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Modern GF puts in awkward position

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When my modern GF does not know when to shut up, leads into a angry fuck feast.

I have been dating Sarah for 6 months now. She is a little handful, but I haven’t been much successful with women in the past so, she is what she is.
Anyways, I usually try and keep up with her delusions most of the time when she says men and women are equal and shit. I, being a 5’6″ myself, do not have much option these days. She does not work, but makes her money by selling her used panties and bra online. Some days she goes out alone and comes in exhausted, with some cash. When I ask what does she do for that money, she says she is an Entrepreneur. Not sure what that means.

One weekend I took her to Cancun, Mexico. She was very happy. It was the first time she left US. I think it was her first time leaving LA.
We reached Cancun by evening, though tired she wanted to hit the pub the same night. I was like ok. So we got dressed and left for the pub. She was wearing a very reveling outfit, with deep neckline and no bra. The skirt was riding up her ass showing her thong even with little moment.
My GF is 23. She was 3gDD, and a huge ass, thick thighs. A little fat in the tummy but nothing outrageous. She has blonde hair and greenish eyes. She is a good fuck. When I bend her over and fuck her doggy style her thighs make an amazing noise when I pound her hard. Mmmm…

Anyways we reached the pub. It had a garden as well, it was beautiful. Soon we got separated and I saw her with some men, drinking and laughing. I thought she is having fun so let her have it. Later I saw that she seemed a little drunk and now standing and shouting at the men, as if arguing with them. I went close to her. She was cussing them and telling them they are nothing infront of her. Those guys remained silent for a while. But she didn’t kept quite.

Then they stood up and one of the mean looking guy came close to me and said, “Keep your women in check, this ain’t your home. If she keeps disrespecting us, we have to teach her a lesson”
Sarah heard this and she went ballistic. Before I could say anything she started throwing hands at this man. I was like girl you are going to get us killed. I tried to stop her, but one of the punches landed on one of the girls in their group. Now his BF clocked Sarah hard. So hard, she not only went silent she went down like a rock. She was stuck like a statue with her eyes open. Then I got punched in the back of my head. And I was on the floor too, all knocked out.

I woke up after a while and found myself in a basement type room. It had one bulb lighting that cramped up space. I heard some noises. I saw Those 5 men standing around a table and fucking someone. I tried to get up and see. I stumbled and got up.
It was Sarah on the table with her legs up in the air and her hands being held by another man. Her clothes were torn apart and her G string was hanging from the bulb shade. They were destroying her pussy.
Before I could intervene, one of the guys gestured me to stay quite. I got the hint. So I sat down still a little dizzy. They were taking turns fucking her pussy and ass. At one time they were fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. She was moaning and crying at the same time. They were beating her ass up. She was all red, around her boob, pussy and ass.

This went on for like hours. They brought in more guys, all going home from the Pub, taking a go at my fine piece of ass, Sarah.

Soon the guys numbers decreased and I thought it was over. Then the lady came in who was hit by Sarah. She was drunk but still had a bear bottle in her hand. She was cussing her in Spanish. Then she drank the whole bottle and spit on Sarah, who was still on the table naked with her legs apart. Then this lady came close and started to shove the bear bottle up her pussy. Sarah gathered her strength to stop her, but one man held her hands down. The lady continued to shove it deeper inside Sarah. Her pussy was taking a lot of damage today.
Once she had pushed almost the whole bottle inside Sarah she was wiggling it to indue more pain to Sarah. The lady leaned in and started to bite Sarah’s nipples. Sarah cute pink small nipples were giving in. This lady was successful in biting Sarah’s left nipple off, completely. Sarah was bleeding, everyone laughed.

Then the lady picked up a brick lying there and started to hammer the bear bottle which was inside Sarah. She was gentle at first so she just managed to shove it deeper. Then she went violent. Which made the bear bottle break inside Sarah, pink pussy. The majority of it was still inside but the base of it was not broken. They all laughed and left.

i stood up quickly and tried to remove the bottle up from her pussy. It was hard as the glass had broken and had sharp edges. SO I left it in there. I gave her my coat and lifted her up. I helped her walk upstairs and leave. I found a hospital nearby and took to ER. She was kept there for the night. Apart from losing one nipple and a few internal cut inside her Pussy she was relatively ok.

We came back to he hotel next day packed our bags and left for home. While on the road she said it was my fault since I planned a holiday with her. I tried explaining that she was the one arguing with those dangerous looking men. And put both our lives in danger. She started shouting and keep cussing me the whole ride. So when I reached back home, I asked her to pack her remaining bags as well. As she is no longer my GF. I dropped her off to her friends place and left.

A year later I came to know that she was in prison for aggregated assault on her then BF, I which she stabbed him multiple times.
Boy! I dodged a bullet.

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich denke die Dchlsmpe gut zu wenngleich bekommen den sie hat ja schließlich nichts daraus gelernt

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0i

    Think we can say the cunt got what she deserved.