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The Family Games- Chapter 11

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Lorena and Eric came in after dinner, and they had their own in a cute restaurant, holding their heads close together and whispering exactly like what they were… lovers. Her dad hadn’t minded the curious, knowing glances they received; he had been too busy being the nice guy he was.

But they had to return home; she reminded him of that sad fact over a glass of light wine he sneaked her. So they left the candlelight and wine atmosphere and drove back to the house. All the way, her father kept working on excuses as to why they had been gone the entire day, excuses that Lorena knew they wouldn’t need.

Her brother was downstairs in the living room, in front of the TV, seemingly very casual, but a closer look told her that he was tired. While her dad went to the downstairs bathroom, she leaned over and kissed Glynn.

“Where’s mom?”

“Upstairs lying down. She got a little crocked, even though I tried to hold back on the supply.”

She kissed him again, feeling very loving, and sat down on the arm of the big chair. “Looks like she worked you over pretty good, lover boy. You’re kind of pale.”

Glynn sighed. “I may not be able to walk upstairs without help. Wow! I thought you and I had some great sessions, but Mom is the wildest. She’s been without fucking for a long time, she said, and I guess she made up for it with me.”

“It was sort of that way with Dad and me,” Lorena said.

“But I think it’s more than not fucking for a while; I think it’s who they’re fucking that turns them on so much. Wasn’t it like that with you? I mean, I got my greatest kicks with you, far more than with the other guys I fucked… until Dad’s big cock got in me. Then it was like nothing ever before.”

“Yeah,” Glynn agreed. “I almost came on the outside of Mom’s pussy, just touching it with the head of my dick. And it seemed like I couldn’t stop fucking her, couldn’t ever get enough of that sweet cunt. I went down on her, Lorena, and she ate me, too.”

She squirmed on the chair arm, stimulated at hearing what her mother did. “Did you get a chance to bring up swinging with others?”

He nodded and slipped his arm around her waist. “I told her about Jean, and she liked the idea. She wanted to know how soon we could get together. I said maybe tonight, but I’m in no shape for it now. How does dad fuck?”

“Wonderfully,” she said, holding his hand. “Once he got past the hang-up about me being his baby girl, he fucked me until I passed out. I couldn’t get more than the head of his cock in my mouth… you have no idea how gigantic it is… but I gave him some good head. And afterwards, he ate me out, even though he’d never fully done it to a woman before, not even to mom.”

Glynn moved both their hands down and snuggled them between Lorena’s thighs with a quiet kind of intimacy she liked. He said, “She told me his hang-ups, and admitted she wanted to watch some fucking. I didn’t say you and I had swung. Did you tell Dad?”

“No; I didn’t think it was time. But I did bring up Jean, and he dug the idea. I’m not sure she can take his big cock, though; she’s so small and delicate, even if she’s practically a nympho. I figured to get the three of us swinging together, so he’d loosen up more. Then, maybe we can arrange for him to see you and mom fucking.”

Glynn massaged her mound. “One way or another. I just hope he doesn’t freak out and beat the hell out of me.”

“How can he?” Lorena asked. “I mean, he’s fucking his daughter, and another kid, too. So how can he flip when he discovers that his wife is doing the same thing? I only wish we had another guy to bring in, somebody we could trust, but I can’t think of anybody. Maybe later.”

“Hey,” Glynn said, “you feel real good. If you’re not too tired, maybe I can get it up again, and you can tell me all the details of how the old man put his big meat to you.”

She laughed. “I wonder if you’ll ever get enough pussy? You know, I hope I can set it up so that both you and Daddy can fuck me at the same time. The two of you could take turns on me, then I could eat one of you while the other one gave me a good, long fucking.”

“You think he’ll go for that?” her brother asked anxiously. “If he will, we can do the same act with Mom. I’d dig that, the two of us putting the meat to mom.”

Lorena said, pressing his hand deeper into her crotch, “Don’t be selfish. I’ll be there, too, doing whatever I can to help us all.”

“I’m getting hard,” Glynn announced. “But what about Jean? Are you going to call her?”

