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The vicar’s daughter

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At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Saward and her boyfriend, David Kerr, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of ‘Dallas’ at the Saward’s vicarage home in West Ealing. Jill’s father, the Reverend Michael Saward, vicar of St Mary’s, was preparing his Sunday sermon along the corridor. While David and Jill watched the Improbable return of Bobby Ewing from the dead, a stranger suddenly passed the living room door. He came back, peered in and saluted them. He was followed by another stranger who carried a knife. A gang of three men had rung the bell and forced their way into the house when the vicar answered the door. They ordered David and Jill into the vicar’s study, where they found the third member of the gang with Mr Saward. The vicar’s cash box was lying upside down on the desk. There had been no money in it, and the men, one of whom appeared to be high on drugs, were angry. “Man 2” held a knife at her chin and threatened to cut her throat unless someone provided some money. “I was thinking, ‘You’re not going to cut my throat if you’ve got your knife on my chin.’ I was very blase, cool, shooting up arrow prayers, saying, ‘Lord, I want to live’. ”
At this stage, the victims assumed it was a robbery. “Man 1” (the gang leader) then forced Jill Saward upstairs in search of jewellery. He found little of consequence, and when he dragged her back downstairs she saw that her father and boyfriend had been forced to drop their trousers, immobilising them. “Man 2” was incensed at the absence of jewellery and forced Jill Saward upstairs himself.
Ms Saward, an evangelical Christian who believed that sexual relations should be confined to marriage, was a virgin. Now McCall forced her at knife point, in her own bedroom, to undress and to take part in oral sex. Her father and boyfriend were brought upstairs by “Man 1” and saw her being abused by “Man 2” as they were shoved into another bedroom. Then “Man 2” raped and buggered her.
During the rape she recalls being conscious of moans and screams from the next room and saw “Man 1” walk past the door with a cricket bat. “I’d heard what sounded like a bat on a ball and then nothing for quite a while.”
“Man 2” was then joined by “Man 3”. He and “Man 2” raped Ms Saward and forced her to have oral sex simultaneously. “I didn’t know the human body could cope with such treatment,” she says. Finally “Man 2” used the knife to abuse her sexually. The gang tied her up and left the house with the video and nothing else of any value. Ms Saward broke free from the skipping rope she had been tied in, found the two men in the next room, bound and barely alive. She called the police on the kitchen phone, the one line the gang had not cut. “My dad said ‘Did they?’ and I said ‘Yes’, and that was the end of the conversation

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