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At our daughters visiting part two

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Yes I am at our daughters house, the wife and I visiting with her, her husband and her kids. Kids being son and two daughters. And one horny dog.

I had gotten up from giving the daughters dog some loving attention. The cock in my pants was rock hard and needing some release, I knew I could not just walk back into the house with the huge tent in the front of my pants.

The dog had run up to the back door of the house, and I guess the girls had left it ajar when they had gone inside. The dog pawed at it a few times and it came open, and inside he went. I do not know if he was still as horny as he was before, and if he would go for my wifes wet pussy some more, but I was hoping he was going too, but I just could not rush right in.

I walked further back into the huge back yard of my daughters place, and back behind some more brush. I gave a quick look around, and pulled my aching cock out, and began to jack off. Just then, a voice from above, I looked up, there sitting in the branches of a tree was my daughters 13 year old son. He was asking me if I had gotten the boner from his sisters or just from their dog. Gave him a big smile and told him both. He moved down out of the tree, swinging on the low branch and then landed on the ground. He let me know that he had gotten a boner from watching, and he wanted to suck my cock just like he does for his father. My heart skipped a beat or two. Fucking sure I tell him. My cock was pulsing as I was thinking of getting sucked off by a 13 year old.

Oh yea, his father had been teaching him well. He was very good at cock sucking. I was almost ready to cum, thinking about blowing my load into his sweet little mouth. When running through the yard toward us where his two sisters, both calling out for the both of us, and tagging along with them was the dog. Both of us packed out hard dicks into our pants, and yes both of us had major stiff ones making big time tents in our pants. The girls came through the brush, and said that their Dad had just got home and their Mom said it was time to come in for dinner, which Dad had with him.

The girls took off running back to the house, their brother and I walked very slowly toward the house. My cock was not going down, and I asked him if his was, he shook his head NO, and said it was not. We stopped at the side of the hedge the girls had been on, no one from the house could see below our chests. I suggested that we both pump one out to get our boners to go down. In seconds flat we had our cocks in hand and pumping away. It was so hot watching him spank away, and he was watching me, maybe thinking the same, and we both came a few minutes later, pumping our cum all over the hedge. I was really wanting to lean down and suck some cum off his cute cock, and most likely would have if it had not been for his father calling out from the back door to us. I yelled back we were on our way. We both again quickly packed away our now softening cocks, and headed toward the back door in which his father was standing in waiting.

Dinner was chicken and all those side dishes that come with it. Everyone had more than enough to eat. Easy clean up, as everyone helped out. Everyone moved into the living room, the kids all planting themselves on the floor in front of the TV. Us older folk, took a seat in the nice soft sofa chairs. I noticed that I could see right up under the girls dresses as they lay on the floor, which reminded me off the days our kids did that too. I mentioned to our daughter that seeing her kids on the floor had reminded me about her and her siblings having done the same. The dog was laying on the floor at our daughters feet.

Our daughter got this big smile, and tells me that she and her sisters use to reach down and rub themselves between their legs just to see what Mom or I would do. Mom says she never noticed, and our daughter followed with, well Dad did notice. Then the topic of the talk went to how great sex could be at night after getting all hot and bothered by the kids, with all us adults in full agreement. All the kids were so deep into the TV show, I do not think they heard a thing.

Our daughters husband says he was going to head up and take a shower and then go to bed, it had been a long day. Our daughter tells the kids that it is bedtime after the show gets over, and that she was heading to bed also. She gets up, and her dog did also. She tells her dog to stay, and she walked away. The dog moved over to my wifes feet and laid back down.

My wifes leans over to me, whispers in my ear that she loved it on how our kids had got the both of us so hot and bothered, that we had some great sex, she remembered that all very well, but was not going to confess that to our daughter or her husband. We sat there talking about our kids, mostly our daughters and them rubbing their pussies or laying down in front of us without any panties on. And when the girls saw that I had gotten a hard on, they would all want to sit on my lap. Which I was remembering very fondly.

The TV show had gotten over, the kids all got up and gave us each some good nite hugs and kisses. I got a wink from the older girl and also her brother. The girls called for the family dog to go with them. And off they went. My wife and I got up and headed to the guest room to call it a night, I stopped, and whispered to my wife that I was kind of hoping to have her take the dog to our room, and let the wife find out how well our daughter has trained the dog. My wife had a surprised look on her face, and I knew she really had not thought of it. So I tell her that her granddaughters sure were, and that they were most likely enjoying that dog right now.

The two of us, turned away from the hallway leading to the guest room, and went down the hall towards the girls room. We stood at the door listening. We could hear the two girls talking, and then heard one of them telling the dog a command, we both heard it and looked at each other. We waited a few minutes so that dog could start doing its thing, and then we opened the door.