“In a few minutes,” she answered. “But not for you. If she can come over and spend the night, I want her for Dad and me. And if you’re not asleep, I promise to come in and keep you company for a while.”

“Okay,” her brother said, and no more, for at that time their father came into the room and went to the bar.

Glynn said “hi” and went upstairs. Lorena slid off the arm and into the chair, her mound dampened by the playing around her brother had done with it. Watching her dad mix a strong highball, she thought he had only had wine that day, but the minute he got home, he needed something stronger.

“Mom’s in bed early,” she said to him. “Glynn said she had a little too much and called it a night.”

“That figures,” he said. “Damnit, today was so great, and now it turns sour, back in this house with her.”

She got up and went to him, to press her slim body against his big, muscled one. “I’ll call Jean to sleep over. You can come into my room so that even if mom does wake up, she won’t suspect anything if she hears a couple of giggling kids.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “It’s too dangerous here.”

Kissing him hard on the mouth, tasting the residue of his drink there, she said, “Don’t be a cop-out. Unless you can’t take any more fucking?”

He swallowed more whiskey and grinned. “I think I can ball all night; I never felt younger or stronger.”

“Good,” she said and went to the telephone. Sure, Jean said, she could come right over and how was darling Glynn doing.

Softly into the mouthpiece, Lorena said, “It’s not him. It’s my dad. I balled him last night and all day, and now we’re ready for you.”

“Wow!” Jean said. “You aren’t putting me on? That big, sexy hunk of a man… you swung with your dad, too?”

“All the way,” Lorena answered. “He thinks you’re something else, by the way.”

“I’ll be right over,” Jean gasped. “Where’s your mom?”

“Zonked out,” Lorena said, “crashed. Glynn’s out of action, also. So that leaves us three.”

“A nice, swinging number,” Jean said and hung up.

Turning, Lorena said, “She’s coming right over. Maybe you ought to bring a bottle up to my room?”

Shaking his head, her dad murmured, “I can’t believe that all this is happening to me, but if it’s a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

Lorena climbed the stairs, went to pee, and had another quick shower, wanting to be all fragrant and fresh for him… and for Jean, she thought. How would it be, one chick with another? Not as good as fucking a man, probably, but different and good, maybe. It wouldn’t hurt to try, and could add an entirely new dimension to the relationship. Jean had hinted around a time or two that she wouldn’t be averse to doing it, and Lorena suspected that the other girl was already experienced.

When the door buzzer sounded, she wrapped her blue robe around her damp body and went pounding back downstairs to let in her friend. Her father was still at the bar, and she caught Jean excitedly by the hand to lead her to the bedroom.

Inside, she helped the girl strip off her clothing and marvelled again at the miniature precision of Jean’s lovely little body. The small, but perfectly shaped breasts stood up pertly, tipped with exotic pink nipples, and Jean’s skin was so finely textured it felt like warm silk.

“That feels nice,” Jean said. “Your hands, I mean. Got a robe I can borrow? We don’t want to shake up your dad too much, not right away.”

Lorena hauled a pale green dressing gown from her closet and held it so Jean could put it on. The girl leaned back against her and took Lorena’s hands to lift them to the compact cones of her tits. Her hair was close to Lorena’s face and smelled of a sensual perfume.

“This feels even better,” Jean murmured, practically lost in the translucent robe. Her little body burned through the thin material and into Lorena’s. “How did you do it… make your father?”

“Helped him get smashed, then sneaked into his bed and pretended to be a mom. They haven’t been sleeping together for months, and he was horny as fuck. By the time he realized he wasn’t fucking her, but his daughter, it was too late. He had already cum in me.”

Jean giggled and rubbed the diminutive hillocks of her saucy ass into Lorena’s belly. “And now that you turned him on, he’s ready for anything? So are you, it seems.”

“I think so,” Lorena answered. “We’ll get to that later, I guess, although I don’t know how my daddy will take something so far out.”

“He’ll like it fine,” Jean assured her. “Guys dig seeing two chicks make it with each other; it turns them on like you wouldn’t believe.”

