Fake pin, real rape

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On the evening of December 28, Jessica H., 21, and Jamison H., 24, attended a Christmas party at the skating rink in Cordova, Tennessee.

On the evening of December 28, Jessica H., 21, and Jamison H., 24, attended a Christmas party at the skating rink in Cordova, Tennessee. Jessica and Jamison were coworkers at the O. Steakhouse in Cordova. Alcohol was not served at the party, but the attendees could bring their own. Jamison and Jessica left the party about 3:00 a.m. in Jamison’s brother’s Lincoln Aviator. They soon got lost. They stopped at a gas station where Jessica began driving the car. Shortly thereafter, they arrived at the parking garage attached to Jessica’s apartment building. Jessica was smoking a cigarette in the vehicle with the window slightly open.
As Jessica and Jamison were getting ready to exit the vehicle, two men with guns appeared on either side of the vehicle. They had sweatshirts wrapped around their heads in an attempt to obscure their faces. They ordered Jessica and Jamison out of the vehicle and told them to lie face down on the ground. The gunmen demanded that Jessica and Jamison give them everything in their pockets. Jessica and Jamison complied. After demanding that one of them lie on top of the other, the gunmen left.
Jessica and Jamison remained on the ground. They thought the crime was through. However, the gunmen returned and ordered Jessica and Jamison back into the car. The gunmen placed Jessica in the front seat and Jamison in the back seat behind her. One of the men, named Rarlo, drove the vehicle. The second gunman, named James, was in the backseat with Jamison. The gunmen told Jessica and Jamison to keep their heads down. At some point, they stopped and a dark SUV pulled up to the driver’s side of the vehicle. The driver of the dark SUV was talking to Rarlo. Jessica and Jamison were driven to a field about twenty minutes away from Jessica’s apartment. When they arrived at the field, Jessica and Jamison were pulled out of the vehicle. One of the men ordered Jamison and Jessica to take off their shoes and some of their clothes. As Jessica hesitated, one of the men ripped her shirt off, exposing her white bra.
Then Jessica was taken away from Jamison. They put him on the ground and asked him what his PIN was for his credit card. Jamison did not know the number. When he told them he did not know it, one of the gunmen began hitting Jamison in the side of the face and the back of the head with a gun. Jamison said that when he told them something they did not like, they beat him.
Eventually, Jamison gave them a fake PIN. Initially he heard just the two voices of the individuals in the truck, but later he heard the voice of a third man. Apparently at some point, this one, named Jermaine, took Jamison’s credit card and attempted to use it. Jermaine was very angry when he returned from the ATM. and said:
“See I’m not playing. Then I got beat up some more.”
Jermaine shot Jamison in the back and then two of the men pulled out their penis and urinated on Jamison’s head. At some point, Jamison lost consciousness.
In the meantime Jermaine had Jessica on the ground while he hit her in the face with a gun. Jessica was crying.
James yelled at her and told her:
“Stop crying and get on your knees.”
Jessica complied and James lowered his pants and pulled out his cock.
“Suck it.”
With a gun to her head, Jessica began to suck and lick James’ cock.
After few minutes, James withdrew his cock, without cumming.
Jermaine returned when Jessica was on her knees without her shirt. She was bleeding and in pain. In addition to being beaten repeatedly in the face with a gun, one of the gunman stomped on her hands. She was also stepped on and kicked in the back. Jermaine forced her onto her back and ordered her to take off her pants. She attempted to comply with his demand, but Jermaine became impatient and ripped off her pants and panties. She pleaded with Jermaine to stop. Because Jermaine hit her every time she begged, Jessica stopped begging. Jermaine told her:
“Shut up or I will would kill you.”
Jermaine did not take his pants off, but instead pulled them down enough to get out his erect cock and to push it in Jessica’s pussy.
Jermaine put Jessica’s legs on his shoulders and began to thrust vigorously into her.
They fucked for a while, pounding in and out, and Jermaine finally poked his index finger in Jessica’s asshole a bit. Jessica moaned in pain then and before long Jermaine was pumping his finger in and out of her asshole as his cock went in and out of her cunt.
After about twenty minutes, Jermaine pulled out his cock and ordered Jessica to stand up.
Then the three gunmen placed Jessica in the driver’s seat and Jamison in the passenger seat of the Lincoln. Jamison regained consciousness in the Lincoln, Jessica had blood all over her face. The gunmen told Jessica and Jamison to keep their heads down or they would kill them, and the assailants drove off in the dark SUV.

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    Not much to wank on,but I did like it when they Urinated on his head, I would love to do that and then shove a corn cob up his ass before shitting in his mouth.