You don’t have to rape me, I’ll give it to you

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This is a real story happened some years ago in Chicago

On the evening of September 22, a middle aged woman left work at Evanston Hospital where she was employed as a practical nurse and arrived at her high-rise apartment building shortly after midnight. She and a neighbor entered one of the building’s two elevators and rode to the seventh floor, where the neighbor disembarked. The woman continued upward in the elevator until it suddenly stopped at the 13th floor. As she was attempting unsuccessfully to open the elevator door, a voice coming from the top of the car instructed her to stand still and remain quiet or “they would blow my fucking brains out.”
As ordered by the voice, she emptied the pockets of her white uniform (a two-piece pantsuit), her jacket, and her purse (which included a driver’s license, cigarette lighter, identification cards, and a $10 bill). She was then told to disrobe, to tie her blouse around her eyes, to unscrew the single light bulb which had illuminated the car, and to stand facing the corner of the elevator. After she had complied with these instructions, the door opened and a young male entered the car. He told her to lie on the floor and then inserted his penis into her vagina and had intercourse with her for approximately three minutes. A second male then entered the car and had intercourse with her for about four minutes. After whistling was heard emanating from the hallway, both males left the car as if they were responding to a signal. She then heard a voice shout,
“Lady. I will help. Are you going to call the police?” When she replied that she would not do so, the voice stated that if she pulled a panel back she would find a button which would open the elevator door. After opening the door, she dressed and retrieved the contents of her purse, but the lighter and $10 bill were missing. Thereafter, she ascended to her 15th floor apartment, where she told her daughter that she had been raped and the police were then called.
Police found out that on September 22 between 10 p.m. and midnight Rodney R., Robert M. and Jerome G. were riding on top of the elevators in the building across the street from where they lived; that each elevator was controlled by two switches on the top of the car, one of which stops the elevator and the other opens and closes the door; that shortly after midnight a woman wearing a white nurse’s uniform and carrying a purse and jacket entered the elevator; that Robert stopped the car on the 13th floor and asked her whether she had any money; that when she denied having any, Robert directed her to open her purse in which he Jerome G. saw a wallet and a cigarette lighter but could not see whether there was any money in the wallet; that Robert ordered her to disrobe which she did and Robert then asked whether he could engage in sexual intercourse with her; that she replied,
“Yeah. You don’t have to rape me; I’ll give it to you”;
that Robert then got off the elevator, climbed to the floor above, walked down to the elevator door on the 13th floor, and was admitted into the car by Jerome G. who was working the controls from the top of the car; that Robert searched through the contents of her purse, from which he took her lighter and, when she again said she was willing to allow intercourse, Robert unscrewed the light bulb and remained there in silence; that after a period of time, Jerome G. returned to the top of the car; that Rodney and Jerome G. then went down to the 13th floor and were admitted to the car by Robert; and that Jerome G. remained in the corner while Rodney engaged in sexual intercourse with the woman, following which the three youths left the building.
Months after, the trial court believed the words “Yeah. You don’t have to rape me; I’ll give it to you” was a statement of coerced cooperation precipitated by fear that her life may have been in danger had she failed to render such cooperation, so Rodney R., Robert M. and Jerome G. were judged guilty of rape.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yb0i

    These poor boys should never have been found guilty of rape. She was clearly up for it big time and the boys were acting on their natural instincts. Good on them! Like the report form, by the way!

    • Bill ID:1e2zyo62ccdl

      Yeah, she clearly wanted it. She told them two times they didn’t have to rape her, she would give it to them. The woman clearly wanted to feel their raw penises deep inside her good-girl pussy, which so wanted them. If she truly didn’t want them to do her, she could’ve asked them to wear condoms, or at least pull-out just before they cummed.

      Can visualize her holding each guy closely, especially as she feels them getting close to cumming. They hear her moan as she knows the guy is about to finish in her, to fill her sweet pussy with their powerful sperms.

  • Reply AP ID:1db7syrvnkh4

    Thanks for sharing but it does kind of read like a police report summary.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      That’s different? I mean, it’s up to you reading it if that’s a good change, or bad. But, we both read like 5 “Daddy’s Little Girl” stories a day. So, anything different, even if it’s writing it in 3rd person omniscient like the voice-over from a police procedural stands out. It can go either way, but at least this is trying something slightly new.

    • AP ID:45xyqk9kd9i

      Psiberzerker, all good and true points.

  • Reply billy ID:2yvvwnot09

    After she tells him he doesn’t have to rape her, and that she “will give it to” him, the removes her pants and drops her panties. As he disrobes, she reaches out to touch his impressive manhood. She holds him close as he slowly slides it into her. “Oh…. it’s been so long…” she confesses to him. “I… I know I’m not supposed to enjoy this… I’m religious…” “A good girl?” he asks. “Yes…” she responds as she feels his first thrusts deep into her. “OMG !!! Fuck me !!!” she tells him as he moves his penis in and out of her sweet pussy, which so wants him.

  • Reply dondd ID:2yvvwnot09

    I can see her opening her legs and letting the man slide his penis deep into her pussy.
    “Fuck me !! Fuck me !! Fuck me !! ” she told him as he aligned his penis in front of her cunt and pushed in and out of her.
    The Christian woman likely closed her eyes, pretending not to enjoy it when inside, she loved the feeling of the stranger’s unprotected penis thrusting in and out of her sweet pussy.
    She recalls the feeling of his penis exploding in her and filling her sweet pussy with his spermy cum.