There on one of the girls bed, was the younger girl on all fours, the dog mounted on her, and doing the fast doggie pumping. The older girl was kneeling by the bed watching. OK, now this was super hot my wife says out loud. The dog could care less and was not going to be stopping any time soon. The oldest girls jumped up, and again was trying to explain that it was not what we thought, just like before outside. They needed to learn a new line. Her little sister was unable to talk, her face buried in a pillow as she got pounded on from behind by the dog.

I looked away from the action on the bed, but just briefly, to see the wife, she and I both had one of our hands down rubbing ourselves between the legs. I am sure the wife was like so wet, and I had a raging hard on. I just had to ask, and asked our granddaughter, yes the one not getting pounded on by the dog, if they had trained the dog to do that. She looked down at the floor, moved one of her feet around, then says that their Mom had, and one day they saw Mom with the dog humping her, and they had been having the dog do that to them since. She looked up at me, got a bit of a grin and used her finger in that come here motion, so I leaned down face to face with her. She giggled as she told me, that her brother did it with the dog also. Curiosity got the better of me, and I asked if they got together with their brother too, and maybe even with their Mom and Dad.

Her grin turned to a smile. She says that she and her brother have done it a few times. And laying in bed with her Dad, or taking a shower with him, she has sucked on his dick. Her smile turned to a full teeth showing smile as she added that her Mom and sister have licked on each other before.

The wife moved over to the edge of the bed, she was like so enjoying the dog fucking her granddaughter. Before she sat down on the bed, she undid the buttons on her shorts and lowered them, she had no panties on, her shaved pussy was wet and shinny in the room light. Upon sitting she began to finger herself again.

I just had to release my cock out of my pants, it was very painful at this point. After I had dropped the pants and let my cock spring out from the fly opening of my boxers, our little 11 year granddaughter took my cock into her mouth and started giving me a head job. I did not want to cum in her mouth, after all I had seen and heard I really wanted some of that young smooth pussy. I told her to lean down and eat the wifes pussy and I could then put my cock into her cute little pussy. She agreed with that, and was going down on my wife, her little butt moving side to side just waiting for me. I got behind her, and was going to finger her a bit and hopeful get her wet, but I found that she was like so wet already. I put my cock up between her legs, sliding it up and down until it found the tight pussy hole, but it slid in easy, but only a few inches easy. She was tight after that, and it felt so fucking fantastic.

All I could hear in the room was moaning from everyone, and I was pretty sure from the dog too. I am sure all the girls and the lady in the room had cum many times, and on watching the pussy eating and dog fucking, and being in one hot tight young hairless pussy, my cock did not hold back and was shooting off a load of cum. As I stood there holding on to her hips, my cock still inside her, the dog had gotten off the youngest and was laying on his side licking his own balls. She still had her face in the pillow and was still moaning.

My wife asked the girls if the dog could do it again anytime soon. With more giggles, they said he always can, sometimes he does their Mom and then both of them, and a few times they know of their brother too. The wife gets a shit eating grin on her face, and says for them to get the dog ready, she wants a crack at him. The girls start playing with the dog, and told my wife to get on all fours on the bed. The wife stood, took the rest of her clothes off and got onto the bed. The girls had the dog ready for another round, and mounted on my wife, the older girl helped to guide the dog cock into grandmas pussy. I stood there playing with my cock as I watched, and getting harder again.

Our 11 year tells me that her sister could take both their brothers and Dads cocks, and I should give her mine. She says her sister is good at riding, and likes to be on top. So I went over to the other bed and laid down on my back, and our youngest granddaughter got up onto the bed, stood over me, and lowered herself down, her sweet pussy dead center on my cock. I watched as the tip of my cock disappeared inside her, and with her young firm leg muscles she moved herself up and down on my cock, until I felt the tip of my cock head hitting, having gone in as far as it could go. I am normally one to be able to hold off cumming, but as of late, I was just cumming so quick, which was the case now, she was still moving up and down on me as my cum was squirting out from inside her, every time she lowered herself again. I had reached up and was playing with her hard little nipples on her flat chest.

When I looked over to the wife, the dog appeared to be stuck to her, most likely with the blub cock thingy. He was done pumping on her, but just was stuck. The wife had her face buried in the pillow and was still moaning.

We helped the girls clean up, gave them some more good night hugs and kisses, and tucked them into bed. The dog laying at the foot of the older ones bed. We gathered our clothes and did the walk to our room, naked, her pussy leaking dog cum down her leg, and my hanging dick dripping cum down my legs. I looked back, we both had been leaving wet drops along the way on the floor. The wife asked me if I wanted to join her in a shower. I told her no way, ordered her to get into the bed and spread her legs, I was going to eat her out. Her face lit up, and she says oh doggie cum. Again doggie cum not that good, but eating it out of my wifes pussy, it was great.

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