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Oh, yes, I’m a Christian

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Carole Rosa, the complainant was a married woman, 24 years of age, who lived in the Rock Island area about 6 years. She lived with her husband and 21-month-old daughter. She has a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Bible Missionary Institute in Rock Island, was active in church as a teacher and considered herself a very religious person.
On Saturday, October 28, she left her daughter with her mother-in-law and drove her car to the Speedy Boy Car Wash, a self-service car wash in Milan, Illinois. No attendants were on duty.
She first arrived at 12:30 but many cars were in line so she left and came back at 1 P.M. There are three stalls but only one was working. The stalls have aluminum doors with small glass windows. There is an opening between stall 2 and 3.
A man came into the car wash three times, and each time asked her where the manager was, each time she told him she didn’t know; that she didn’t work there. Each time he came in he would go outside the stalls and sit on a barrel. The door of the car wash was completely up. There was nothing to impede her view of the man. She looked at the man from time to time as she washed her car. The fourth time the the man came, she testified, was about 1:15 P.M. and he rushed at her with a pocket knife with a 4-inch handle and a 4-inch blade, held it to her throat, and told her not to scream, not to struggle, or he’d kill her. He told her he wanted her pants. He had his hand on her throat. She believes she screamed once. She testified he took her through the doorway from stall 2 to stall 3, backed her up against the wall next to stall 2, and told her to take off her underwear and pulled her dress up. She had on a three-quarter length car coat, a dress, hose, girdle, pants, and shoes. She started to take her pants off, and he pulled them the rest of the way down. He did not take them completely off. They were at her feet. She was still standing up against the wall. He tried to kiss her, and told her to kiss him. He caressed her a little bit, but he never took her dress off or anything.
Carole’s only solace when something like that happens, is to turn to the Lord. She tried to talk to him about the Lord. She asked him if he were a Christian, and if he knew what it meant to be saved. He said, “Oh, yes, I’m a Christian,” and then kept on as he was.
The man pulled his pants and underwear down, pushed on her shoulder and pushed her down to a kneeling position. His
penis was erect, and he pushed it in and out of her mouth for three or four minutes, telling her not to use her teeth. She gagged, and couldn’t tell whether she was using her teeth or anything. He did not ejaculate. Then he pushed her down on her hands and knees, pulled up her dress in back, and forced his penis into her rectum. This act took maybe 4 or 5 minutes. He did not ejaculate. He did not have vaginal sex with her.
He then pulled his pants back up and got ready to leave. She testified she was afraid at this time. He still had the knife, and as near as she could remember, it was still open.
He asked her if he could really be a Christian, and she said, “Yes,” and he wanted her to tell him how, and she tried to tell him the basic steps. He asked her her name and where she went to church and told her he would be there in the morning. Then he left. He asked her what she was going to do when he left, and if she would call the police, and she said, “No.”
She did not see where he went.
She got up, got her clothes back on, picked up her coat and the rest of the car mats and different things, put them in the car and got out as fast as she could.
She drove to her mother-in-law’s house about 3 miles from the car wash. She noticed there was some blood from somewhere, and that she had a cut on the thumb of her right hand. She got blood on her dress and on her underwear as she tried to get dressed again. She threw the dress away about a week after the incident.

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