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Bottom Bunk

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My best friend Claire told me to bring my boyfriend over for “A party.” She had the house to herself all weekend…

So, we showed up after dark, but when we got up to the front door, we didn’t hear any music. I hit the doorbell, and Claire let us in, but she was dressed up.

“What are you wearing?” Obviously a nun’s outfit, but a very naughty nun. She grabbed me, and pulled me in.

“Close the door.”

My boyfriend shut, and locked it behind him, but I turned his head. “Don’t look!”

“Sorry, I just. I couldn’t help it.”

“Claire, what the fuck!” She was gone so I had to go after her. “This better not be one of those bicurious threesome things.”

“It’s not.” I heard her down the hall, and saw her standing in the doorway all the way on the end. So, we could see her whole outfit, right down to the assless pleather underwear, with a dong sticking out.

My boyfriend bumped into me when I backed up, but he just rubbed my arms. “Babe,” soothing, “If you want to go.”

“No,” I braced myself, but she just walked off out of the doorway. To her mom, and dad’s room, she said it’s not what I think it was, but what else was I supposed to think it was? When she showed up wearing a nun’s hood, her boobs squished down the top of a low cut corset, knee high boots, and a strapon with her bare butt sticking out.

“Uh!” Then, we heard grunts. “Uph!” Rhythmic grunts, muffled by the ball gag, but deep manly grunts to tell us she had a guy back there.

With his legs up, his ankles chained to the bedposts by matching shiny pleather cuffs, and her butt pulling back to clench tight, and shove the strapon back into her boyfriend. “Snh, aphugh!” He was drooling, and tears came out of his tight clenched eyes. Snot ran down his lip, and over the bright red ball strapped into his teeth.

“Yeah, take it bitch. Take it like a man, take it up your ass, faggot!”

“Uh, babe?” My boyfriends arms came around my shoulders, to hug me, and hold his boner up against his back. “You want to stay?” I turned around, and put my hands up. On his chest.

“Do you, want to be tied up?”

“I want to try it.” He leaned over and kissed me. “If you do.”

“Ihn snh!” I looked back, but Claire was picking up a towel. She wiped the shit off the dildo, then wiped it off her prisoner’s asscrack. He sputtered, and sniffed. His cheeks trying to puff out around the straps, but before she threw the towel over his crotch. I caught a glimpse of his cock. The black strings pulled so tight around it, it bulged with purple veins, and the head swollen red hot. His balls wrapped around, and around to they were squished together tight in the stretched scrotum.

“Babe?” I looked back, and he shook his head. “I just don’t want to be sodomized like that. I trust you.” He turned, and kissed me. “But please promise me that, you won’t let her sodomize me like that.”

“I promise,” Claire stood back, by the closet door. “I’m not even going to touch you, but you’ve never done bondage before?”

I looked over at the other man. He had his eyes open, looking back and forth, but when he saw me, he turned away. He had stubble, neatly trimmed, all the way around his chin, and smile lines like dimples around the ball gag. Even little arrows in the corners of his eyes. Wrinkles, so this wasn’t a boy we’re talking about here.

It’s okay, she’s 18, and she moved out, but I thought she had her folks keep an eye on the house while they’re away at a church retreat. I certainly wasn’t expecting her to be raping some man that’s old enough to be her father. “Who the hell is that, anyways?”

She had the closet door open then. Her mom, and dad’s closet, but she was holding up a hanger with a dry cleaner bag over it. “Oh, some guy off the internet. He wanted to make a porn film.” She backed out, pulling the plastic off of a black suit. “So, watch out for the camera.”

“Uh!” I looked over at the TV screen, up on the wall. Over the dresser, and across from the bed, so her parents could watch. Porn? “Where’s the camera?”

“In the headboard.” She threw my boyfriend the hanger, but he missed, and dropped it. “Look,” I looked back at the flat screen when she leaned over, and smiled for the camera, between his legs.

“What’s this?” My boyfriend held up the suit, and turned it around.

“Try it on, you’re the same size as my dad, right?”

“Give or take,” he took his shirt off.

“There’s a dog collar in the pocket. The front pocket.” She tapped her shoulder over her boob.

“Oh yeah.” He pulled it out. “So, this is some sort of dirty priest, naughty nun kinda thing?” He unbuttoened the shirt.

“Yeah, or you can go naked.”

