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On the evening of June 22, former Lawrence North High School students Justin, Drew, and Serena, all of whom were nineteen years old, were watching the movie Traffic in Justin’s apartment at Lake Castleton Apartments on the north side of Indianapolis when they heard the blinds on the sliding glass door start to rustle. The group of friends looked over to see an African-American male enter the apartment with a rifle. The intruder yelled,:
“Get the fuck on the ground. Don’t look at me.”
The group of friends complied with his order. Several other males then entered the apartment.
The intruders took various cords from throughout the apartment and tied up Justin’s, Drew’s, and Serena’s hands and feet. The intruders also gagged and blindfolded them, which hindered their ability to see what was going on and to identify what intruder was doing what. The intruders asked for money, “weed,” and “anything” they could get their hands on. They searched Justin’s, Drew’s, and Serena’s belongings and pockets and took their wallets, keys, cash, bank cards, cell phones, and jewelry. Once the intruders located Justin’s safe, they pointed the gun at him and demanded the combination. Upon discovering the good quality of marijuana inside the safe, they were excited “like it was Christmas.”
While the intruders ransacked the apartment, one of them stopped to comment about Serena’s good looks:
“Damn. Look at this white bitch.”
At this point, the group of friends was separated; Drew was taken to the bathroom, and Serena, whose hands and feet were still bound, was taken to the bedroom.
Once in the bedroom, Serena was made to lie on the bed face up and untied her feest. Then one of the intruders pulled down her pants and underwear and lifted up her shirt. He groped her c-cup breasts and fingered her pussy, then he turned her face down.
He then got on top of her and put his erect cock inside her cunt. He started pushing and thrusting into her and after few minutes he pulled out his dick and cummed on her ass. Afterwards, he wiped himself and Serena off with the comforter from the bed. Another intruder yelled:
“Are you done yet?”
Then he got on top of her and put his dick in her ass. Serena screamed and the intruder had trouble sliding his cock into her asshole. When he removed his erect dick and tried to reinsert it, Serena squeezed her rectum to prevent re-penetration. As a result, he hit her.
“You are a white bitch.”
When Serena still would not stop squeezing, someone placed a gun between her legs and told her:
“Open up or else we will open you up.”.
He then stuck the barrel of a rifle up the girl’a ass.
Another intruder then tried to have oral sex with Serena. When he tried to insert his dick into Serena’s mouth, she refused to open it. He then hit her on the head and took the gag that was around her mouth and pulled it back and forth across her gums in an attempt to get her to open her mouth, but she did not. The intruders also sprayed shaving cream in Serena’s eyes and hair.
Just then there was a knock on the apartment door. Ralph B., a private security officer for the apartment complex, received a loud noise complaint regarding Justin’s apartment and was there to investigate. B. heard people inside the apartment moving around frantically and items being thrown. He then saw several males running south of Justin’s apartment. B. returned to this vehicle, which was parked on the north side of the apartment, and drove to the area where he believed the suspects were running. He saw an African-American male pacing around the area. B. asked the male for his identification card, which provided the name of “Adell L.” B. copied L.’ information and, after confirming that L. was not on the apartment complex’s no-trespass list, let him go. B. then returned to Justin’s apartment.
In the meantime, after the intruders ran out of Justin’s apartment, Drew was able to untie himself and then Justin. They proceeded to the bedroom, where they found Serena partially naked and hysterical. She had shaving cream and eggs on her body. Her hands were bound so tightly that they had to use a knife to free her. By this point, B. arrived at the apartment and called the police. When the police arrived, they observed that Justin’s apartment had been ransacked and was in disarray. There was a rifle on a chair by the sliding glass door. There were various cords in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. They found items bagged up in pillowcases and trash bags, and there was a drawstring bag containing CDs, videos, batteries, and beer on the lawn.
Serena was taken to Methodist Hospital and underwent a rape exam, including administering a rape kit that tested for the presence of sperm. During the exam, the nurse practitioner discovered multiple abrasions to Serena’s labia, two lacerations to her rectum, and swelling in her anal area.

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    Did you and the intruder made a baby together?

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    Nice story