the back of her head, put his dick into her mouth. Adrian’s hand stayed on the back of Eileen’s head, and he touched her body and breasts. Eileen began to suck and lick Adrian’s cock as it was shoved into her mouth.
“God damn you are a Milf!”
As Eileen was sucking Adrian’s dick, the man driving stopped the car in the driveway of Eileen’s house, and Adrian told him that he was almost finished. Adrian cummed into Eileen’s mouth and stated:
“You better swallow or I’ll kill you.”
Adrian had Eileen open her mouth to make sure she had swallowed and then took a sleeve or a piece of material and wiped her mouth out.
Adrian, Eileen, and the other man exited the car, Adrian led Eileen to the driver’s seat, and Adrian sat in the front passenger seat. Another debit card was placed in Eileen’s hand, and Eileen noticed that it had Carl’s name on it. Eileen drove to the bank while Adrian pointed a gun at her. Eileen told Adrian that she taught children from three to five years old, Adrian told her that his father had been killed and his mother abandoned him, and Eileen told him that was terrible, that no child should have to grow up that way, and that she was really sorry that had happened to him. Eileen told Adrian that she wanted to help him, and he said that he did not know how she could help but wished that she could. Adrian thanks Eileen with a passionate kiss.
At the ATM at the bank, Adrian told her to withdraw $800, and Eileen did so and gave the money to him. The surveillance video at the bank indicated it was approximately 6:28 a.m. Adrian told her to try to withdraw more money, she was unable to do so, and he told her to tell the other men, when they returned to her house, that she had withdrawn only $500. After that, Eileen started to drive back to the house.
Meanwhile, at the house, Isaiah grabbed Alli by the hair and took her into the bathroom connected to the kitchen. Isaiah sat on the toilet, had Alli face away from him, removed her shorts and panties and attempted to fuck her from behind, but he wasn’t able to achieve full penetration. Alexander leaned back against the sink countertop in the bathroom, said:
“I’m gonna get head from this girl.”
He placed his hand on the back of Alli’s head and pushed her mouth up and down on his dick, the he told Alli to spit on his dick, threatened to shoot her if she bit him, and told her:
“Choke on it.”
As Alli was sucking Alexander’s cock, the men talked to each other about Alli’s body and discussed what they were doing to her.
Isaiah then took Alli into the den and placed her on a sofa on all fours. He knelt behind her and began lick her pussy.
While Trae, Alexander, and Demetre watched, Isaiah pulled out his hard dick and he shoved it into Alli’s cunt.
Isaiah said:
“Moan bitch.”
As Isaiah pushed deep into Alli, she started moaning and groaning.
When Isaiah stopped, one of the men had Alli stand up and place her hands on the couch, stood behind her, and attempted to insert his dick into her asshole, but was unable to do so. Alexander then penetrated Alli’s cunt with his dick. When Alexander stopped, Demetre grabbed
Alli and placed her on the floor. She spread her legs as Demetre got on top of her and pushed himself inside her.
When Demetre was fucking Alli, Trae left and told Michael:
“They down there having sex with her.”
Michale told Trae to watch Carl, but Trae returned downstairs when it appeared that Carl could not move. Trae arrived back in the den as Demetre was finishing to fuck Alli.
Demetre told Trae several times:
“Bro, get some Bro.”
Then Trae got on top of Alli and inserted his dick in her cunt. He started to thrust inside her and after few minutes he cummed inside of her.
Trae left Alli on the den floor.
Upstairs, Carl could “hear whooping going on so he knew that there’s activity going on in the den.
Someone led Alli back to the bathroom and told her to sit down in the corner of the bathroom, and she did so, wearing only her shirt.
When Eileen and Adrian arrived back at the house, Adrian took Eileen inside and placed her on the floor. Eileen was just leaking and bleeding it out.
Adrian then took Alli outside to the vehicle and directed her to sit in the driver’s seat. He sat in the passenger seat and pointed a gun at her. Adrian and Alli could not find Alli’s debit card, they exited the vehicle, and eventually found the card in the grass. Alli and Adrian entered the car again, and Alli drove to the drive-up ATM at the bank. Adrian instructed Alli to withdraw $800. While at the ATM, Adrian started touching Alli’s pussy with his hand, and the car jerked forward because Alli’s foot was on the brake and she reacted suddenly. Adrian continued to touch Alli and then stopped, and Alli handed him the $800. Adrian said to try to make another withdrawal, and the withdrawal request was denied. Alli started to drive, and Adrian told her that she better hurry up or he would shoot her. The surveillance video at the bank indicated that the vehicle left the ATM at approximately 7:04 a.m. At a stoplight on the way back to the house, Adrian told Alli to kiss him, and she turned and kissed him. When they arrived at the house, Adrian asked where the other men were, Eileen told him they were gone, Adrian took Eileen and Alli upstairs and had them lay down, and he left the house.

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