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Perks of Foster Care Part 4!

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How me and my older brother in foster care had fun in the shower and he…

(Owen 12. And Sammy 21)
So I was at my 3rd Foster home I had longer hair sense I was moving around so much! So one day I came home after school all happy and Sammy didn’t Get home till late at night. He got home around 11 PM, he was very drunk sense it was his 21st and he went to many bars for parties. So when I heard him get home I got off my computer happily. I ran up to him and sang him happy birthday sense the rest of the family was out working late. Me and him had our own little party! I loved it a lot. So we had cake, balloons, games, and a movie! It was amazing and I loved it so much! I was smiling happily and was super happy. Whilst we watched our movie my brother drank a bit more of our dads harder liquor. He was clearly very drunk and it was funny! He was stumbling and slurring and it was funny! I enjoyed his company though I’ve only been at that home 3 weeks. He was like the brother I never actually had! He was my favorite out of 3 other siblings. So we went to my room and he laid me down and even tucked me in! We talked for a bit more as I got all tired. So he sat down on the bed as we had a bit of a deeper conversation. We talked and walked , I yawned and that’s when he made a move. So he got up and stood there next to my head as he bent down and rubbed my little head. I smiled as he said these words “Want to experience something new Owen?” I was happy and said “yes!” As Sammy smiled he unzipped his pants and his large 8 inch cock fell out right above my face. The smell of his sweaty musky cock hit my nostrils in seconds. The smell was new to me so my face made a nasty look. He drunkenly laughed and smiled before saying “Aww come on Owen the smell isn’t that bad” he chuckled and moved his cock closer to my face so the smell would settle in more. I spoke nervous with my Normal stutter “Sammy it smells weird.. I don’t like it” Sammy laughed once again as he chuckled out “maybe you’ll like the taste more buddy” and with that he gently grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He was only about 3 inches in and I was gagging loudly. Sammy was nice as he pulled out “Owen have you never done this before?” I shook my head no rapidly as I wiped my mouth. Sammy was a nice guy so he took it gentle on me. “Well Owen come on now better to learn now then never” I looked at his cock confused as I slowly took it into my mouth. I managed to take 4 inches before stopping myself. “Good boy Owen! Now just lay down and let Sammy do everything ok! Your new at this so I promise to be nice” and with those words he pulled down my pants and underwear looking at my small little hole for a bit. Before he spat on two of his fingers and rubbed my hole. Moments of rubbing my hole he began to finger me slowly. I moaned softly as he kept fingering me repeatedly. I was squirming all over as the feel of it was amazing. After about 5 minutes of fingering me Sammy lined up his 8 inch cock and slowly pushed the tip in. I moaned and squeezed to the bed tightly. I grabbed onto his hands tightly as he slowly started to thrust in and out of my small hole. The more he thrusted the deeper he got. And after about 10 minutes he was thrusting all 8 inches into my tight hole as I moaned loudly and squeezed his hands tightly. I was moaning loudly and squirming around squeezing Sammy’s Cock harder into my hole. Sammy panted loudly and came deep into my hole. I moaned loudly as he painted my insides white. He pulled back and looked at my leaking and gapped hole. I was giggling happily as he pulled up his pants and wiped away his cum with his tongue. After 5 minutes he pulled up my pants patted my head and walked back to his room. I fell asleep happily and had very sweet dreams that night:)

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  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Owen James ! If i wore my back seamed full fashioned nylon stockings and my tan dress with 5 inch stiletto heels would take advantage of me and fuck the daylights out of me or would you pass me up ! Please i would like to know !!

  • Reply Gay slut ID:3zxjrjq0209

    Loved it

    • Owen James ID:1drq6uquyuj3

      Thank you very much!