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My Teacher

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I got into the action with Mrs. Smith pretty early on. I lived right down the street from her, and she taught me English in the 6 th grade at FK White middle school in Lake Charles. I wanted to bang her every day I was in her class or saw her. She was just over 5 feet tall, small body with little breasts and nice hips and a pretty face. Who wouldn’t want to bang her. I never met or even saw her husband except a few times from across the street when I played basketball at my friends who lived right across from her. All the guys thought the same thing I did about her and wanted to bang her as well. She would always go outside in little shorts and stuff like that and it drove us nuts. Some of the guys would even yell at her to bend over and stuff like that and she just seemed to ignore us. This was before she started having sex with everyone.
What I want to comment on is the guy who said he slept with her who was carrying on about her being a criminal and all. Dude I slept with her and it didn’t mess me up or any of the other guys I know. We all looked at it as something good to remember. Who the hell thought we would get to have sex with a fine ass teacher? If it hadn’t been for some stupid fag like that dude who is probably the one who turned her in we would still be having sex with her. I sure never would have told anyone what she was letting us do.
I don’t know if Mary Ann Wegener (Mrs. Smith) really started the thing with letting everyone have sex with her or she got blackmailed or what. I heard all kinds of different stuff and I was there all the time having sex with her. I guess I just didn’t care at the time since I was young and I was getting sex. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Smith I sure wouldn’t have gotten sex anywhere else. I was 13 years old in the 8 th grade and not very popular with any of the girls I wanted to have sex with, only the ugly ones or the fat ones. I started noticing some guys I knew from high school being at her house every evening and ran into one of them at the snowcone stand down the road and he told me that they were banging Mrs. Smith and that she would let them do whatever they wanted to her and that I could come with him if I wanted to. I was scared as hell but I wanted sex more than anything in the world. I thought the guy was full of shit and maybe setting me up since I was younger than him and his friends but the idea I meight even get to see Mrs. Smith naked was all I needed to be brave enough to go with him the next day.
Sure enough, she was getting naked in front of all of us and when they told her to let me touch her tits and feel her between her legs she let me and then I got oral sex from her an came. The next day I lost my virginity to her and I was hooked. It was crazy because I had never had sex and all the sudden I was getting sex every day. And just seeing her naked made me want to bust my nut.
I will say this now that I know more about women now that I am grown up and all. I think maybe Mrs. Smith might have started the whole thing with a few of the guys because she probably thought she was going to be able to get into a situation where she could haave some sex with some young studs and get off. She was just divorced and probably wanted some dick because she was horney as hell all the time. I know I heard her cum all the time and she evne had orgasms with me and I aint no casonova.
I think she probably didn’t realize how crazy young guys could get when you have accesss to teacher poon 24/7 and also that so many guys would get into the action. I know I did see her acting like she disn’t want to do stuff sometimes and other times she was hot for the dick, so who know? She probably thought she would be having sex with just the first 3 guys that she started it with and didn’t think there friends would all get into the game and didn’t know they would start making her do all kinds of crazy stuff that she didn’t plan on doing.
I started having sex with her just maybe a month after they started banging her and I guess it went on for over a year before some asshole like that fag above turned her in. I don’t know what he ment by us getting into trouble because no cops ever talked to me about anything. Just one day one of the guys told me that if I went over I might get arrested that she got turned in and to be careful and that was the last I ever saw her for sex. She stayed at her house for a long time after that which is kind of weird but I guess that’s why she got the lawyer kid and married him so people woulnd’t fuck with her and I guess you can’t blame her. I wanted to go over again but I never did.
Like I said all I remember is good. We got to take naked pictures of her and some guys even did videos of her. We got to have all the sex we wanted and any way we wanted even banging her in her butt all the time. It was freaky because some of the guys were even younger than me I think she probably even banged some 12 year old kids. But a lot of the guys were older and in high school and a few might have evne been out of high school. I couldn’t always have sex with her because some of the older guys pulled rank and we had to wait our turns. I think even the old guy across the street new because I saw him outside watching us come and go sometimes. Sometimes the guys would make her go out behind her house and lock her outside and we would have sex with her outside behind her house in the middle of the day. Soemtimes they had her drive some of them around with her not wearing any clothes and crazy shit like that.
Usually there was just maybe a half dozen dudes there, sometimes less and other times more but not usually a big gang because everyone just sort of stopped by whenever they were horney and wanted to bang. When I would go I was usually with a few of my friends and she would just stop whatever she was doing and ask what we wanted her to do and then she would do it. Usually it was just me telling her to come with me in the bedroom and take her clothes off and get on the bed. I liked doing her from behind both in her butt and in her juicy and sometimes I would get her to suck on me before to get me hard and then sometimes I would get her to let me finish in her mouth and I liked that. I liked to watch her because sometimes some of the guys would get her to dance for us and play with herself and that was pretty dope. Some of the guys would hang around at her house but most just came and went for the sex. Some of the older guys organized things sometimes because her parents would come by sometimes or someone else or she had to be somewhere and they would tell us when it was ok to be there and when it wasn’t. A couple of times they had a big party at her house at night on the weekend -and they pulled a train on her and even some guys took turns together with like 4 or 5 guys doing her at one time which was crazy. I wasn’t into other guys so I never did that shit. I usually stayed away when the older guys were there.
She also had to go to some places were they had like a party or a bunch of people. I heard about that stuff but was never there for any of that. So like I said I bet she liked the idea of getting sex with young studs but didn’t plan on all the crazy shit and having to do so many guys. I know it also seemed to freak her out when she knew some of the guys from other than teaching them like one guy that went to church with her and plus us that lived in her hood. When she taught us she was the preppy good girl kind of vib and not the kind of woman I would have thought I could bang. I heard that some of the older guys did all kinds of kinkey stuff with her but like I said that was what I heard and I never personally saw that shit. I even heard they made her have sex with a dog once but that sounds kinda sick. I woulnd’t have believed it if I had heard it but I got to bang her myself for over a year and I know she did that.
Anyway I probably said too much anyway and nobody will really believe me but that’s ok because I have good memories. Her videos and pictures are all over the internet. Whoever thinks they got messed up because she let them have sex with her is crazy and was messed up before that ever started. We all wanted the sex. I don’t think any of these teachers should go to jail because young guys have to have sex somewhere. I think Mrs. Smith or Mary Ann Wegener or Mrs Jacques or whatever she goes by now should get a medal and get paid. She did a public service letting us guys have sex and we stayed out of trouble because not having sex is what makes young guys crazy. We wanted the sex and I am glad she did it. After her I went 3 years before I got sex again and that is a long time and I got into trouble during that time and it was because I wasn’t getting none. Everyone needs to chill and not worry about other people and take care of your own business and leave the ladies alone that want to have sex. Young guys gonna have sex if they can get it anyway so what does it matter? Why is it wrong for a teacher to have sex with you more than some other girl? I don’t get it.”

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    Where can i find the videos and pictures

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      “mary ann wegener” nude

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    Bro this is quite weird. I’m in 8th but in 6th I had an English teacher by the name of Mrs. Smith. Yeah. That was all I wanted to say. Aight