If I’d known it was this easy, I would have never brought my gun

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This is a real story happened in 1995 in Kings Mountain, USA

At 12:30 p.m. on 13 June 1995, a female accountant and bookkeeper at Lutz Oil Company in Shelby, North Carolina, arrived at the company’s Kings Mountain office after having been asked by the company’s president to fill in for another worker.
A few minutes after she arrived at the office, the woman went to the office bathroom to do some cleaning.
While cleaning, she heard the side door of the office open;  so, she left the bathroom and went to the front counter to attend to, what she believed, was a customer. The customer asked her for some cigarettes. The woman reached for the cigarettes and when she turned around, the man was pointing a gun at her face. He then told her to be quiet, that he wanted her to cooperate with him, and that if she tried to run or scream he would kill her.
The man then held his gun to the victim’s side and escorted her outside to his pickup truck. The woman did not scream or try to escape because she believed the man would kill her if she did so.
The gunman and the female accountant then traveled down Stoney Point Road. The man stopped the truck and led the woman to a field while holding the gun to her back.
At one point, the man stopped and took off the woman’s pantyhose, but then continued to lead her further into the field so they could not be seen from the road. Once they stopped again, he removed her shirt and told her to remove her skirt and bra. He then removed her underpants, his own clothes, and then told her to lie down.
“Please don’t hurt me,” the woman said.
“I will never hurt a beatiful thing like you,” the man replied.
While lying down, the man removed the woman’s panties and began licking her vagina for about 10 minutes. He then got on top of her and pushed his penis into her vagina. They had sexual intercourse for about 30 minutes.
Afterwards, the man got dressed, unloaded his gun in front of the woman and said:
“If I’d known it was this easy, I would have never brought my gun.”
As they were traveling back towards the store, the female accountant convinced the gunman to let her out prior to arriving at the store. After being let out, she ran to the store and saw a co-employee and a police officer. After describing the gunman to the officer, she was taken to Cleveland Memorial Hospital for examination.

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  • Reply Groupsguy ID:1d8f5f5a12oi

    @DJ, I understand many Christian rape victims tell their attackers they’ll “let them do anything” with them if they don’t hurt them. They then let their attackers do all sorts of sexual things with them, even cumming deep in their pussies. At times, they will hold and kiss the men and, while riding them hard, will express moans of pleasure, showing the men they’re enjoying their passionate thrusts.

    • Will S. ID:tiupfn8i

      Yep, my daughter-in-law was raped when she was 15 and she’s very candid talking about it. She’s one of the high percentage of women that didn’t even report it. It was at her granddad’s house, who wasn’t there at the time when a guy came to the door (she didn’t know, but I suspect the guy must have been watching her and knew she was there alone, but who knows for sure?). He claimed to be a friend of the granddad and said he had just left him in town and he was right behind him. He was supposed to wait for him in the house. The girl let him in, no questions asked. That’s when he told her to take off her clothes or she was going to get hurt, but if she did what he said, she’d be fine. No weapon was displayed. Naturally, she was hesitant and didn’t do it but he threatened again so she did it. He told her to lie on the floor face down (of the living room where they were). She did. He then straddled her and told her he was going to “teach her about butt sex”. She said she started crying but nothing else. He got his already-hard dick out and started fucking. However, it wasn’t in her ass. Or her vagina either. It was between her tightly-squeezed-together legs at her crotch. She said it was wet so he must have put spit or something on it, she didn’t know what. She said she wondered if he knew it wasn’t inside her but wasn’t about to say that. Sure enough, a few minutes later when he came, it shot on the floor between her legs, not in her. Then he told her not to look up at him and if she told anybody he would kill her whole family, which she didn’t believe even as he was saying it. He’d haul ass, never to be seen again probably. And did. She never saw him again nor ever learned who it was. She didn’t tell, that is the whole point. Not because she believed his outlandish threat but she said it was because she felt like no harm had been done, really, so what was the big deal?

    • Groupsguy ID:v8grnp6k7mx

      @Will S., that’s an amazing story. If his cock made it into her very wet pussy, she could’ve conceived from his potent sperms. She complied, and would comply even to the point of letting him penetrate her and shoot his cum deep into her virgin pussy, but still, so good she “fooled” him that way.

  • Reply Dan ID:z350ywozri

    Please stop

  • Reply TL ID:fx7y01kv2

    Honestly I thought the narrator was the rapist because of the title

  • Reply DJ ID:30rzgukk0i

    She did everything that guy wanted and she lived through it .