“No, this is good. Who knew your mom, and dad were so kinky?”

Claire giggled, “Well I did, but I have to finish off mister pedo-bear here.” She slapped his thigh, and put her leg up on the bed. “While you 2 get changed.”

“Huh, yeah.” I thought, “Maybe we could discuss what we’re going to do, in their room.”

“They?” He looked back.

“Well, her little sister’s room now.” That she moved out for work, and college. They used to share a room, and the bunk-beds were still set up. “Huh, they must have took the kids somewhere for the weekend.” I shrugged, “I don’t know.” She didn’t go into details, in the text, but she did say it’s a surprise.

Boy, she wasn’t kidding! “Well, where does she keep the belts?” He finished buttoning up the shirt, and stuck the stiff white strip in the collar. To look like a priest, we’re Christian. We’re all Christian, in fact we all met in youth group, except for whoever that guy she got off the internet.

I giggled, “I can’t believe my first time is going to be like this! I mean, I don’t know what I imagined, lots of things, but nothing like this.”

“Hahah, yeah. Most couples wait until they’re married for years, and years before they start to experiment, huh?” He held his belt up, pulled out of his belt loops, with a big fat boner throbbing in the front of his pants. “Use this.”

He wrists together. I shrugged, and took it. Slipped the end through the buckle first, and then put the loop around his hands. “Huh!” He sighed, and closed his eyes. “I’ve never done this with someone else.”

“So, you have tried bondage before.” He nodded, opened his eyes, looked down, and smiled.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure you’d be into it.”

“So, you knew all about this surprise.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. Turn around.” I slapped his butt cheeks, and squeezed them in both hands. “Don’t be sorry. Let me, make you sorry.”

He nodded, and let me lead him off to the bunk beds.


Claire (FM femdom)

Okay, the truth is, mom and dad had such a sweet setup, I just couldn’t resist using it. As soon as I was old enough to do porn. I’m saving up, but between rent, work, tuition, books, food, gas, insurance…

I’m not a Christian. I never was a Christian, I just went to church to keep my folks happy. I had no idea how they kept each other happy, because they always sent us away. They didn’t make videos, they could have with that setup, but that was just part of the scene. Instead of a mirror on the ceiling, they had a TV screen set up for watching TV, and cameras all over the room, but they didn’t want anyone to find the evidence.

Too bad I forgot something one night, and came home from a sleepover. Back yard camp-out, but a friend’s back yard, I forgot to check the flashlight. So, I had to go back for the special button batteries for that flashlight, and thank God dad was already done. In the shower, and mom was cleaning up the bedroom, but I saw enough.

She was still dressed up so sexy, and in the middle of packing up the chains in her closet. She didn’t see me, so I backed away, and slipped back out. Without the flashlight batteries, but I saw her hope chest. At least it used to be her hope chest, before she filled it full of whips, chains, vibes, dildos, a flesh light, buttplugs, an inflatable sheep…

When I was old enough to talk to her about it, she just explained that they started out normally. Saved themselves, got married, she lost her virginity on their honeymoon, had kids… The problem was that dad was into porn. Addicted to it really, and some of it was getting pretty scary for her. So, he invited her to try it. She didn’t like it at first, but he loved it, and as she got better at it, she really started to love it too.

Then, she tried it, as the submissive. She let him tie her up, and have his way with her. Make her do whatever he wanted, including things that were too filthy, and unspeakable to even consider, and she smiled. Sighed, and her eye lids fluttered almost shut. Red hot, and almost panting with excitement, she bit her lip, and shook her head. “So now, we switch.”

It turns out that they both like to be tied up, play rape, and tortured sexily, but somebody has to be the badguy. So, they take turns. Being Christian, of course they added religious costumes, like the naughty nun, the priest (Real priest Cassock, but Catholic instead of Protestant.) You get the idea, and they managed to keep it secret from us kids, for years. I helped them keep it from the little ones until I left, because I was the eldest, but once I got to college.

I asked them, if they could take the kids out for the weekend. So, I could have their room, and their closet, to make a video. They don’t approve, they don’t consider porn star a good career choice for their daughter, but I’m an adult now. I’m going to do it with, or without them, but come on. They have such a sweet setup here, so they finally agreed.

So then, it was just a matter of finding a man that wanted to be fucked on camera by a teenager dressed up like a nun. That was honestly the easiest part.


