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Making payments – Using Mom

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Payments were to be made and we had no money. So I started to use my mom for cash.

My dad passed away with a huge debt on his head. I was 17 when things fell on me to take care of my mom(Erin, 39) and my brother(Adam, 14). We were living in a trailer park. Renting the space in return, we helped maintain the lot. So our rent was sorted out. But for other things we were still scrambling. I got a part-time job at a restaurant to clean dishes. My mom got a part-time job at a grocery store. That’s it. It was barely enough to buy food.

Shit hit the fan when my mom lost that job too. I was very angry. She told that she was kicked out because she said no to giving a blowjob to her boss. I was furious. It was just a blowjob. We needed that money.

The next day, Adam’s friend(Kenny 14) showed up to meet him. He was from a rich family. Since our house is very small so it’s cramped when guests are there. I was on the couch laying and reading a book when I noticed, Kenny was trying to look up mom’s short dress. And also to venture down her cleavage wherever he was getting any chance.

“Hey…What do you think you are doing?” I jolted up and sat down pointing at Kenny.
Everyone stood still at their place.
“What made you think you can look at mom’s assets like that?” I shouted standing up.
Mom looked uncomfortably and turned to Adam and Kenny.
“No… I mean… I didn’t mean to….” Kenny was trying to find words.
“You little rich pervert you think you can come to our house and watch my mom’s body….. that too for free?”
I lifted him by his collar. He was tiny. He got afraid.
“I’ll pay..I’ll pay.. whatever you say.. I’ll pay..” He said stuttering.
Hmmm… wait. He was ready to pay just to see my mom’s body. That seems easy money. I put him down.
“Fine, that will be 10 bucks for the exploration you did.”
He quickly handed me the money. I saw he had more in his wallet.
“Well, if you have 50 dollars I can let you lift her dress and see her panties,” I suggested putting the 10 bucks in my shirt pocket.
“Here,” he immediately handed me the money.
Before Mom could understand what was going on Kenny lifted her dress to her stomach. Mom tried to revolt but I caught her hand and quenched my eyes. Suggesting her… Let it happen. She went silent.
“No touching” Just seeing.
“Can you ask her to turn around, after all, half the panty is behind her”
Smart kid. I turned her around. He was up close to her ass, filling everything in.
“Can I sniff her pussy?”
“That will be 50”
He went down on his knees and started to sniff her pussy. It was so mesmerizing that he fell on her crotch.
“Hey that will be 50 more for touching mom”
“Here.. but now I can touch her all over”
“No just waist area and her thighs”
“Ok I can manage”
He placed his palms on her ass and shoved his face in her crotch. He was breathing in, taking in all the essence of this mature pussy. Then he spread her legs and went under and kept smelling her crotch until he reached her asshole. He was groping her ass so hard.
“Time’s up kid”
“Uggg… Ok I will give 50 for her boobs”
I pulled mom’s dress forward, she was not wearing any bra.
“Nope, it will be 100 bucks as she is not wearing any bra.”
“Deal” He handed 100 bucks.
I allowed him to take the dress off my mom. She just stood there like a mannequin.
His eyes opened wide. To be frank, I too was amazed by the sight. I had never seen mom naked before. She had 36DD boobs, fair skin and perky nipples. She is a little chubby but all at right places. Now she was standing there just in her black cotton panties with her hands on her hips while teenage boys were gawking over her.

“Can I touch those?”
“You know the price”
He gave me another 50 and started to fondle my mom’s boobs. He was very vigorous with them. It was his first boob massage.
“Can I remove her panties? I have the last 50 bucks.”
“No way kid, underwear is 100 dollars.”
“Well have this watch, my dad gave me for Christmas. It is worth more than 300 dollars.”
“Well, that will do”
“But that is more than 100, will you not return like 200 dollars?”
“It’s a one-way streak, my friend. Once the money reaches me there is no return.”
“Fine in that case I should be allowed to lick her anywhere I want”
“Seems fair.”
He then removed mom’s panties. He started to lick her boobs and nipples while touching her pussy. She just moaned. That turned me on too. Adam was already in the corner jerking off in his pants.
Kenny then kneeled down and started to lick her pussy. Her moans grew. She was gripping his hair tight and playing with her tits. There was just a hint of pubic hair over mom’s pussy. Kenny sniffed a lot. He was about to insert his finger inside her.
“No no nothing inside her. That’s extra”
“Well, I have nothing more to offer.”
“Maybe next time you come back with more cash”
“I will.. But at least can I jerk off touching her?”
I was getting too hard and I too wanted to jerk off on her. So I took pity on the kid.
“Ok but you own me 100”
He pulled out his dick and started to jerk off with his right hand while he played with mom’s boobs with another.

I too took out my dick and went close to mom. She was already high with sexual energy to be angry at me. This encouraged my brother to come close too. We all were touching her awesome body and jerking off. Adam was the first to go off. He came on her belly.
I pushed her down to her knees. Kenny ejaculated on her tits. While I came on her face. She rubbed the cum all over her face and tits. She grabbed my dick and sucked it clean. Then she did the same with Adam’s dick. Finally Kenny leaned forward and let her suck his dick clean.

“Dude, that will be charged 200 in the next session. Ok”

“I will be happy to pay” Kenny closed his eyes as mom licked his dick all clean.

We all put our dicks away. Mom stood up and went to the bathroom. I slapped her tight ass, and she just smiled turning back at me.

“Well, it was a good deal, my friend,” I said. “Hope you got your money’s worth”
“Hell yeah”
“I’m expecting that you will spread the word and share good reviews with your friends. Rich friends”
I winked.
“Oh sure, I’ll make sure you can milk your cow really good” He winked back.

He packed his stuff and left for the day. Mom took a while before she came out. I’m guessing she was fingering herself.

Anyways things were a little different now at home. After all, we made 910 dollars in total. Not bad for half an hour job. It was way more than I was making a month.

We ordered pizza that night and shared it. We laughed and had fun for the first time since my dad passed away.

Hope we can make more off my mom’s body.

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