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Lorena felt a warm rush of blood on her face and let go of Jean’s tits to step back. “There he is. I guess we’ll just play it by ear.”

“If that’s your bag,” Jean laughed and drew the diaphanous robe tightly about her body to outline the shape of it.

Eric came quickly into the room, shutting and locking the door behind himself. He had two bottles, one a fifth of bourbon, the other a mix. “Hello, girls.”

Seeing that her father was doing his best to play it cool, Lorena caught his hand briefly, then took the bottles and put them on her dresser. “You remember Jean, dad?”

“How could I forget her?” he asked. “You leave an indelible impact, Jean.”

“Hey,” Jean said, “that’s what I like about older men; they’re thoughtful and nice.”

“Well,” he said. He was wearing a satin robe that exposed his legs and dipped in front to show more of his broad chest. Lorena thought he looked yummy.

Jean broke the unnatural awkwardness by simply opening her robe and dropping it from her shoulders. Lorena saw her dad’s eyes go wide at the sight of the lovely body. Jean looked terrific, of course, creamy white and deep reds, the dark scarlet hair luxuriant over her tiny mound, the hills and valleys of her flesh all cunningly moulded. As they watched, she pirouetted slowly, lifting her arms, a gorgeous little mannequin.

Lorena took off her covering, but simply stood quiet and looked at her father.

He said, “Here are two truly beautiful girls, the prettiest, most charming girls I’ve ever seen. They’re naked and adventurous, and here I am… scared as any kid on his first outing. I’m one hell of a long way from being a cherry, but I’m as nervous as if I was.”

“Don’t be, dad,” Lorena said. “Why don’t you sit down on the bed and I’ll get a glass for your drink. Jean… ”

“Sure,” Jean breathed huskily and moved to the bed to sit beside him. As Lorena splashed whiskey and mix into a glass retrieved from the bathroom, she watched her friend playing with her father’s robe.

“Sit up, Mr. Johansen.” Jean murmured, “So I can help you out of the sleeves.”

Lorena brought him the strong drink, and her dad grabbed it anxiously. She saw his nude body then as Jean whipped off the robe, saw that he was still edgy about being with two young girls, one of them his daughter. His cock hung down limply between the sinewy columns of his thighs.

“Damn,” Jean said, “I never saw one that long before, but if you took it, Lorena… I guess I can, too.”

“Wait till you see it hard,” Lorena said, knowing a warm stir within her pussy at the sight of her father’s appetizing cock, and went around to the other side of the bed.

When she crawled onto it, Jean was kissing him, one hand fondling the soft tool, the other arm around his neck. Her father caressed the little girl, running his hands over the perfect small body.

Lorena slid across the bed and came to her knees to press her tits into her dad’s back while she held to his hips. Her brushy mound rubbed up and down along his spine, and she figured that he was getting the damnedest kiss of his life.

They sank back to the mattress together, and Jean pushed him over onto his back. “The first time, I think I’ll try it this way, Mr. Johansen, so I can handle that giant thing my way. Oh wow… look how it’s growing!”

Still kneeling beside her father, Lorena saw that his dick was reaching its full and magnificent size, the glans puffing its lavender velvet knob awesomely, the corded shaft glowing with inner life, and his balls looking solid. It was lovely to her, no longer frightening, but she understood how the other girl could be shaken by its length and heft.

But Jean was handling it now, stroking her tiny hands up and down, caressing her fluttering fingers over the head of the big dick. Lorena watched the girl climb over his body, straddling the man, both hands still toying with his cock.

Turning her head, Jean asked over one shapely shoulder, “It’s okay if I take him on first, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve already been fucked today, and I haven’t.”

“Be my guest,” Lorena said in high excitement, running her fingertips over the erectile tips of her aching breasts. “Daddy’s all ready.”

An exquisitely formed little goddess, Jean poised momentarily above him, sculptured in rose and gold and red, the twin cheeks of her moulded ass twitching.

Jean moved the huge cock she was holding, and biting her lips, guided its pulsing head into the caress of her pubic hairs. “It’s so big… so big.”

