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Indian Preteen Orphanage Chronicles: Part 1

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My true story of my experiences working at an orphanage with my Uncle in India and raping and molesting the little girls there. Wickr or email me 🙂

Hello everyone. I’d like to share with you all my true experiences of molesting and raping preteen girls at an orphanage with my Uncle in India. To remain anonymous, so I’ll call myself “NsfwRed99”.

This all started when I was 16. I was living with my parents and little sister at the time, and it was tough since our family was really poor and it was hard to take care and feed both me and my little sister. We lived in a tiny hut house near the outskirts of Kolkata with barely any necessities. So, when my dad got a call from my Uncle saying he could use some help at his orphanage in Uttarpara, my dad didn’t hesitate and sent me packing right away so I could make some money and help out the family. He paid for my bus ticket, and I went on an hour-long trip to Uttarpara.

Once I got to the orphanage, I was greeted by my Uncle. It had been a couple of years since I’d seen him, and he looked quite different and stronger than when I last saw him. The age gap was much more noticeable now, as he was 39 and I was 16. He greeted me, and took me inside the orphanage to show me around and get started. He told me about how he had ran the orphanage for almost a decade, and how he got government funding to help run it. He would take in the poor, homeless, helpless, and orphans around India and take them to his orphanage to give them better lives. But after a couple of years, the funding was cut short and he had to start using his own money to help run it. Then, after his untimely death last month, my older cousin took over and began running the orphanage.

The orphanage itself was about 4 stories tall. The first floor, as my older cousin explained, was for us. He showed me to my room and where I’d stay, and he showed me his room, the kitchen, a mini library, bathrooms, etc. Then, the top 3 floors was where all the orphans stayed. As we walked, I noticed that all of the orphans there were girls, and most of them were really young, between the ages of 10-14. They were all skinny and looked frail, with their dirty and ripped dresses. Only a few of them were about the same age as me, if not a little bit older. In total, there were about 25-30 girls there when I first started working there. 2 or 3 of them would share a room together since there weren’t enough rooms for all of them.

Naturally, me being a horny 16 year old virgin, I got hard as I walked through and saw all these girls. I fought my urges and controlled myself as I told myself that this was all wrong and that they were really young and orphans, and what I was thinking and fantasizing about was just disgusting. My uncle led me down to the first floor, and we had dinner as we talked a little bit more and caught up. After that, he went upstairs to give the girls dinner as he let me unpack and relax for the night. I went to my room and couldn’t stop thinking about all those sexy girls upstairs and my dick started to get hard again. But with some effort, I got it out of my mind and started unpacking and tried to get some sleep.

About 2 hours later, I was really thirsty and needed some water. I decided to grab some water and get a late night snack as well, when I heard some noises coming from my uncle room. It was quite muffled, but I could make out some sort of banging noise and a soft whimpering noise. I tiptoed right near his room, and noticed that his door wasn’t even properly locked. I opened it a crack, and what I saw shocked me. There was my uncle, pinning down this naked girl, maybe not older than 12 or 13, legs wide open as he was violently fucking her. He had one hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, and another hand was on her hair as he was roughly pulling her hair and slobbing all over her face as he continued to fuck this poor girl. She was crying and trying to scream, but not much could be heard as my uncle held her mouth shut. I started to get hard, and opened the door a little more. My uncle noticed me in the doorway in his horny daze, but he didn’t say anything as he kept on pounding her. Eventually, he gave a loud grunt as he emptied his balls deep inside her and collapsed on top of her.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and I was harder than I had ever been. My uncle got up, looked at me and my boner poking through my pants, and gave a little smirk. He grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his drawer and a lighter, and told me that he was going outside for a smoke break. He pointed at the girl lying on his bed, still crying, and said I could use her if I wanted while he was gone. My mouth was still wide open and in shock, and I couldn’t answer him, but I gave him a silent nod. He laughed as he closed the door on his way out. Being a horny virgin 16 year old and seeing this sexy 12y girl lying on the bed naked, her eyes dripped in tears and in clear fear, with cum leaking out of her pussy, I turned into an animal and quickly took off my clothes as I was all over her. She started crying again and screaming and tried to push me away, but I did just as my uncle had and pinned her against the bed and put one hand on her mouth as I fucked her for what was no more than a minute my first time. My uncle came back a little while later, and finally explained to me the truth. After the government had cut down the funding for the orphanage, he couldn’t handle it anymore and got rid of all the boys in the orphanage. Then, he started to use and rape all the little girls there at the orphanage, and even sold some of them to local village men and businessmen to make more money. My jaw dropped. It was the craziest night of my life, and there was still so much more to come…

If you’d like to hear more of me and my uncle’s experiences molesting and raping the orphan girls in India, dm me on Wick . I’d love to share the stories with like minded perverts who enjoy hearing about stuff like this. Let me know if you’d like to hear a part 2 about some more adventures of me and my uncle molesting and raping the little girls. 😉

Wickr: nsfwredorange
Email: [email protected]

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