“Missy” (fm sex talk)

I guess it took a while for her to get rid of that dirty old man, but that gave him time to show me the ropes? So to speak, it was really a belt, but it turns out that the urge to play with himself was too much for him.

So, he started tying his hands, to keep them out of his pants. He waited it out, until the erection went away, but then that started working the wrong way. “It wouldn’t go away, it just got harder, and harder until I couldn’t hold it back.”

“So you beat off.”

“No, I just hung onto the belt like this.” He slipped the end behind the board to the bunk bed. On the top bunk, he hung down with his feet under the bottom bunk, his knees just off the floor, and closed his eyes.

“So then what happened?”

“Oh,” he blinked, and blushed. Looked down, “That’s how I got my first orgasm.”

“Wait, you mean.” I shook my head, “No wait, you don’t even have bunk beds.”

“No, but I have a bar in the closet, to hang my clothes from.”

I giggled, “Closet.”

“Yeah, it’s not gay, but it kinda feels just as sick as doing anything gay.”

“How would you know? You never did anything gay before. Did you?” I had to pick his head up, by the chin. “Look me in the eye, and tell me, you never did anything gay.”

“No, not really? It was just this stupid bullshit, at RA camp.”

“That’s a Christian Camp!”

“I know, but the boys they waited to see who fell asleep first, so they could mess with you. They just drew dicks on your face, or stuff like that, but sometimes, they did. More then that.”

“Like what?”

“Huh, like trying to make you feel gay. Like slapping your face with it, or sitting on your face, and rubbing it in to see if you’d get a boner.”

“Uh! That’s sick.”

“I know, but it never did, so I know I’m not gay. Not even a little, if I was ever going to be bi-curious, then they cured me of that in R.A. Camp, but you asked. How I knew what that felt like?”

“Well, I guess it’s just dirty, but. Can you really cream your shorts, just hanging from a belt like that?”

“Huh, no. I have to think about something sexy, of course.”

“Like what?”

“Like, I know this sounds silly, but like Cat Woman.”

“From Batman?”

“Or the Halley Berry movie, or Sharon Stone, or any women like that. Who kidnap men, and hold them for ransom, or Robin to get Batman to come rescue him.”

“Hm.” It wasn’t that hard to imagine getting a cat-suit, and a whip? “And whipping him?”

“No, but. Okay, first I have to say, we’re not talking about one of the little boy Robins.”

“There’s more than one Robin?”

“Yeah, there were 3 or 4 of them, but when they grew up into teens, they started going off and becoming Nightwing, or Red Hood. Okay, he died, and came back to life but.”

“Yeah yeah. Nobody stays dead in comic books.”

“Except Uncle Ben, Jason Todd, and Bucky Barnes. Only now, it’s just Uncle Ben.” He nodded.

“Uh, CLAIRE!?”

“I’m right here,” she peeked in the door.

“Where you out there listening this whole time?”

“No, I had to get rid of my client.”

“Wait, you’re a whore now? OW!” I rubbed my chin. “Don’t hit me?”

“Don’t call me a whore, in my own house!” She stomped, and jiggled.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m a porn star, and a dominatrix, but the money is just for the video.”

“Oh, so it’s just blackmail.”

“No, it’s just porn, but I have to transfer the video, and convert it into a format that I can send to him discreetly. Edit out the little break in the middle when you showed up, that kind of thing.
So, really he’s just paying me for the editing, and the bedroom, and the acting…”

“Not the sex.”

“Of course not, that would be prostitution.” She grinned, and winked, so I giggled.

“Girls, you just going to leave me hanging here?”

“Oh yeah. BRB.” I was careful to touch just her shoulder. Her bare shoulder, but I pushed her out of the way, so I could close the door, and lower our voices in the hall. ‘you hear the part about catwoman?’

‘yeah, you want to borrow one of mom’s whips?’

I shook my head, ‘no, I wouldn’t know what to do with one, and I’d probably break something in there.’

‘so what?’

“So?” I held out my dress. I thought it was my sexiest dress, for a party with my college age friend, and my boyfriend, but now. “I just feel a little under dressed.”

“Well, you can’t leave him tied up like that.”

“He’s not tied up, he’s just holding onto the end of the belt. He can let go any time.” I opened the door, and sure enough, he was sitting on the bottom bunk. His pants off, and trying on the black priest pants. “Just give us a minute to change, okay?”

