Wrestling with nude mom

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In 1998, 12-year-old Jonathan moved with his mother Lori, 35, and his older sister April, 16, to live with Michael A., his new stepfather. One day in late December 1999, a few days before Jonathan’s thirteenth birthday, Lori began wrestling with Jonathan in the living room. Michael, who was watching, told them that the winner of the match would be the one who was able to get the other person’s clothes off first. After Jonathan removed his mother’s clothes and she removed his, they wrestled naked while Michael watched. Jonathan saw his sister, April, come into the room, and then quickly go back into her own room.
A few days later, on New Year’s Day, 2000, after Jonathan turned 13, Michael showed him pictures of naked children and adults on the computer and tried to get Jonathan to talk to women in internet chat rooms about sex. A couple of nights later, Michael and Jonathan were again on the computer when Michael began talking in a computer chat room to a man who was describing having sex with his own mother. Lori was in the room at the time.
Lori left to take April to work, and when she returned Michael told Lori and Jonathan to go into the living room and lie down on the floor. Michael began touching Lori’s breasts with his mouth and hands and instructed Jonathan to do the same. Michael also placed Jonathan’s finger in Lori’s vagina. Michael then began performing oral sex on Lori and told Jonathan to perform oral sex on his mother. With Lori’s encouragement, Jonathan put his mouth on Lori’s vagina. When the telephone rang, Jonathan left the other two and went into his bedroom.
Three or four months later, in the spring of 2000, Jonathan was lying on the sofa in the living room watching television, and Michael and Lori were sitting together. After conferring with Michael, Lori came over to the couch and started touching Jonathan’s penis. She instructed him to put his hands on her breasts. Michael then suggested that they put some pillows on the living room floor. Lori invited Jonathan to lie on the floor with her and she removed his jogging pants. She then removed her own clothing. Lori began touching Jonathan’s penis, while Michael touched Lori’s breasts and vagina with his hands and his mouth, instructing Jonathan to do likewise. Michael told Jonathan to put his mouth on Lori’s vagina, which he did. He then told Lori to give Jonathan a “treat” because he had given her one. In response, Lori performed oral sex on Jonathan
Michael then suggested that Jonathan have sexual intercourse with his mother, but Jonathan demurred. Lori got up and went into the bedroom saying her back was hurting, and Jonathan followed. Michael again suggested that Jonathan have sex with his mother to make her “feel better.” Jonathan asked Lori if she wanted him to, and she replied that she did. Lori began kissing Jonathan and touching his penis to get him aroused. At Michael’s direction, Jonathan stuck his erevt penis in Lori’s vagina and moved up and down on top of her. Afterward, Michael had anal sex with Lori, and suggested that Jonathan do the same. With Lori’s encouragement, Jonathan began to have anal intercourse with her. When he was unable to continue, Michael came up behind Jonathan and placed his hands on Jonathan’s penis in an attempt to arouse him. Jonathan “jerked away from him real quick” and went into his own bedroom.
A few days later, after taking a sex education class at school, Jonathan had, on two occasions and on his own initiative, touched her breasts in an “exploratory” fashion. Lori immediately removed herself from the situation and told Jonathan his actions were inappropriate.
By 2001, Michael and Lori began to experience marital problems. At one point, they argued over a period of three days and discussed divorce. One night the arguments were so bad that Jonathan did not get any sleep. The next day Lori called her sister, Melody Brown, and told her that something had happened between Michael, Jonathan and her and that Melody would hate her for it. She then put Jonathan on the phone and he began to tell his aunt what had happened. Jonathan told her that Michael had made him touch and kiss Lori’s breasts and put his fingers in Lori’s vagina. Brown told Jonathan that she had heard enough. She told him to pack his things and said that she was coming to get him. Brown took Jonathan to her home in Walker County, and Lori came to her house several days later.

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