But the blunt tip dug up into the small crotch, and Lorena saw it slowly going inside Jean’s mini-pussy. Bit by bit, as the girl squirmed to make it fit, the bulb pushed on when Jean gently lowered her ass. An inch, then another disappeared into the curly red hairs, and Lorena could make out the cunt lips stretching pinkly around the very rim of her father’s cockhead. The girl gave a strong downward hunch, tightening the cheeks of her ass as she did so, and the head vanished into her vagina.

“Ooohh!” Jean gasped. “It’s like riding a salami… oh! Stretching me open… big and hard and groovy… ”

Lorena could resist no longer; she reached down between the girl’s thighs and fingered the root of the throbbing shaft. She felt the slickness of Jean’s love juice upon it and touched the marvellously soft labia as Jean’s cunt came to rest there. Her other hand cuddled her pussy, her little finger tickling into its hot lips, Lorena squeezed on the hilt of her father’s dick and revelled in the up and down sensation of the other girl’s cunt lips, too.

Releasing her snatch, she came up to kneel right behind Jean; this way, she could still reach down and play between two pairs of thighs, toying with balls and cock as Jean slid up and down upon the deeply embedded shaft. Lorena’s tits nuzzled into Jean’s back, and she loved the sensation of the little ass bumping her belly.

“E-every time I wiggle,” Jean panted, “my clit goes crazy. The head of this dick hits the bottom, too. Ahh… oh, Mr Johansen, you’re wonderful”

It seemed impossible for Jean to be taking all that mammoth cock, Lorena thought, but it was happening, and that tiny cunt must be stretched to its capacity, packed with so much hard meat. She reached around and took both the girl’s firm tits in her hands, kneading them tenderly as Jean stroked up and down.

Leaning back and twisting her head around, Jean sought Lorena’s mouth. Their tongues met furiously and their teeth clashed as Jean continued to ride the upright pole, wiggling and hunching on it. Lorena felt the moan burst against her teeth as Jean came, felt the long convulsion that wracked the vibrant little body as the climax crested through it.

“Hot and tight” her father grunted, surging his pelvis upward. “Sucking on my rod… ah, kid… you sweet little cunt! Uh… uh… UH!!”

He came, heaving up in a spasm that lifted them both from the bed. As he dropped back, Lorena realized that his river of bubbling cum was pumping into her friend’s pussy, that her raunchy daddy was shooting his hot cum into Jean’s shuddering cunt, drowning the tiny velvet envelope. She envied her friend the rare sensation and squeezed hard upon Jean’s tits.

Jean’s tongue went still in Lorena’s mouth, and their breath sighed, blending in warmth, understanding and sharing. Lorena was very glad for the moment, even though her pussy was afire with want.

When Jean sagged limply forward, Lorena let go of the girl’s breasts and helped her work the massive shaft out of her pussy. It came into the air with a plopping sound, and cum ran down Jean’s moulded thigh.

Rolling over onto the bed, Jean whispered, “J-just give me a minute or two, Lorena. I think I exploded.”

And her father fumbled weakly at the bedside table for his glass. Lorena leaned across and gave it to him. He said, “She’s got a pussy even tighter than yours, baby. It’s like fucking a ten-year-old kid… but a kid who knows how to fuck, and loves the meat.”

“I’m glad you two dig each other so much,” Lorena said.

“See how much fun sharing can be, Dad? I got my kicks out of watching you fuck, seeing your big cock slipping in and out of her little snatch. I held her tits, too, and felt her pussy with my fingers while you were inside it, stretching it so wide.”

His eyes held hers. “I felt it, baby, and I wished I could have my cock in both of you at the same time.”

“You can take turns on us,” she said, “crossing over on our cunts until you cum in one of them, and I hope it’s mine.”

“Not yet,” he said. “I’m out of gas right now, but when I get myself pumped up again, I’m going to give my bitchy little daughter the fucking of her young life.”

“For now, I’ll take a sip of your drink,” she murmured, “and mix you another one.”

When she came back to the bed and gave it to him, he was sitting up, his dick at greasy half-mast. Jean held up her hands and Lorena climbed over her dad to go to the girl.

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