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Little Rumana

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Rumana was a little girl short, having little rubbery budding breasts about the size of a nickel under her nipples. Ready for the 5th grade.

Little Rumana and her mom had come up from Florida to spend a week with me her favorite uncle. Rumana’s mom was Vietnamese and her father from India. She had a dark complexion with long black silky smooth hair. Her little body was so smooth almost bronze. She was a little girl, short and little rubbery budding breasts about the size of a nickel under her nipples. She was going to be a knock out for sure. Very smart girl ready for the 5th grade this year.

Her mom was a knockout as well. We had a very close relationship since her sister my wife had passed away. Coming up a couple times a year and me going to her place when her husband would go to India a few times a year. We were really close that lady would fuck the hell out of me time and time again. Loved my long thick cock. Now I am 10 years older than her and white. Enough of us let’s tell the story about Little Rumana.

We had a family gathering at my place before Lan (Rumana’s mom) went back home. Rumana was staying here for a couple of weeks before she went back. Everyone was having a great time cooking out and playing in the pool. Lan and I were on the balcony overlooking the pool. Relaxing talking how family was a great thing to be around. She had told me that Rumana knew that we were having sex. Then Lan says I think that she’s a bit jealous. We laughed looking down at the pool. I saw Rumana looking up at us then she got out of the pool running up the stairs to the balcony.

Coming up she got between Lan and I leaning on the table. Lan smiled smacked her butt Rumana screeched Lan laughed and went down to the pool. Rumana faking like she was hurt looked and me with sad eyes and her lower lip protruding out. Rub my butt uncle it hurts. She was wearing a little bikini really a bit too small. The bottoms were gathered in the crack of her ass.

I reached over and began rubbing her ass cheek where Lan had smacked her. Goosebumps were forming as I gently rubbing her. She spread her legs then turned her head looked at me smiling. I put a finger under her bikini bottoms like I was pulling her suit out of her crack. I went between her legs accidently rubbing her slit. She moaned a bit then spread her legs even further. I slipped another finger under and began slowly fingering her more. Uncle Dee what are you doing? I immediately stopped. Don’t stop I like that! I went a bit faster her little hips were bucking back and forth. Her little bald pussy was dripping wet her head swung back and she was squealing. Soon after she stood up wrapping her arms around my neck kissing me on the lips. Then off she went back down to the pool.

It was about 10pm when everyone had left. Rumana and Lan were staying at my place. Rumana was getting tired and went to shower while Lan and I finished cleaning up. Lan went in to shower then I heard Rumana call me in to kiss her goodnight. She was laying there with a sheet over her. I bent down to kiss her on the head. She wrapped her arms around my neck kissing me on my lips. My tongue moved through her lips giving her a deep French kiss. She whispered to me pull the sheet down. I did she was totally naked. Her little body glistening from the full moon shining through the window. My hand traveled down her body she spread her legs wide.

I began rubbing her bald little slit with my fingers then going to my knees beside the bed. Taking her young budding breast in my mouth I began sucking it like no tomorrow. My finger found her small but hard little clit rubbing it a bit faster each time. I turned her around on the bed my head went between her legs. She was moaning her hips a bucking. I began licking and sucking her fresh slit my tongue finding her little hole in and out. She screeched reaching down pushing my head. I sucked her pussy hard her fluids were uncontrollably flowing. She raised up then back down on the bed. She went limp. This little girl had a massive organism. My cock was totally erect in my shorts a bit painful leaking of precum. I stood up and knew I had to leave. She looked up at me smiling Uncle Dee I want more next time. You and mom are going to have sex. I go heck yes little one I’ll be thinking of you. I left closing the door.

The next morning we left for the airport leaving Lan and headed back to my farm. We arrived about 7 in the morning at home. She jumped out of the pickup and headed to the pool. She took off her clothes butt naked and jumped in the pool. I was not that far behind her. Dropping my shorts tearing my t-shirt off and stood there.

She came up and starred looking at me her mouth wide open wow your willy is huge. It hung down between my legs starting to get an erection. Well Rumana you ready to have some fun! She swam over to the edge of the pool I sat on the side she swam in between my legs. My willy was becoming full erect. She stood there reaching then putting her little hand around the throbbing shaft. The vein on top was bulging doubling in size. The mushroom head was throbbing turning purple. Looking at me she says my dad’s isn’t this big and he has skin over the top. I go you played with your dad? No I just seen it a couple of times he didn’t see me.

I slid into the water picking her up and moving down the pool a bit. Sat her on the edge of the pool she spread her legs then begged ne to kiss her kitty as she called it. With her legs on my chest i went down on her. On hand up on her sweet little buds twerking her nipple at the same time. I buried my face in her pussy began sucking her little very hard clit. My full mouth I began licking and sucking her. Squeezing her breast my tongue violating her pussy hole. Then slowly fingering that tight so tight hole of hers.

Soon I dropped my hand down from her breast picking her ass up sucking her pussy then licking her crack rimming her ass with my tongue. She was going wild screaming to the top of her lungs. I slipped a finger in her ass and my thumb in her tight pussy at the same time. She was wildly humping my hand as fast as she could. My thumb went deeper in her so fine tight wet pussy. I felt her hymen and gently pushed my thumb against it. Then slowly poking my thumb through the hymen she screeched it hurts! I held it still as she adjusted to the pain. I pulled it out picked her up her legs wrapped around me her arms around my neck. She was biting and sucking my neck. I slipped my middle finger in her tight pussy. Wiggling it and moving in and out. She was adjusting her vagina tighten up on it her ass began to move up and down.

She moved her head off my neck and began kissing me with hot passion. Her tongue going wild in my mouth. She sucked my tongue like a pro. My cock was so hard like never before. I pulled her off and laid her on her back on the edge of the pool. With her legs on my chest my cock level with that precious little pussy of hers. I grabbed it with one hand began poking the massive head stretching her tight virgin hole. She was moaning screeching with full pleasure. She cried loud sex me uncle sex me. Slowly inch by inch my 8- inch- thick cock began entering her. She began to giggle now it feels so good. With that I forced it in her she screamed at the top of her voice.

I pulled her closer to me my hands around her hips down. I began ramming her hard my large ball sack bouncing off her ass. Her head tilted back her eyes closed reaching for my arms she dug her fingernails in them. Her head going side to side screaming with so much pleasure. My nut sack tighten a stream of warm cum shot deep in her. Then another. It was spewing out the side of her pussy running down her ass cheeks. I shot another never before had I shot so much cum at once. She went limp laying back on the pool side. I crawled out of the pool bringing her on top of me. We kissed with passion again.

She sat up on my chest. Smiling and giggling like the little kid she was. I like your willy uncle Dee. I want him in me all the time. She was rocking back and forth on my chest our mixed juices draining from her body. She laid back down on my chest her ass in the air. My finger began to rim her little ass bud she screeched a bit as it went in to the first knuckle. I whispered to her sweetly now. My willy going to get you here next. She giggled wiggling her ass on my finger okay.

She got off me and gripped my cock. She began waking him up again then awkwardly kissed the head and opened her mouth. She reached down holding my large balls massaging them. Looked me in the eyes I saw mum do this to you last night. With that she began learning to suck my cock. This was going to be a great two weeks.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifij

    Lots of little mistakes but all in all good
    I like she is sexually active at a young age. I love little sluts as they are a pleasure fucking filling with cum.
    Wish it was me rodding the gem with my cock.

    • Ash ID:lk2dikm9a

      I would love to hear more from you

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoii

      Hit me up

  • Reply Big dicer ID:80htg09d9b

    Very very nice, you should really impregnate her na d fuck her while being pregnant