The cop’s wife

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On the morning of May 10, at about 3:15 A.M., wife and husband were awakened by the bark of their dog. The husband looked up and saw a person advancing toward their bed, who asked for money. He was given two or three dollars, which the wife took from her clothing. The husband was then led by the intruder to a bathroom where a light was burning, and was asked to, and did, turn off the light. The two then proceeded to the kitchen where a light was burning. The intruder asked the husband to turn off that light, and in so doing, the husband inadvertently switched on the overhead light in the kitchen. This light remained on about a half a minute after which time he turned it off at the intruder’s command. During this time, the husband looked directly at the intruder.
The two men then proceeded back toward the bedroom. The intruder then asked the husband to turn on the bathroom light, which partially illuminated the bedroom. He did so, and thus got another view of the intruder, who then ordered the husband to get back into bed. The intruder then said that he thought he would kill the husband because he was a “cop.” The wife said “no,” and became hysterical; the intruder told her to “shut up.”
The wife and her husband were then ordered to undress, which they did; they were then told to pull down the bed covers, which they did, and the intruder then told the husband to “eat her.” Thereupon, the husband more or less crawled on the bed. The intruder remarked, “You’re not doing that right, get up and get back of the bed.”
During this time the intruder was standing next to the bed and was closely watching the wife and her husband. Before the husband could rise from the bed, the intruder remarked, “Would you go ahead and fuck her now.” The husband stated that he couldn’t, and the intruder then ordered him to get behind the bed, and pushed the bed up against him so that he could not move.
The intruder then proceeded to rape the wife, all the while holding a gun close to her head. The husband was able to see what was happening in a bedroom mirror. The intruder then led the wife, who was nude, from the bedroom and told the husband not to move or he would kill her. The intruder left the house with her and released her a short distance away. He then fled.

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    Stupid intruder should know better that that,