“Huh, yeah.” He grinned, while I slowly closed the door…


Confession (fm…)

“Forgive me, father. For I have sinned. It’s been 6, and a half days since my last confession.” Give or take, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sit still in church tomorrow, but thank God we’re not real Catholics. I don’t think that I could talk to a priest about this. Yeah, maybe.

“I’ve been having unclean thoughts.” She took a breath, as if she could hear me thinking. “Huh, blasphemous thoughts, all day in church.” Me too, honestly. It’s worse than school, because you know you’re not supposed to be thinking of anything so sinful, on holy ground, but I guess that’s the devil’s way of tempting us?

“Why the hell do they give him abs?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Jesus, why’d they have to give him such a hard cut body?”

“I don’t know, he’s supposed to be perfect.”

“Well, what do you think that does to us girls? Looking up at him crucified like that, with his perfect body, and that skimpy little loin cloth. The bulge, why did anybody ever sculpt a man-bulge on Jesus’ loincloth?”

“Ab, I didn’t notice, but of course.” We don’t even have a crucifix, in the prayer hall. It’s just a simple cross over the baptismal, but then I remembered Jesse Horowicz’s baptism, and how her wet dress clung to her bra when they helped her back up. Why did she even wear a white cotton blouse to get Baptised in? It was like a wet teeshirt contest where she was the only one on stage, tempting all us good Christian boys. “Uh,” where was I? “That cross was up there, when I joined. I don’t even know who sculpted it.”

“And you never noticed the big hard bulge in the loincloth?”

“Of course not, I’m.” Not gay, “A priest, we don’t look at our lord, and savior’s crotch.”

“Well, we do. All us girls are just drooling at both ends to climb up there, and ride that big hard wood.”

“UHN! Nghm!”

“Hihihn!” I knew they’d laugh at me. Then, they whispered, so quiet, and harshly, I couldn’t tell who’s voice was who’s.

‘he told me that he could do that.’

‘do what?’

‘get off, hands free, just thinking about it.’

“Huh!” Finally, I stopped sowing my seed in my pants. So it could shrivel up, wet, and sticky and the skin stuck to the head as if I wasn’t circumcised. “Huh!” I blinked, but they were both looking at me.

“Sick fuck!” They grabbed me.

“No, don’t. Stop.” I could say anything but Platypus. While they help me up, holding their boobs over my arms. Pushing them back, and pulling belts down off of the top bunk. “What are you doing?”

“Crucifying you.” They finally got the belts through the buckles, and pulled them tight. “So, you don’t try anything, like touching us.”

Claire put her arm around my girlfriend, who felt up the front of the bodice, but Claire. She’s always struggled with her faith. Even in Sunday School, she kept asking questions, but the kind of questions that implied that there might be some sort of loophole for her. If she just interpreted the rules, like Leviticus 17:26.

So, let me get this straight, if a Man lies with a Man then it’s Abomination, and they shal be put to death, right?

What does it say about girls doing girls, as a man would do them? With a strapon. “Hihihn! How long does it take to get it up again?”

“Who cares? Like we need a man with all these toys.”

“Huh!” I just spent myself, and already, it’s starting to twitch. I’m getting a rezerection, for the second cumming, and oh God this is blasphemous! “You, succubi. Temptresses, so full of sin, it must be dripping from your demonic.” Holes? I shook my head, Abysses doesn’t sound right, but I was doing so well, unscripted, I should be ashamed of myself. No, Pride is as much a sin as Lust, Envy.


“Ew no. Cunts.”


“Fuck holes!”

“Uh, girls?” I just looked down, and pushed my crotch back up, in the bulging pants. They didn’t fit me, they were really tight, and I had to suck in my tummy just to get them button, but now it felt like it would snap, so my raging lust can break free, and spray the room like a sex shotgun.

They took turns, standing on the bottom bunk to straddle me. Hump me to orgasm after orgasm, then fucking each other with sex toys to get me hard again. Again and again, I lost count of how many times I wet myself, until finally my balls were too drained to do anything but shoot blanks. So I couldn’t get it up again.

“This better not be some kind of bicurious threesome thing,” She said.

Well, it turned out to be something so much better: A gangbang. Maybe next time, I’ll let them take turns sodomizing me?

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