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I’ll Make Mommy Happy – Part One

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This is fake, just a fantasy of mine. My mommy was sad because my dad wasn’t there to have sex with her so I helped

It all started when my dad used to go on long business trips. A was 12 and didn’t know what sex was , all I knew is that when daddy was still at home him and mommy used to make a lot of noise at night and when he left the noise stoped and mommy was sadder.

One day she was in the kitchen in only one of her slutty nightgowns that barely covered her 34DD tits that always made my bald little cunt throb, even though i didn’t know why. She was making breakfast and looked tired, like she stayed up all night, I frown and look up at her and say “mommy what’s wrong? Why are you so sad? Can I help?” She turns around to face me and smiles “you could baby, do you wanna know how after breakfast darling?” I nod and sit at the dinner table waiting to eat so I can make mommy happy as fast as possible.

We eat together and after she leads me into the living room and she sits me down on the couch and sits next to me. “Baby, do you know what sex is?” She asks me tucking my hair behind my ear, I shake my head, I’ve heard the word before but didn’t know what it ment “well baby, it’s something very special that me and daddy did before he was away on work. Do you remember hearing all those noises from us at night” I nod and laugh a little “it was funny mommy, you kept calling daddy, daddy, even though he’s my daddy not yours.” Mom laughs “your right baby, it is a little funny. Well the reason I’ve been so sad is because daddy isn’t here to help me with sex every night again” I nod, still not knowing why my mom couldn’t do sex herself.

She smiles at me and trails her hand down my body, just over my budding tits, I whimper slightly as her hand makes her way down to my thigh. “You know baby” she said “if you really wanted to make mommy happy again, you’d let me teach you how sex works, do you want that?” I nod “anything to make you happy again mommy! How do I start?”

She grinned “start off by kissing me baby, not a normal kiss though, it’s gonna be a special kiss” she leans forward and catches my soft lips in between hers, let her take the lead as she presses her tongue into my mouth it feels weird at first then it felt so so so nice. I moaned Into the kiss and my mommy pulled back and smiles “that was nice hmm baby?” I nod and she laughs gently.

“Baby do you remember when you used to suck on mommy’s boobs?” I nod, I Breastfed till I was 7 and I always remember my mommy moaning and whining anytime I did. “Well baby, we’re gonna do it again ok? I want you to kiss and suck my tits again” I nod, I loved mommy tits when I still got milk from them, it always made me so wet down there.

She pulls down her nighty to reveal her perky tits, I smile and lean towards her, I kiss them softly before starting to suck on them, no milk came out but mommy loved it, she kept moaning and rubbing her other nipple I wasn’t sucking on so I kept going, when she pulled me away she smiled at me “god your such a good girl, I’m gonna pull your shirt up now and do the same to you, ok baby? I’m gonna make you feel so good” I nod, if mommy loves it when I suck her tits so much it must be good.

She took my shirt off, i only had 32a cups but mommy smiled when she say them and said “look at how pretty your tits are baby, are you ready for me to suck on them?” I nodded, I wanted it so badly. She leaned really closed to me and started by kissing at them softly, I whimper and then she pressed the flat of her tongue against my perky little nipple, I moaned, but that wasn’t the end.

She started sucking on my nipple, I moaned so loud I was sure the neighbors heard. She sucked them for a few more minutes, each of them, back and forth. Once she was done they were soar and I was so wet. I whimpers and said “mommy, I’m really tingly in my privates, it feels like my heart beet is down there”

She smiles “me too baby, do you wanna know how to solve it?” I nod, she lifts up her nightly too show me her freshly trimmed pussy, I look at it for a second then look back up at mommy and is like “can I take my shorts off and show you mine mommy?” She nods with a smiles “oh baby of course, here let me help you.”

I stand up and mommy helps me take off my shorts and panties, my hairless cunt is practically dripping at this point. She smiles and says “do you know what these are called baby?” I shake my head no as mommy spread her legs apart and I see her pink clit “here I’ll show you what all the parts are named, get on your knees so you can really see”

This is just part one!!! Tell me if you want a part two and make sure to comment 🥰

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    yes, please! part 2! texte me at [email protected]

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    Oh fuck this was so hot, write next part right away!!!! I wanna hear about you and your moms pussy juices and tits!!!!!